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  1. PJ00s
    Round seven


    Welcome to the seventh round of PJ00s. We've all come such a long way since the first round a half-ish year ago, and we've heard hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful, delicious, tear-jerking, funny, ridiculous and straight up trashy songs of the naughties. However, there are still a lot of undiscovered and underappreciated songs that deserve to shine. So put on your camouflage pants, get that bandana out from the back of your closet and dig out your best necktie and studded belt. After that, find your old iPod or MiniDisc and find that hidden treasure that deserves another chance in the spotlight.

    The month of May equals Eurovision for us Eurohennies, so naturally we have to have a Eurovision side theme. Pick a country that you'd like to represent - no problem if several people choose Estonia, Sweden or Belgium, but hopefully we'll have a couple of people picking other countries as well. I'll try to make something fun and creative out of it on results night.

    It doesn't hurt if you choose to use some Eurovision gifs, I mean - who can resist?


    Who is on your veto panel this month, you wonder?

    @berserkboi AKA Alexander Rybak

    @iheartpoptarts AKA Helena Paparizou

    @Jeffo AKA The old dancing Babushka

    General inclusion/exclusion criteria for entries:
    • must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009
    • no UK top 20 hits
    • no US top 20 hits
    • no tracks from a US or UK top 10 album
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 10 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)
    • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJ00s (list of past entries here), PJSC (see the wiki), or PJOPS (list of entries here; the '00s crossover round list can be found here)
    Songs that fail these criteria should be vetoed by the round host. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to the veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest.

    Repeat artists guideline:
    - for songs that didn't win the previous round - no artists who were entered in that round can be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) in the next round
    - for the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent five rounds
    - if the same artist wins two rounds of PJ00s in any form (solo artist, group, feature, etc.), that artist is no longer eligible for future PJ00s rounds

    Voting rules:
    • You can award points to 10 entries per round. Award points ranging from 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 (with 12 points going to your favorite entry).
    • Only people who submitted a participating song can vote.
    • Entrants cannot vote for their own submission.
    • All entrants who fail to vote by the host's deadline will have their final scores be cut in half.
    Repeat non-voter policy:

    Non-voters negatively impact both themselves and everyone who voted for them. Therefore, participants who fail to cast their ballots by the voting deadline for two consecutive rounds, or for 3 non-consecutive rounds out of 5 sequential rounds, will be banned from entering the next 5 rounds.

    Submission: Send your song plus a video link to me, @ufint by Friday, May 10th 8PM CET.

    Voting: The deadline to send in your votes will be Thursday, June 7th 23:59PM CET. - PLEASE SEND YOUR BALLOTS TO @Mina AND @londonrain

    Reveal: Weekend of June 9-10; details to follow!
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  2. 1. Lenka - Trouble Is a Friend // DJHazey (Australia) = 117
    2. Velvet - Deja Vu // Hudweiser (Estonia) = 113
    3. Nina Gordon - Tonight and the Rest of My Life // Jeffo (San Marino) = 107

    4. Lamya - Empires // londonrain (Israel) = 99
    5. EMD - Baby Goodbye // saviodxl (Hungary) = 87
    6. Uh Huh Her - Not a Love Song // popknark2 (Armenia) = 84
    7. Aslyn - Wally // CorgiCorgiCorgi (Switzerland) = 82
    8. Amiel - One Step Ahead // berserkboi (Ireland) = 78
    9. Au Revoir Simone - A Violent Yet Flammable World // One Stop Candy Shop (Moldova) = 77
    10. Bellefire - Say Something Anyway // ComeOnGloria (Norway) = 75
    11 (tie). POP! - Can't Say Goodbye // Mina (Cyprus) = 71
    11 (tie). Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You // haps (Iceland) = 71
    13. The Donnas - Too Bad About Your Girl // GimmeWork (Serbia) = 67
    14. Rachael Yamagata - Worn Me Down // Robsolete (Azerbaijan) = 66
    15. Tone Damli - Butterflies // Empty Shoebox (Ukraine) = 65
    16. Ercola featuring Daniella - Every Word // 2014 (Italy) = 64
    17. Sandrine - Ass in Check // New Flame (Malta) = 61
    18. Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever // ufint (Russia) = 56*
    19. Akcent - Kylie // Untouchable Ace (Czech Republic) = 54
    20. Ani DiFranco - Gray // JamesJupiter (Montenegro) = 53
    21. (tie) Kreesha Turner - Bounce with Me // br0dy (Belarus) = 52
    21. (tie) Krezip - Plug It In & Turn Me On // Sprockrooster (France) = 52
    23. Lambretta - Creep // KamikazeHeart (Morocco) = 46
    24. Porcupine Tree - Where Would We Be // Lego (Netherlands) = 40
    25. DJ Ella - Shine Like a Superstar // WowWowWowWow (Latvia) = 38
    26. Sarah Blasko - Always Worth It // Oleander (Spain) = 31
    27. Biba Binoche - Si Douce // Riiiiiiiii (Belgium) = 29
    28. Jenny Wilson - Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward // soratami (Portugal) = 28
    29. Red Snapper - Some Kind of Kink // Russron (Finland) = 27
    30. Tata Young - Dhoom Dhoom // HarryEzra (Lithuania) = 24
    31 (tie). Commercial Breakup - Walking Back Home // DominoDancing (Germany) = 23
    31. (tie) Natalia - Shelter // Remorque (Luxembourg) = 23
    33. Sisse Marie - Boom // iheartpoptarts (Bulgaria) = 18
    34. S.H.E. - Boom // Zar-Unity (Sweden) = 15
    35. Shesays - Rosegardens // Filippa (Austria) = 14
    36. Lisa Maffia - Women of the World // Island (United Kingdom) = 13
    37. Alecia Elliot - You Wanna What? // unnameable (Denmark) = 12
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  3. Time to reveal:



    Tonight we will finally see the ballots from:

    1. @WowWowWowWow, representing Latvia
    2. @Empty Shoebox, representing Ukraine
    3. @Untouchable Ace, representing the Czech Republic
    4. @HarryEzra, representing Lithuania
    5. @saviodxl, representing Hungary
    6. @Hudweiser, representing Estonia
    7. @CorgiCorgiCorgi, representing Switzerland
    8. @Sprockrooster, representing France
    9. @ComeOnGloria, representing Norway
    10. @DJHazey, representing Australia
    11. @Zar-Unity, representing Sweden
    12. @berserkboi, representing Ireland
    13. @Russron, representing Finland
    14. @One Stop Candy Shop, representing Moldova
    15. @londonrain, representing Israel
    16. @Mina, representing Cyprus
    17. @soratami, representing Portugal
    18. @Riiiiiiiii, representing Belgium
    19. @Filippa, representing Austria
    20. @New Flame, representing Malta
    21. @2014, representing Italy
    22. @iheartpoptarts, representing Bulgaria
    23. @GimmeWork, representing Serbia
    24. @JamesJupiter, representing Montenegro
    25. @Robsolete, representing Azerbaijan
    26. @haps, representing Iceland
    27. @Oleander, representing Spain
    28. @br0dy, representing Belarus
    29. @popknark2, representing Armenia
    30. @Island, representing the UK
    31. @unnameable, representing Denmark
    32. @Jeffo, representing San Marino
    33. @Lego, representing the Netherlands
    34. @KamikazeHeart, representing Morocco
    35. @Remorque, representing Luxembourg
    36. @ufint, representing Russia
    37. @DominoDancing, representing Germany​

    Join us at 9:30 pm UK time when your host, Eleni Foureira @Mina, will reveal who voted for whom.​

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  4. [​IMG]

    I love this round already.
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  6. @berserkboi gets to be an attractive former winner with a terrible song that nobody will vote for?

    Seems appropriate.

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  7. I have such a hard time living in Oslo. I really want Oslo 2019 but at the same time I don't want that terrible man (who I once kissed some almost fifteen years ago) to win.

  8. As much as I'd like to goto Olso Eurovision, I really can't afford to.
    Where would they have it? Same place as last time? Where the Airport used to be?
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  9. The two of us clearly chose the correct round to take a break from veto panel.
  10. They would probably have it in Telenor Arena again, as that's the only venue with capacity for such a big show. Airfare from Glasgow or Edinburgh is really cheap though, as low as £100 round-trip!
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Watch me get karmic punishment for my savagery by getting vetoed three times and then flopping, in a rerun of round 4.
  13. i submitted

    @veto panel lmk
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Let us not forget the rest of the veto panel, currently not on duty, but who nonetheless deserve a little bit of praise for their wonderful work so far.

    @Mina AKA Dustin The Turkey (couldn't find a cat, but at least it's an animal)


    @londonrain AKA Verka Serduchka
  16. You can always ask @ufint to assign you a Eurovision persona anyway.


    Edit: thanks @ufint! That works quite nicely.
  18. Yeah but as I found out when I was in Gjøvik a few years ago, it's everything else that costs. I found myself using the phrase 'But do I really need to eat?'
  19. [​IMG]
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