PJ00s+ 52: Winter Is Here...: Reveals done, winner crowned!

The fact we could have sent anything by Wynter Gordon coz her name is just Wynter!

Don't worry about being obvious mon amie!

You have berserky with Dalida/Amiel/Susumu, Maki with Goapele, Music is Death with Icon For Hire, Sprocky with Anouk, Melbs with Bianca - you are in excellent company <333
How rude you did not mention me. This place would not be the same without my Helene & Dolly Dots love. Speaking of the Dolly Dots: tonight was their curtain call, their last ever concert. It was magical.

Lucky for me, Helene has no plans to resign any time soon.
More reasons not to trust @soratami fff

Not sending this when the video features a dark and icy atmosphere, actual punching through glass/ice, and references the night and werewolves, and a glacial danceable beat! I'll be sending Mylene myself going forward fff

I don't think I'd ever watched this video actually. This would be an even more obvious pick though:

That said, entering a FL song in a side theme that doesn't specifically ask for it? It's not realistic.

Somehow I'm listening to "Break the Ice" for the first time here. It's a bop.

So you still haven't listened to Blackout

This is better for my long list than last round, as in no artists taken from me.
However one artist I'm happy to see as I'm a fan but only would have sent them way down the line, so they can have my instant 12 (even though it's not what I would have picked.)

Another is someone I didn't know could sing. I'm used to them doing something else with their mouth.
Maybe they can't sing, let's find out.
Then of course there's the ultimate 00s Christmas track but I'd already submitted them last round:

On that note, I'd probably have sent what might be my inexplicable favourite t.A.T.u. song, Snowfalls, if they hadn't already appeared (and been roundly castigated) last round.
Somehow I'm listening to "Break the Ice" for the first time here. It's a bop.

I also seriously considered sending what might be my inexplicable favourite Britney song, Hot as Ice.