PJ00s+ 54: Minecraft Edition (RESULTS FINISHED)

Got mine in, a bit late in the game. Decent round, found a handful of new bops (and a few I already know and love). I do however think my song could go Top 10 at least and I'm usually the first to say my song has no chance so just keeping it 100.

Decided the heck with it and finished Retro and PJSC while I was at it this evening. Always nice to now have close to a month without a deadline.

Besides, I have 'bops, basically' to co-host and Carly Raete is just around the corner.
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Finished this and no artist discoveries but there were other considerations for the top ten!
So I got several honorable mentions this time. Several familiar faces, as usual in PJ00.

When we talk about building your own perfect pop palace as the theme talks about, I can't
think of any better representation than last fm! That site was the main reason for me first getting
into pop music and starting to explore it on a deeper level. But ironically enough, before that
I mainly listened to and collected video game music. Nowaday's I often hear similar video game-like
melodies in pop music that reminds me of the video game music I love. Here's one example,
remember the opening music intro to Super mario 64 when Mario jumps out of the pipe?

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It's that time again.
@Connor Walsh
@Disco Blister
@Untouchable Ace

If you need some extra incentive here's a little tea

All songs have points so things are at stake!

Votes are due by March 20th at 11:59PM EST***
since I'll be asleep at that time I would probably accept a ballot sent before March 21st 8:00AM EST because hey it's midnight somewhere!

Anneli Drecker - Sexy Love @Isobel
Lesley Roy - When I Look At You @DJHazey
Fragma - Deeper @If You Go
Kate Miller-Heidke - O Vertigo! @WoW73
Monica Naranjo - Sobreviviré @Disco Blister
Britta Persson - Far Away Norway @pop3blow2
Queens - I Fell In Love @Phonetics Girl
Olive - Smile @Maki
Loane - On s'en fout @A&E
Sidoine - On Ne Vit Qu'Une Fois @Connor Walsh
The Hidden Cameras - Carpe Jugular @Untouchable Ace
Anine Stang - Trying You On @Hurricane Drunk
Miriam Bryant - Raised In Rain @Island
Indila - Tourner Dans Le Vide @berserkboi
Tal & M. Pokora - Envole-moi @londonrain
Galleon - So, I begin @saviodxl
Sissie Marie - Kill For Your Love @Doodvid
Kele - TENDERONI @soratami
Poe - Wild @Tiger Suit
Anberlin - Time & Confusion @WowWowWowWow
Natasha Hamilton - Ms. Emotional @Robsolete
iiO - Runaway (Ford Remix) @Hudvar
Gemma Hayes - Hanging Around @2014
Summer Camp - Better Off Without You @klow
Green Court feat. Lina Rafn - Silent Heart (Green Court Remix) @Ezz
Tempura Kidz vs Charisma.com - Miira Killer @Attis
Unkle Bob - Swans @cdd216
MEG - HEART @TéléDex
KATO - Sugar Rush @iheartpoptarts
Booker T ft. Mayer Hawthorne - Sound the Alarm @Sprockrooster
Livvi Franc - Secrets @Zar-Unity
Hey Monday - I Don't Wanna Dance @Jeffo
Jackson Jackson - All Alone @Dynamo
Getter Jaani - Robot @Up N Down
Zoë Badwi - Accidents Happen @livefrommelbs
Selma Björnsdóttir - Let's Stay Up @Derek
Damian Lazarus - Neverending @chanex
Miami Horror - Moon Theory @ohnoitisnathan
Japayork - Teenagers @Filler

All the votes are in, and now I gotta go put them in
the spreadsheet because I still don't know who won!
I think @Doodvid has it, other wise it's @livefrommelbs. BOPS

Also, I hate @Doodvid for thinking of sending that song in before my dumb-ass thought of it, what a massive discovery for me in 'Rate Danes'.


I'd also like to point out that with my Lesley Roy entry this round, I've entered the same number of songs from the original 2000-2009 time period as the new 2010-2014 addition. I know some people were afraid it would go all new stuff and I was one of the ones defending the position that there would still be balance. Well I'm doing my part (2-to-2 for the four rounds under the new brand)
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Entries I guessed correctly:
Never ever would've guessed @soratami's entry, seems very random to me.

And are we sure these two aren't swapped? nn
Still, @berserkboi:

I honestly couldn't hear any clear winners but the ones that have been mentioned make sense. I can see @livefrommelbs doing really well too.

And I was very predictable but I'll talk about my entry in a bit.