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PJ00s VI - Sailor Says - @ufint is your main contest winner!! Vote for Tiny Awards - Form on P1, po3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. With your help I have narrowed yours down, you'll see.
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  2. Well, seeing as you're here, are you interested in the five songs @berserkboi and I have put together specifically for you to guess?
  3. Yes, please share the torture with my fellow panelists.
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  4. We may have given more than one of you the same thing to guess...
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. We will all suffer equally proportionally.


  7. But I'm back now.
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  8. How goes the detective work? Have you uncovered the true identities of your two (at least) copycats this round?
  9. No, because this week I was bogged down by having an exam and two essays due, one the day after the other.

    What I did learn from reading Freud for my Psychoanalysis and Detective Fiction class is that one of the popular gifs on here is the perfect response to any of Freud's works. Case in point...

    Freud: It's important that the patient is the one who interprets the dream so we can keep things from getting convoluted,

    ~Three pages later~

    Freud [To patient]: Forget everything you said about what your dream means, it's clear that the dream is merely a distorted memory of deeply repressed love you have for me.


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  10. Or, they just want to best you.
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  11. Given how defensive Freud is, that is an acceptable answer.

    But yeah, I ended up writing 17 pages of essay material in the span of two-three days so I am exhausted.

  12. Nah, he just had an enormous super-ego.

    Maybe you should try nihilism.
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  13. True. As my professor says, despite being mocked throughout history he has become an important figure in our society due to the widespread use of a number of his ideas and terms dddddd.

    I have dabbled in it from time to time.
  14. Okay, so after the latest ballots, only five songs are on zero points now.
    The top of the table is very tight indeed. There are now six songs within five points of each other.

    As for host's curse? Well,

    *This may not actually be true. I may have just thought of this and wanted to post it now before I came to my senses.
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  15. Woke up to more votes today and at least one of your hosts is still flopping! Send help!!

  16. You mean you want to win back to back rounds and thus host back to back rounds?
  17. You do not want to know what I have planned for if I get to host again.
  18. Only happy with another hosting gig if I get to keep @Empty Shoebox! Would your hosting theme be a throwback, @Mina? A Backdoor Lover round? :D
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