PJ00s+ 52: Winter Is Here...: Reveals done, winner crowned!

ONE week left to vote in the Winter round!

- the current top 5 has no actual winter themed songs in it

Tell us letting people get away with visuals was a mistake without telling us it was a mistake ffff
Chez @Ezz when he's caught up on the main ballots:


Chez @Ezz when he realises the co-host curse has well and truly struck!


After 13 ballots:

We have a three-way (tee hee, I've been watching too much Elite Season 1) tie for first place, with three very different tracks.

One track has 3 12s, with the rest pretty evenly distributed across the board and lots of songs having 1 12...

At the other end of the scale, we still have 8 songs on single figures, so all to play for!
Just finished listening to the song list and here's another rectification:
Well I was wrong, there's one entry I recognized upon seeing the playlist. Safe to say the previous round inspired it.
Looks like there are three songs besides my own entry that I've already heard before this round. But will all three make my top 10?

Also, I'm nitpicking here, but seems that the last four songs on the YouTube playlist aren't in the exact same order as the song list (it appears to have been created based on the Spotify one, since the two unavailable songs appear at the very end there).
In case people are considering not voting for this song because it this comment/information: the line up in the competing song only has ONE member of the current line up. So it would be like punishing Sugababes 2.0 for something Sugababes 4.0 did.
Actually no. There's at least two in that lineup that are problematic. One is still in the group and for example banned from entering Latvia for supporting the war in Ukraine. Another one is busy on Twitter retweeting all kinds of crap.

Really, it's not that difficult to simply not promote Russian artists at this current time unless they've specifically stated they're against what's currently happening. I've had to put some of my own Russian potentials aside and I'm managing just fine.