PJ00s+ 52: Winter Is Here...: Reveals done, winner crowned!

This song should have been submitted for the Winter Theme:

Edit: Thanks Maki, my bad. Still a very good song.
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Voted in the Side Theme and used the @Carel approach!

Don't worry about being obvious mon amie!

You have berserky with Dalida/Amiel/Susumu, Maki with Goapele, Music is Death with Icon For Hire, Sprocky with Anouk, Melbs with Bianca - you are in excellent company <333

How rude you did not mention me. This place would not be the same without my Helene & Dolly Dots love. Speaking of the Dolly Dots: tonight was their curtain call, their last ever concert. It was magical.

Lucky for me, Helene has no plans to resign any time soon.

Did someone say H-Fisch??