PJ00s+ 54: Minecraft Edition (RESULTS FINISHED)

True the only way that would happen like it does in PJSC is if there was some Spotify Blog that listed the daily additions to European/North American Spotify for discographies/albums and something from the 00s got added... Imagine.
Well yes, but they'd be banned of course. What I meant was more fringe-veto acts that should have their albums already on Spotify but are geo-blocked and then the record company randomly okay's albums to be opened up in the US or UK, etc.
Haha, I know they wouldn't qualify, but it just immediately popped into mind based on the way your post was worded.

I'll also say a belated thank you to @If You Go for running a terrific contest and for making this first-timer feel so welcome! It was a blast!
I totally expected the Livvi Franc song to hit near rock bottom before entering it.
However this particular song really hits me and I really didn't care if it would do
badly. We are here to truly represent what we love, not win....right? Anyway
I did not expect that amazing 12 from @klow ! Thank you so much!

3 from @If You Go !
3 from @Island
8 from @Tiger Suit! Thank you for checking out a underrated song from a underrated
amazing artist!

So when I entered I really had no idea if a unofficial unreleased song would be allowed
but to my pleasant surprise it was allowed, thank you! Livvi Franc has to be (to me) one of the
most underrated and most talented artists out there that really got shelved behind the scenes
with her amazing songs when she should have been 1st place in the spotlight!

I really liked If you go's chill dance song in this round! The featured singer really had a beautiful
voice! Thank for entering it! I also thought that @A&E entry by Loane was so catchy and
enjoyable! I'm not big on French pop but this was very nice! And then of course I love Iio!
If you enter them or the singer from the band, Nadia Ali, you will always have my support!

On to the next round to continue supporting and representing one of my favorite artists while
I watch them tank in the final results..

Also I should mention how much I love this lovely cover song from Olive!

Olive - I'm Not In Love
It's been hard for me to face the shame of my decision to slack off this round. Usually I present an expertly-spaced countdown! The one time I don't and it's the final reveal hahahaha congrats @DJHazey your winning entry was absolutely worth one point to me xoxo and also...
Thank you especially to @chanex whose 12 at the eleventh hour saved me from a bottom 3 placing!
and ensured my bottom-two placing you're so very welcome lol

and thank you for expert, unintentionally-humiliating hosting @If You Go! You weren't gunning for me, life was xoxo
I just wanted to at this late stage thank the voters, for the love for The Hidden Cameras. Especially for the most 12s I've had for a while.

12 @Isobel @Disco Blister @Connor Walsh
10 @A&E
7 @soratami
6 @chanex
5 @Jeffo
4 @Filler @TéléDex
3 @livefrommelbs
2 @berserkboi
1 @Up N Down

This was a great result for a song that I was aiming points for from @A&E and @Carel (but I couldn't get him to join). I don't know if I can bait you again.
This was the first song I've sent here since the song expansion that i didn't know upon release. I found it a few years ago for PJSC, but this contest is great for it now.

Thanks so much for everything @If You Go and @DJHazey.