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PJ00s+ 51 (Now 2000-2014): The Rivals - Side Theme Finale + Contest Winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]

    Round 52 is coming #soon....
  2. But... I haven't even looked at my potentials yet!
    (as if anyone is going to steal any of these)
  3. 7th with male vocal glam rock!? Seventh!?

    This is twenty places higher than I’d budgeted for.
  4. I love how @Island spelled Sharon's last name as Dotson. No, she''s not a child of one of the Dolly Dots!
  5. Well, at least this time I only dropped to 11th instead of 23rd...
  6. Ah, back to outright flops, that's more like it. Honestly didn't expect this to break my fourth-sixth streak. Actually... I kind of did, but the other way. 32nd out of 38 – literally the exact same result I got for 'Guillotine' by Death Grips. PJ00s taste remains a mystery to me!

    Thank you to @A&E, @Dynamo, @Sprockrooster, @Phonetics Girl, @Untouchable Ace, @Zar-Unity, and @DJHazey for your functioning serotonin receptors.
  7. I remember when I was first putting together my PJ00s potential submissions playlist, checking everything against the Google Doc of songs that had been sent so far, feeling 1: sad to discover that 'Love Is Here to Stay' by Chungking had already been sent, and 2: scandalised to discover that it bombed. 30th place in a 33-song round. I really thought that was the closest thing to a potential winner I had in my library.

    Anyway, nice to see them find some belated justice! (With a song I don't know because I've never actually listened to that album!) (Will rectify!)
  8. Congrats to those who gave points to my Vocaloid pick:

    12s: @iheartpoptarts, @soratami
    10s: @Attis
    8s: @klow
    2s: @berzerkboi

    HMs: @Maki

    The winning song was very good and I loved voting in the side theme! Glad to see All Saints win.
  9. And I haven't listened to the full album myself, as it so happens. Must rectify that as well!

    I wasn't expecting "Slow" to do this well – my picks have seemed a little out of step with tastes lately in this and other contests – but I'm glad so many enjoyed Chungking. This song has been one that's stuck with me after first hearing it on a friend's Spotify playlist, and I thought it might find some receptive ears here. I had actually intended to send "Twisted Little Star" by Bertine Zetlitz, but I didn't do my homework well enough and it got vetoed for being over the page limit. I do wonder how that would've done, but this seems like a lucky turn. Runner-up might even be better than winning, since it's a good result but not so good I need to worry about hosting!
  10. Merci to all mes jolis personnes!

    12 @DJHazey (this is not even one of the FL female vocals I have lined up for you, so brace yourself for more goodies next year! Merci mon joli garcon <33)
    8 @soratami @Up N Down @iheartpoptarts (I don't have much in that 'France meets Eastern Europe' style but I'll keep my ears attuned in the future)
    6 @Derek
    5 @If You Go @unnameable
    3 @Ezz
    1 @saviodxl
    HM @Hudweiser @Maki @Untouchable Ace @londonrain

    @Phonetics Girl and @A&E were sadly not there for their Polish/German Queen so I'll have to find something else for them in the future.


    This was of course about Lolita Jolie <333

    I think I have a couple of winners lined up for the next few rounds, so feel free to bookmark and laugh at me when I get it wrong! Get to them before me @londonrain @WoW73 @WowWowWowWow <333
  11. On the one hand, I now have all the crowns for PJ00.
    On the other hand...

  12. I'm choosing to believe that this means I received 2 12s from you this round.

    Thanks so much to the voters of St. Lucia. I wanted to at least give them a breather after they appeared in another contest, but I just wanted to send something close to the page limit while i could.

    12 @Jeffo @Phonetics Girl
    10 @livefrommelbs
    8 @Tiger Suit
    7 @ohnoitisnathan
    5 @Hurricane Drunk
    3 @saviodxl @2014 @Isobel
    1 @Attis

    Very pleased with the winner.
    Thanks so much for the anniversary celebration @iheartpoptarts and @Doodvid.
    Girls Aloud would have loved it. And I just rediscovered one of my old accounts that I used for Girls Aloud Media.
  13. I'm pretty pleased to have finished in the top 10! Thanks to:

    12: @ohnoitisnathan
    10: @soratami @A&E @Filler
    8: @saviodxl
    7: @Sprockrooster
    5: @Up N Down
    4: @Disco Blister
    2: @Dynamo
    1: @Tiger Suit @WoW73 @Isobel

    "Lovesick" is a single from the collaborative album by Norwegian dance titan Lindstrøm, and Norwegian-Mauritian vocalist Christabelle (where were my points, @berserkboi?!), Real Life Is No Cool. As I mentioned to the veto panel, I had ummed and ahhed about sending this (or another of its singles, "Baby Can't Stop") because I couldn't say for sure whether they were PJ00s eligible. The album leaked in 2009, and some remixes of some of the tracks seemed to have been played live in 2009, and Discogs and Spotify lists the release year of the album as 2009...BUT, it wasn't reviewed widely until January 2010, and Wikipedia lists January 18 2010 as the release date, and to be honest I had always thought of it as a 2010 release (it might be that it was released in Norway first and the rest of the world later. Honestly, I don't know). Anyway, the point is, it was sketchy as to whether "Lovesick" was technically released in the 00s, so I'm thankful for this new rule change, as all of that headscratching simply fell away!

    Well done to @WoW73 and @If You Go (with "Black Coffee"), and thanks so much to @Doodvid and @iheartpoptarts for a fun round (justice for the 411!) See you all next time!
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  14. You went Mauritian and didn't tell me in advance @klow?? How could you??? Might have been the decider between my 5-1 Points and HMs as they were all very close!! <3333
  15. My entry was actually a kind of similar situation. There's evidence Journal of Ardency was released in late 2009, like reviews, last.fm stats, it's the year that shows up when you Google it, etc, and I did try to convince the veto panel it was a 2009 song a few rounds ago, but they wouldn't have it since wasn't considered conclusive, and the EP of the same name being released in 2010 didn't help either. But anyway, I'm glad I was finally able to enter it, even if I feel it would have stood out more in PJ00s than in PJ00s+ dd
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  16. 10 points from @Jeffo + points from @londonrain for 'sheer bravery'... I'll take it! (thanks to all Cullen's other voters too!) I really feel like it's the kind song you need to play a few times to get into, which is danger zone as a contest entry. Couple that with no YouTube or Spotify presence & only I would be, ummm, crazy enough to submit it.

    Based on my PJContest history maybe I should change my name to @sheerbravery. dd
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