PJ00s+ Second Chance: Third time's the... (results finished!)

When PJ00s expanded to include 2010-2014 I thought I might try sending another song from Mia Martina's album, Devotion, but they all had one glaring issue with them...they weren't Chasing The Rush. So I resolved to wait for the next second chance round since I figured it'd let songs from other contests in like the previous one had, which clearly paid off because Chasing The Rush nearly tripled its points!!! I always knew it'd do better in PJ00s! I even tried to see if she'd released an EP or something in 2009 when I was planning on submitting it to PJSC.

Thank you to:
12: @WoW73 and @MilesAngel
10: @Tiger Suit
06: @Million_Lights and @unnameable
05: @londonrain and @Filler
04: @Disco Blister
03: @Sprockrooster
02: @Filler
01: @Hudvar
One of those rounds where my song appeared on a ton of ballots, but never received any big chunks of points. Better to be loved a bit than not loved at all, I guess, but at some points I was definitely thinking "thanks, but...

I... just... want a fucking tweeeeeelve or five

Anyhow, many thanks to those for their votes for this tune that I hear from time to time through the TV screens at Fitness First:

6: @MilesAngel @soratami
5: @WowWowWowWow @iheartpoptarts @Untouchable Ace
4: @2014 @Derek @Jeffo
3: @If You Go @WoW73 @unnameable @Maki
2: @Hudvar
1: @Disco Blister

Brava to @Hurricane Drunk, never in doubt - I'd call "Luz de piedra de luna" one of my top 10 songs of the 2010s decade, let alone this round, so that was the easiest 12 ever. I see Javiera fatigue has not quite set in yet! Maybe that discography rate might have some interest after all...

Thanks to @If You Go and @londonrain for hosting!
Thanks to @WowWowWowWow @MilesAngel @Ezz @Phonetics Girl @WoW73 @Island @Disco Blister @Jeffo @saviodxl and @klow for the points!

Special thanks to @soratami for the 12!

Congrats on the win, @Hurricane Drunk very well deserved. It's great to see Javiera win one of these second chance rounds. Big thanks to @londonrain and @If You Go for hosting!

I see Javiera fatigue has not quite set in yet! Maybe that discography rate might have some interest after all...
That will be a tricky rate to score for sure due to how excellent her discography is as a whole, but I am so here for it.
Thanks for all of the points for a a song I tried to submit to PJSC once.
GhostCity even bettered his previous placement which is amazing.

12 @Tiger Suit
10 @MilesAngel @HarryEzra @Jeffo
8 @2014
6 @iheartpoptarts @Derek @TéléDex
4 @Hurricane Drunk @Sprockrooster @Filler @klow
3 @Hudvar
2 @berserkboi

HM @Maki

What a deserving winner, also with the whole top 4 being PJ musical minorities!

But now that this PJ00s spin off is over, there are still days to submit your song to the current PJ00s+ round.

Contrarily many songs I'd forgotten (or maybe didn't even enter my psyche) and probably didn't even HM have been pointed this time.
PJ members:
This was mainly about Paolo & Chiara (and Rank 1), yes round 1 was stacked, but there is definitely more appreciation for non-English.

Thank you everyone.
I thought we all loved and missed racketbangers! Whatever, you're all getting more from me...

@Ezz I heart you, It Girls is pure joy and I'm so honored to be tied with it.

@Carel you're a legend and your post had me dead.

Hugs to @Million_Lights, @berserkboi, @Derek, @Sprockrooster, @DJHazey, @soratami, @klow, and @Oleander!

Congrats to Javiera Mena winner of everything ever forever and @Hurricane Drunk!

@londonrain and @If You Go it's been awesome, thanks so much!

It's Me & My's fault!

Oh, and this is the exact correct most perfect answer.
So is the consensus that songs from musicals are a big 'nah'?

...Knew I should've gone for the Wayne G mix.
Well, personally, I didn't know until I searched again for the song's origin, that it was a song from Jerry Springer the Opera. Makes sense to know how it works within the show and it still stands out as an individual song. Giving it 10 points, without even knowing it was a showtune, is a huge win. I'm fed up of musicals being seen as a 'big 'nah''.
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I figured it out!

1. Javiera Mena - Luz de Piedra de Luna // Hurricane Drunk (originally #13 for @Laurence Nope) = 131
2. Paola & Chiara - Vamos A Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva) // londonrain (originally #40 for @londonrain) = 109
3. Monica Naranjo - Europa // Derek (originally #16 for @Derek) = 94
4. Thomas Azier - Ghostcity // Untouchable Ace (originally #5 for @NecessaryVoodoo) = 89
5. Lillix - It's About Time // unnameable (originally #7 for @Mina) = 82
6= Lucky Twice - Lucky // Filler (originally #11 for @Empty Shoebox) = 79
6= Exotica - Une Miss S’Immisce // berserkboi (originally #10 for @nnnumb) = 79
8. Mia Martina - Chasing The Rush // If You Go (originally #36 for @If You Go) = 72
9. Vintage - Roman // soratami (originally #21 for @soratami) = 66
10. iio - Runaway (Ford Remix) // MilesAngel (originally #8 for @Hudvar ) = 65
11. Cady Groves - Love Actually // Jeffo (originally #8 for @thegingerone) = 64
12. Belinda - En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar // Oleander (originally #7 for @Oleander) = 63
13. Gia Farrell - Hit Me Up // Million_Lights (originally #9 for @Mina) = 60
14. Zhong Chi - Fairy Tale // Tiger Suit (originally #12 for @Tiger Suit) = 57
15. Chris Sorbello - So Lonely // klow (originally #19 for @ajmkv) = 54
16. Indila - Ainsi Bas La Vida // Maki (originally #14 for @Maki) = 53
17. Vanessa Paradis - Divine Idylle // WoW73 (originally #42 for @berserkboi) = 51
18. Meja - Spirits // Island (originally #4 for @Island) = 50
19. Billie Ray Martin - No Brakes On My Rollerskates // Disco Blister (originally #33 for @Disco Blister) = 48
20. Stockholm Syndrome - Karma // DJHazey (originally #8 for @DJHazey) = 48
21. Rank 1 - Such Is Life // HarryEzra (originally #18 for @One Stop Candy Shop) = 47
22. Amiaya - Star Line // Phonetics Girl (originally #19 for @vikeyeol) = 45
23= Lee Cabrera featuring Mim - I Watch You // 2014 (originally #11 for @2014) = 42
23= Queentastic - Absolutely Fabulous // WowWowWowWow (originally #24 for @Empty Shoebox) = 42
25. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Save My Soul // Lego (originally #14 for @Lego) = 36
26= It-Girls - My Heart It Feels Like... Dub Dub // Ezz (originally #34 for @iheartpoptarts) = 34
26= Sofia Reyes featuring Wisin - Muévelo // iheartpoptarts (originally #13 for @Carel) = 34
28. Shary-An - Read My Book // Sprockrooster (originally #24 for @Sprockrooster) = 32
29= Alison Jiear - I Just Wanna Fuckin' Dance // Hudvar (originally #18 for @Hudvar) = 26
29= Meg - Prism Boy // TéléDex (originally #19 for @TéléDex) = 26
31. Claudia Pavel - Crazy // saviodxl (originally #34 for @saviodxl) = 20​