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  1. PopJustice - we have come to the event every parent looks forward to, and dreads in equal part! Our little contest that celebrates a defining decade in which many of us discovered our favourite music turns 18! (They don't only want you when you are 17 afterall!)

    That’s right - PJ00s reaches Adulthood! What better way to celebrate than to look back - not just in our song submission this round, but also in some of our favourite moments/trends/memories tied to this decade of music!

    First, let’s get the formalities out of the way!

    RULES etc - snatched from Soratami's Fantasy Round Featuring Dark Angel Dalida!
    (Copyright LiveFromMelbs)

    General rules of the contest to take into consideration when picking your entry:
    • must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009​
    • no UK top 20 hits​
    • no US top 20 hits​
    • no tracks from a US or UK top 10 album​
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs​
    • no relatively famous/chart-successful cover versions of your desired entry (if it's the original version) recorded by a different act​
    • no songs (or covers of songs) that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (semi-finals or finals)​
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 10 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)​
    • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJ00s (Click here), PJSC (see the wiki), or PJOPS (list of entries here; the '00s crossover round list can be found here). Additionally, no entry that has been previously vetoed in PJ00s (in general, these acts will most likely be vetoed again, unless the reason for the veto was that the song was previously entered in a different song contest).​
    • Songs that fail these objective criteria will vetoed by the round hosts. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to our esteemed veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest. The hosts will PM you to let you know if your song has passed or failed veto once the panel renders a verdict.​
    Repeat artists guideline:​
    • the same act (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) cannot be entered for FIVE rounds since their last appearance (i.e., a non-winning round 8 act can be reentered no sooner than round 13, and in round 9, non-winning acts from rounds 1-4 are generally eligible again)​
    • for the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent TEN rounds​
    • if the same artist wins TWO rounds of PJ00s in any form (solo artist, group, feature, etc.), that artist is no longer eligible for future PJ00s rounds​

    Now to your Themed 18th Birthday!

    *Do you most fondly remember the Sugababes being cooler than the Red Dress as they embarked on their Colour-Coordinated journey with Line-up #3?


    *Perhaps you are like Jewel noticing the blatant product placement in Music Videos - with even sending a text message through Microsoft Excel a reality - embarking on a tongue in cheek ‘sell-out’ journey?


    *Were you more into the rise of psychedelic anime franchises backed-up by strange, compelling and amazing music? (Of course, our Lord and Saviour Susumu must appear in my opening post - still the only Foreign Language Male to score three 12s - LEGEND!!!)


    *Did you really get into the many many collaborations of the decade trademarked by Goddess Aaliyah (™) leading to every big Pop Girl having either the hottest producer and/or rapper guest star on their track to give them that uncontestable hit?


    Or could you have been all for Foreign Language tracks ruling the charts in English speaking parts of the world?



    (In-Grid does not get a moving image on Google for some reason...)

    Send us your favourite Noughties trend along with your entry this round (with a description/snippet and/or visual aids) and we will Bring Yesterday Back Around ™ as we remember the decade - along with your banger that will face the cage match of its lifetime! We will feature these across voting and/or reveals! Let’s see how this turns out!!


    Submissions: 16th-23rd of August
    Voting: 24th August - 10th September
    Reveals: 11th of September

    Don’t forget to
    PM both @Maki and @berserkboi
    so you are covered in two Time Zones, and your entry goes through to Panel without any hitch!
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    1. Chromeo - Night By Night // @untouchable ace = 134
    2. Leah Haywood - Taking Back What's Mine // @berserkboi = 116
    3. Star Pilots - In the Heat of the Night // @hudweiser = 115
    4. Sarah Connor - Under My Skin // @robsolete = 102
    5. Liz Kay - When Love Becomes A Lie // @djhazey = 99
    6. Rachel Fuller - Into My Heart // @londonrain = 98
    7. Serebro - Dyshi // @sprockrooster = 92
    8. Moonbaby - Kitsch Bitch Kool // @casuallycrazed = 91
    9. Kate Miller-Heidke - Last Day On Earth // @soratami = 87
    10. Fountainheads - Perfect // @corgicorgicorgi = 81
    11. Lisa Lois - Little By Little // @wow73 = 78
    12. Heather Small - Holding On // @filippa = 76
    13. Jameerah - All Eyes On Me // @remorque = 73
    14. Goapele - Back to You // @maki = 71
    15. Paola - Interstellar Love // @kamikazeheart = 68
    16. Popshop - Careless // @popknark2 = 65
    17. 8mm - Give It Up // @2014 = 61
    18. Tammin - World Without You // @tylerc904 = 59
    19. Mindy McCready - Maybe, Maybe Not // @unnameable = 52
    20. Soha - Tourbillon (Serre-moi fort si tu m'aimes) // @escapismisanotherprison = 50
    21. Jaymay - Gray Or Blue // @lila = 49 (two 12's)
    22. Caracolla - Jag vill bara va med dig // @empty shoebox = 49 (one 12)
    23. Bada (ft. Untouchable) - Mad // @cotton park = 48
    24. Ellektra - Real Love // @iheartpoptarts = 44
    25. Daybehaviour - Give Me // @one stop candy shop = 43
    26. Adam Rickitt - Dreaming // @eric = 42
    27. Britannia High - Overnight Sensation // @ospreyqueen = 41
    28. Eisley - Telescope Eyes // @oleander = 39
    29. Blu & Exile - The Narrow Path // @ironheade = 35
    30. Miles - Perfect World // @dominodancing = 33
    31. Jessica Harp - Boy Like Me // @saviodxl = 31
    32. The Wondermints - Another Way // @pop3blow2 = 28 (one 12)
    33. Jade McRae - In The Basement // @livefrommelbs = 28 (no 12's)
    34. Łzy - Oczy szeroko zamknięte // @əʊæ = 27
    35. Katase Nana - TANGO NOIR // @vague = 24
    36. Joanne - So Damn Fine // @island = 22
    37. Christina Vidal - Gonna Be a Star // @jeffo = 21
    38. Wunder - Was Hält Uns Wach // @conan = 20
    39. Linda Maxx - The Need To Be Naked // @wowwowwowwow = 17
    40. Amylie - Mes Oreilles // @ohnostalgia = 11


    SPOTIFY Playlist

    Not on Spotify
    Adam Rickitt - Dreaming
    Britannia High - Overnight Sensation
    Christina Vidal - Gonna Be a Star
    Moonbaby - Kitsch Bitch Kool

    Łzy - Oczy szeroko zamknięte

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  4. I remember my eighteenth birth anniversary, only because I sat up from 06:00 waiting for the post to bring me my driver's licence.

    I have always lived an exciting life everyone.
  5. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Can I submit two short songs instead of one normal length one
  6. I had that privilege to submit before the thread was even opened!

    Depends on what you ask for.
    The contest entry or the side theme song?
  7. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Lol I meant the contest entry, but I was just playing
  8. In that case, you can start choosing your fave trend!
  9. The amount of talent present/referenced in that opening post. We have to stan.
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  10. Ready to channel the behaviour I used to exhibit at 18th birthday parties and get absolutely trollied off vodka pre-mixes, pretend I was interested in kissing girls, and make everyone listen to the Young Divas.
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  11. Kelly Rowland when asked about Excel

    The Excel answer to that

    Both kweens
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  12. I have a 'trend' but I need decide on my main entry.
  13. There is a very obvious song to enter, but I didn't.
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  14. I know.

  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    For a second I thought this was the boyband Code Red and was very confused that I had never heard of this song.
  16. I was this close to entering this flawless Spanish pop rock bop

    ...only to find out it has an English version, which was already entered in round 8. So much for that.
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  17. Time goes by so fast, the song i wanted to enter this round was released in 1998 - so I will save that for PJRetro. I was convinced it was from 2001!
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I discovered Tasmin Archer’s Sleeping Satellite in 2001 and was convinced for quite a while that it was a brand new song from a new artist dddd.
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