PJ00s 65: Everything is Awesome! - Winner Crowned!

I came up with my entry while searching for songs by the Verona who sang 'La Musica' in Melodifestivalen 2007, but found songs by a completely different act with the same name, who are Czech. There were several other songs I considered entering which may have done better, but 'Up To The Stars' was my favourite. They definitely have lots more fantastic bops though.

Thanks for the points @Up N Down, @WowWowWowWow @undisco_me, @Doodvid, @iheartpoptarts, @Ezz, @WoW73, @saviodxl, @Hurricane Drunk and @HarryEzra.
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7 points: Bear in Heaven - The Reflection of You
Never heard of them but this sounds somewhere in between St Lucia and Dutch Uncles. Quite intriguing.
Mission complete I'm happy to share something unknown to you.

Thanks for liking Reflections Of You.

10 @2014
7 @A&E
6 @HarryEzra
5 @Tiger Suit
4 @MilesAngel @Lego
3 @Filler
1 @pop3blow2

HM @soratami @DJHazey

Great hosting @Hudvar (with a drop of me).
Amazing that I knew 3 songs in the top 5 already. Very well done on winning @Up N Down. Gus Gus are such quality, and I'm glad a contest actually appreciated them.

A big shock that @saviodxl didn't like boom boom ba ba boom boom (bedroom) and that Chris Sorbello (who must look like another alum) didn't smash.

Really though I feel like GusGus are so deserving of this. They still feel really underrated despite having been around for decades now. Barely any activity on the forum but thankfully it seems like they do have their fans among the song contest fam.

Even for me I only started listening to them when Higher came out before their 2021 album Mobile Home. This past month I spent a lot of time with their albums Arabian Horse and Mexico and the former which houses Over is amazing and still sounds so good in 2024. I somehow missed their live when they visited here a couple of years ago and I'm still kicking myself for it but hopefully they will return.

Thank you so much everyone who voted for Over. I really didn't think it would have this much appeal so the taste really came through in this round.

12 @Hudvar, @Disco Blister, @A&E, @Untouchable Ace
10 @undisco_me, @HarryEzra
8 @pop3blow2
7 @MilesAngel, @Ezz, @If You Go
6 @berserkboi, @Sprockrooster
5 @Filler
4 @WowWowWowWow, @Tiger Suit, @Doodvid
3 @klow, @2014
1 @Lego

Thank you @Hudvar for both hosting and a great discovery as well. Initially I was going to give my 12 to Holding On but I found myself having Bedroom on repeat so much as it was so incredibly catchy. I had to check if Shellback was one of the producers cause it sounds very much like him. Also very honored to share the podium with icons @A&E and @Filler who I both voted for as well.

I wonder if I'll ever get to host this contest because this is the third time I will have to pass. Last time it was pneumonia, this time it's hosting another contest (submissions still open x). Maybe next time hehe.
Oh dear, very grateful for @pop3blow2 and @Oleander this round <3

It was quite a random entry but lately Making Pies popped up in my head again and it was the exact opposite of my previous entry, so I thought why not...
I discovered it through this cover way back in the day:

Wish there was a studio version cause Lissie BODIED it, forget Ellie teebs. Sorry Patty, but I just hear Lissie's voice in my head whenever I think of this song ddd

Congratulations @Up N Down!
Great hosting @Hudvar!

I've made quite a few recent discoveries that I'm intending to send next and I can see myself feeling tested if my flop streak is not broken soon, see you in the next one xx
I totally forgot that there was a GusGus remix on the first Tranceport compilation, which basically became my entire personality when it came out (because nerdy 15 year olds from the United States were in very high demand at Snobs Disco, of course)

Also this was a classy moment

My first top 20 in awhile for this contest, so I'll take it.

I actually just celebrated my 5 year anniversary doing this contest so I've updated my submissions playlist to current. While I've had, ummmmm, 'mixed' success here.... I actually really enjoy my playlist. It's all over the place, so it's a pretty solid representation of my taste. dd

A very belated thank you to:

8: @2014
6: @undisco_me @Lego
5: @pop3blow2
3: @saviodxl @Hurricane Drunk @Oleander
2: @soratami @A&E
1: @Hudvar

for their votes for Those Dancing Days - I note that the album this is from (their second, Daydreams & Nightmares, and their last!) actually has a single on it produced by none other than thee Max Martin!! Maybe I should've entered that instead, though I do still like "I'll Be Yours" more.

Congratulations to @Up N Down and thanks to @Hudvar for hosting, looking forward as always to the next one!
Glad that Paola & Chiara landed in the top 10 and as the best placed FL entry (with 69 points as a bonus). I agree that "Festival" aged so well considering it's from 2002, especially when compared to the songs released a whole decade after that. Thanks again to all the voters!
Also worthy of mentioning is my previous PJXtra megabop by Elodie sounds directly inspired by the song/video:

I forgot to note that there was a full circle moment last year when Elodie joined the ladies on the re-recording of "Festival":

Love to see my 12 and 10 in the top 3, but just below the winner which I can't recall anything about ff

Underrated corner: Jena Lee (this coming last is a crime), Patty Griffin (almost got a point from me and I was worries it would end up without any), Terri Walker and Shy'm (shocked this banger didn't do much better).

Thank you for the legotastic hosting, @Hudvar!