PJ00s+ 54: Minecraft Edition (RESULTS FINISHED)

Me approaching my potentials list when the forum “upgrade” glitches, we lose all the old threads, and suddenly my previously ineligible artists have a post count of zero:

That is live footage of me rushing to beat @Untouchable Ace and @soratami to Wynter Gordon, Ladyhawke, Alizée and Mylène! <33
It would figure the forum is going to blow up just when I get to host again!

I've never actually played Minecraft, so my main thing re the series is disappointment at "Steve" taking a spot in the Smash Bros roster. I just hate how much it sticks out compared to the rest of the cast


That said, I love the round's header!

Steve right next to Sephiroth is hilarious!!

Oh I did have an obsessive Minecraft phase around 2013-4 when I played it with my brother (well he was little and he was mostly watching dd) - can't believe it's already been 10 years since that! I did return to it some years later but never really actively played it.
Now I'm tempted to start with it again for nostalgia purposes.

Anyway, I've submitted a song and it wasn't an easy choice between the two potentials but I'll surely save the other one for the upcoming rounds.
When I first started playing Minecraft it was with my friend's little brother and he was 10x better at than me. I go through phases where I'll play obsessively for a few weeks then take like a year or more break, and whenever I come back there's always been several updates and it's almost like a new game!


Christine Milton - Superstar

Reason: Jamelia covered it and made it a UK #3 hit.

Lene Alexandra - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me

Reason: The Tata Young original was already entered in PJSC.

Rebecca & Fiona - Jane Doe

Reason: Page count.

Mandy Capristo - The Way I Like It

Reason: Page count again.

Ronika - Only Only

Reason: Yet again, the page count.

The eventual relaxed page count round is going to be LIT.