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PJ00s: CLUB 43 - WINNER ANNOUNCED (Reveals start pg.13)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to PJ00s 43. This is the sequel to PJ Retro 55 that nobody asked for…

    Once again you’ll be celebrating delicious dancefloor delights & discoveries but this time with a millennial twist at the launch of CLUB 00s : 43, the ultimate virtual NIGHTCLUB experience!

    VIP priority tickets are still available now from your masters of the wheels of steel - DJ @Doodvid & MC @WoW73 - but to guarantee entry, your chosen song must first fit one of the following four categories:

    PRE DRINKS: Something spicy to get us in the mood as we check there’s no lipstick on our teeth before heading out to the club!

    ON THE DANCEFLOOR: Total banger from
    ANY genre - sweat dripping from the ceiling - let’s make shapes around a handbag!

    AFTER-PARTY: Sultry sounds to writhe to on the decking as the sun rises at dawn.

    “I’VE GOT A HEADACHE, SORRY” / STAYING IN: Soundtrack to a night at home on the sofa when you’re just not feeling it. The club can wait till next time!

    When submitting, let us know which category your song fits. If you can’t decide or aren’t too bothered, we’ll choose for you (it won’t affect your participation at all)



    End of Friday February 4
    VOTING OPENS: Saturday February 5
    VOTING CLOSES: Friday February 25
    RESULTS: Sunday February 27



    Pick your favourite dance remix of a song released between Jan 2000- end of Dec 2009 that would never pass veto. These will be shared in-thread during the lead-up to the final reveals.

    In the build up to results night & via the thread, we wanna hear all about:​
    • Your ultimate post 2000s/pre 2010s dance classics - the bangers that would never be eligible for the contest but you want to spotlight for us all to experience.​
    • The best clubs or nights you’ve attended & the musical memories associated with them.​
    • Favourite remixers & the songs they transformed for you.​
    • Basically we wanna bop ‘till we drop so bring us the best that you’ve got!​

    1. Submit a suitable song to @Doodvid & @WoW73 along with YouTube & Spotify links.​
    2. Tell us which category it fits: Pre Drinks, On The Dancefloor, After-Party, Staying In.​
    3. Provide your favourite dance remix of a song from 2000-2010.​
    Can’t wait to evacuate the dancefloor with you all! Dust off those sleeveless tops, wave your glow sticks, & let’s make some noiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!
    (Refunds NOT available)

    CLUB 00s : 43
    is ready and waiting…​
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  2. [​IMG]

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  4. [​IMG]

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  5. Iconique!
  6. Ezz


    Crack open the Blue WKD! This is immense. Takes me right back to crawling up a multistorey car park steps in an attempt to sober up pre-club!
  7. Was lipsynching for my absolute sad life at 70mph this afternoon to this amazing mix and was getting friction burns from all the writhing.

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  8. Did someone say remix?

  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Not the first entry that came to mind having only one YouTube video, which is blocked in Malaysia, Poland and Serbia.

    Back to the drawing board.
  10. I doubt Kelis would pass veto anyway!
  11. Banger sent! Nice idea for the theme to be a replica of that PJ Retro round.

    Well... you can be a bit sneaky - download the audio from said link and upload the video to YouTube, like I did for one song in PJ Retro before (though that entry wasn't mine). Guess it's too late now.
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    WIll you be supplying the rounds, @Doodvid?
  13. Fancy a top up, babe?


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  14. Sugababes 4.0 <3
  15. @MilesAngel - I spy your “likes”! Come join us - bring your best hidden gem dance/pop track from 2000-09 and rock the dancefloor!
  16. Someone please send this to a relaxed round or something.
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  17. I think you might have convinced me to join. Gonna be a full-on month now. Stay tuned.
  18. Heidi Range <3

    (No, but seriously, I did really think that photo above was the Babes at first.)
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