☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠ - reveals complete, rat fed

My flop era continues! Thanks anyway to these lovely voters:

8: @Oleander
7: @Lego @Filler
4: @Island
3: @Tiger Suit @A&E
1: @cdd216 @Hurricane Drunk

Congratulations to @Untouchable Ace - I see that that particular Chromeo album peaked at #11 in the US, I'd've picked it as a top 10er as it seemed like a big deal at the time, so it and they were never really on my 00s+ radar. Shout out to that Solange song on it which still knocks.

Great hosting as always @Filler. Special mention to the mysterious Rat who surely deserves a best supporting actor Emmy. Eating multiple dry rice cakes was some dedication to the part!
Jealous is maybe one of my favorite songs to ever win a song contest I’ve participated in but is also easily my least favorite winner. I was stunned when it came on as I was listening through the songs for the first time because I couldn’t believe it was eligible. And normally I barely care what wins these because my taste is too far removed from the consensus here to ever really compete or even regularly have sway on the top contenders but I prefer seeing discoveries and previously lesser known songs win. Since this is a pop music forum I feel pretty secure in believing that song wasn’t really a discovery for too many.
Left side of the leaderboard and one 12 is my metric for a good round — doubly good this time with 24 from @Ezz and @WoW73, thank you lovers!

@Untouchable Ace congratulations on the win and pushing Chromeo into PJ00s+ Icon status!

@Filler I wish to co-sign everyone’s compliments. Where to begin?? On location! Humor and pathos! Narrative! Character development! (Make that CharacterS!) Thank you for hosting the round and for the energy, time, and resources that you put into making it happen.

With some icky stuff happening off-forum at the moment, at least I can count on you all for a few moments of respite. Oh, how I love this neon pink hellscape!
Just missed out on a medal but very pleased with 4th place for Pati, especially considering her previous entry stalled at only 30-something points. Thanks again to all of the voters!

I'm going to be honest and say that the winning entry did absolutely nothing for me (that overly produced dance-pop sound can stay in 2012) but at least we won't be seeing Chromeo in this contest anymore dd.
Glad to see Jenni Vartiainen snatch a medal for the FL crew, especially after a rocky start.

Underrated corner: Nikkole (one of the most baffling last places I've seen) and Shary-An.

@cdd216, thank you for reminding me of RAIGN - it's quite nostalgic for me because she appeared in the same X Factor season as Fleur East with this iconic audition:

Cheryl hated her ff. She only made it to the bootcamp but that song was quite successful it seems, and pretty good too.

thank you to all who voted for Zhou Xun (@Maki I gave you something beautiful and dreamy - you’re supposed to be my saviour :’( )
Sorry to disappoint you. The atmosphere is lovely but the song itself didn't really grab me - I hate when that happens and it's occurring more often as of lately for some reason ff. It especially sucks in this round where I sent an artist I've discovered thanks to you.

I can't really put it into words but @Filler's artistry keeps evolving, making the reveals extremely interesting to follow. Thank you so much for another fantastic hosting! Truly an experience. Whoever wasn't around for PJ00s 41, please check it out.
Looking forward to the next round as I'm listening to what's most likely my upcoming entry.
I'm having rice cakes.

Pretty sure the ballots are not being revealed in the order they were sent in so take of that what you will.
Still feeling like this is a set-up and one of the currently mid-to-low table entries will win.
...and then the winner just ends up being the song that got 12s on the first two reveals! Double bluff!

I did shuffle the ballots, but I was mostly just considering what order I wanted the videos to play in. I only took the leaderboard into account to ensure the penultimate reveal was a high Chromeo scorer, so its win wouldn't be a given until then.

- But I don't have to do any data entry to see a clear frontrunner – one song has already received 12s from four of you.

- (It's my least favourite song of the round.)
Don't forget the ballots were shuffled. E*i*y O*m*nt's 12s still to come.
Yeah, I might not have been referring to Jealous!

...I was though, sorry. An unholy mix of my two biggest nemeses in life: possessive men and electro-funk.

(I've nothing much against Emily Osment. 'Lovesick' is somewhere in the deeper reaches of my own longlist! I don't want to send it in case I win and have to host again.)
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@Filler making sure to film at the windiest locations possible dd.
I was braving some extremely Don't Make Unnecessary Journeys conditions. The abject hopelessness I felt when my tripod was getting blown over inside the World War II bunkers...

(I found it especially hilarious how The King Of Queens rice cake didn't quite hit the water and dissolve, cementing itself as the unflushable thing that it is fff)
I don't think reaching the sea was a physical possibility, especially with the wind pushing back at me – and I was thankful for the wind direction, because I was too high up, and I am bad with heights! It wouldn't be a Filler round without needless mortal threat.

I'm also not sure if the rice cake I zoomed in on is actually the one you see me throw, because I did several takes. Whole bunch of The King of Queens rice cakes left on that cliff.

(I hope you appreciated your rat having a Google Francais voice.)

Those videos were something else! I hope you're ok after hosting this round, @Filler...!
Thank you! It was stressful! It'll certainly help me appreciate flopping from now on.
Oh and every username linking to @2014 (which I went back and edited when it was flagged up, not that there was much point after the fact) was not intentional, just hapless copying and pasting on my part.

Does this mean none of you got tag notifications? And @2014 got them all instead?

@2014 logging in to 35 tag notifications from me:

Very late dddd but a big thanks to the following users for the points!

@Ezz @iheartpoptarts @Untouchable Ace @Phonetics Girl @Up N Down @WoW73 @saviodxl @Hudvar @Disco Blister @soratami @Hurricane Drunk

Congrats on the victory @Untouchable Ace!

Considering I was unsure how my song would do, I will happily take a Top 20 finish! I should also say congrats to one of my former artists, Paty Cantú for being the composer of El Beat and finally notching herself a Top 20 placement after failing to do so the two previous times I've entered her as a soloist and as one half of the duo Lu ddd. Hard to be sure but that must be an achievement unique to her in this contest.

Thank you for all your work hosting the round and making all the videos @Filler! I'll take the tripod falling at the end of mine to be some kind of artistic representation of my Top 10 streak coming to an end as I fall down to the Top 20.