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PJ00s Second Chances, Part II: The Goldfish Edition

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. Going through the reveals now.

    Is there a PJ00s conspiracy to have me in the lead early on and then flop? ddd.
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  2. Wohooo, last place! Thank you @Filippa, @Filler, @TéléDex and @ohnoitisnathan from saving me from crashing out with zero points.

    Obviously, when selecting Paula I didn't necessarly expect to win this, considering @Ray flopped with the song in PJ00s, and my PJXtra submision of a different Paula song also didn't fare very well. What hurts for me (Alaska voice: "FoR MeEe") is that they perform so horribly e.g. compared to Sarah Connor, a German artist than I personally (Alaska voice: "FoR MeEe") find much less interesting.

    That said, congratulations @Hurricane Drunk. When I saw J'en ai marre of the playlist, I knew that it had a good chance of winning this round, simply because it is a very, very good pop song. And @londonrain, thank you for your great hosting and your spotlight posts. If someone had asked me, I wouldn't have guessed that my damn folk rock submission would be my most successful one.
  3. Awwww this is the best thing i've read in this thread. I'm glad you like it and even remember it to these days, thank you :)

    Thanks to everyone who votes KARA (esp my fellow K-pop enthusiasts @Oleander @Hurricane Drunk ). Happy to see you vote for another K-pop song @londonrain ! I apologize for not voting Deborah Cox song dddddd
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  4. Thanks so much to everyone for the huge points for "Where Is The Piscine?"
    Especially the big 12s from @livefrommelbs and @DominoDancing.

    They were a great band.

    There's a difference between predicting a deserving winner and staying true to an instant 12 for providing you with your favourite album of all time.

    I knew @Filler chose my entry at some point. (You should like my posts more often.)
    The whole theme of the video from my original entry was a writers block journey to create a good song.
    I remember @iheartpoptarts saying that he certainly found a standout chorus.

    How very @Filler that he submitted a version without that chorus and it achieved the same position and points total.

    Another amazing performance @Hurricane Drunk well done. You really are the @Oricon of all contests.
    Also to @TéléDex for pretty much your first win.
    If both of you want to host the 3rd edition at the set time, you've got lots of time to plan for it.

    Thanks again @londonrain.
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  5. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Thanks to everyone who gave Déjà Vu points, and thank you to @londonrain for hosting!

    One day I will have a PJ00s success story with a video game song. One Day.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I wasn't following this but woah Laava, tf6, and a TWEWY song? Sorry I wasn't here to support you!
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    What are tf6 and TWEWY?
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  9. TWEWY is The World Ends With You, the game @OspreyQueen's entry was taken from. Not sure about tf6 though.
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  10. Tommy February6 is Who Ana meant, and indeed it is a shame she was not around to give her more points!
  11. Ezz


    Poor Gitta! Still ahead of her time, thanks to the select band who did vote though! And some stellar bops / trancier tracks in there, great to see BT up there. Thanks for running this @londonrain!
  12. Of course I'll remember one of my favourite PJ00s discoveries.
    See also @DominoDancing's contribution with "Acts of Man", which is a brilliant song worth spotlighting.

    Pretty sure you would love to see Milica to do better and would've supported her, too.
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    It’s almost as if the rule against abbreviations is there for a reason…
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  14. Congrats @Hurricane Drunk who is on fire lately.

    I wanted to maybe go with something more....strategic but I love Lazard's song so much and wanted it to be heard again, so oh well to it flopping hard.

    Thanks for hosting this @londonrain.
  15. hjsdfkdfhjk sorry! I'll be more careful from now on
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  16. Pleased to see Laava go up 19(!?) places from her original position! I don't know how Laava, Amiel, and BT didn't go at least top 20 in their original rounds let alone top 10, very happy they all did that this time!

    Thank you to:
    10: @Zar-Unity, @iheartpoptarts, @Maki
    08: @Untouchable Ace, @Ezz
    06: @Filippa
    05: @WowWowWowWow
    04: @Conan, @DJHazey, @Tiger Suit
    02: @livefrommelbs, @2014
    01: @Hurricane Drunk, @Jeffo

    @berserkboi, 'Obsession (I Love You)' was the round discovery for me! I was tempted to give it my 12, but I love 'Somnabulist (Simply Being Loved)' just a little too much to not give it top marks. I'm going to have to check out more from Amiel! @WowWowWowWow, 'Where Ever You Are (I Feel Love)' was one of my favorite songs from the 00s so I just had to bring it back when I saw how it performed in it's original round!

    Thank you for hosting @londonrain and congrats again @Hurricane Drunk! I better go work on my PJ00s ballot next!
  17. You're welcome! I love that song, too. It's original round (13) was so loaded, that I hoped maybe if it had a second shot, it would move up some. Alas, it was even steven, staying at #16.

    I do thank all Georgia Wonder's voters, though. It was dicey there for a bit, but I wound up with nearly full bingo card (and even a 12!)

    12: @ohnoitisnathan
    08: @TéléDex
    07: @Robsolete , @OspreyQueen
    06: @Ezz
    05: @Oleander
    04: @DominoDancing
    02: @berserkboi
    01: @unnameable , @If You Go

    Really fun & competitive round. 6 songs from my ballot made the top top 10, so that's pretty nice. Thanks @londonrain
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  18. What's this abbreviation, then?
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