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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, May 1, 2018.

  1. For all I know, you could be in cahoots with @londonrain behind the scenes.

  2. The kii is that I was considering submitting something that I wouldn't be surprised if it was on his shortlist.
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  3. Let me make sure I submit it before you do when the next round opens, then.

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  4. [​IMG]
  5. A different Monica photo?

    We love a plot twist.
  6. Somebody actually entered the act I was planning to submit next round, but I'm impressed more than anything, really. Thank you for being amazing in the midst of so many other un-Poptartjustice songs.
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  7. [​IMG]

    I sense an emerging trend.


    How meta.
  8. Excuse you, I invented this years ago if not earlier!

  9. Iconic gif usage.
  10. Speed demon!
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  11. How many points for your fellow co-host?
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  12. Presumably her favourite number: zero.
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  13. I'll just rename myself David Charvet then! Hopefully @Filippa comes through with three points again!
  14. There really aren't enough gifs of Mena.
    Not quite as quick as @GhettoPrincess last round. She had scores in within 24 hours of The List going up.
    I didn't give Vanessa Paradis any points.
  15. I'm very curious to know why ”Fashion Report” was vetoed.
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  16. Still trying to give everybody 12 points. So let my pleas be heard and I promise to give you 12 points.
  17. Already entered in PJSC
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  18. That explains it! It just seemed a bit strict when Pop! and Akcent were accepted (or their fellow Mello contestants.)
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  19. This round is strong and muscular and sweaty and... uh-- I mean I'm halfway through and have only decidedly cut two entries so far.
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