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PJ00s+ 51 (Now 2000-2014): The Rivals - Side Theme Finale + Contest Winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. Very glad that Goapele snatched the top 10 placement at the end and was just one point away from her best scoring entry "Back to You". Thanks again to everyone who voted!

    As for the winner, I really enjoy that song and it's amazing how the entire top 3 consists from my exact three top ranked entries, too (well, when pretending Tamia isn't among them). I imagine Chungking would've had a runaway victory with the previous rules of the contest but it's obviously really impressive how well it aged.

    Underrated corner: Chew Lips and Inky

    Thank you for flawless hosting and all the girl/boyband amazingness, @Doodvid and @iheartpoptarts!
    Looking forward to whatever @WoW73 had planned for the next round.
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  2. Very happy with 3rd place for Tamia! Thank you all who voted for her! One of my favorite
    R&B pop singles! Love that Chungking got 2nd place! Very cool artist!

    So @Doodvid is responsible for the super catchy girl group I gave my 12 too!?
    What a great entry, well done!
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  3. Ezz


    Very late with my apologies!

    I was quite pleasantly surprised by 16th, I was a bit nervous sending 'Concrete Angel' as it's one of my favourite lockdown discoveries (7 years late, so maybe this post isn't too bad after all!)

    Hugs and thanks to:

    12 @Isobel
    10 @Up N Down
    8 @Island
    7 @Connor Walsh
    5 @Dynamo (being an old hag it never occurred to me to check forward references to new songs, will definitely check out Hannah Diamond)
    4 @Hudweiser @soratami
    3 @livefrommelbs

    Big thanks to the dream duo of @Doodvid and @iheartpoptarts for a brilliant first round of PJ00s+!
  4. Your entry wasn't that bad.
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