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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, May 1, 2018.

  1. You called?

  2. Look how big his feet are!
  3. I'm actually not sure if I have another Top 10 smash on my hands or whether I've completely miscalculated and I'll completely tank. I've been very confident about my last three entries and they've all done very well, so this had me giving pause.

    As I've been told a few times, you never know what the G00P is going to think when voting.
  4. Look at what just popped up on Facebook!

    The Presets
    4 mins ยท
    dropping a new album in 2 weeks

    Will this see a return of mine in PJSC to enter one of those tracks.....

  5. Unlike this year's Eurovision, this round is really strong, as said before.
    Actual footage of me trying to choose 10 songs out of 26 that made the first cut

    I see 4 or 5 potential winners
  6. Spotify pre-loaded me with the best choices as it went downhill after a dozen tracks, so getting down to 11 was easy, now I just need to cut one poor schmuck.
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  7. Wait, there's a Spotify playlist?
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  8. No. I created one on the fly and set it to shuffle. It was on a work machine so could not be saved lest colleagues learn of my musical preferences.
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  9. The horror!

  10. They all listen to deathcore and vocal-free bleeping. As much as I'd love to blast them with a shot of POP! and Tata Young, they will mock forever.
  11. You clearly need to petition for a transfer to @iheartpoptarts ' office!
  12. I'm succeeding slowly - my manager bought tickets for Kylie recently.
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  14. Well, Dancing is that deathcore anthem.
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  16. Done with this lovely round. A lot of good songs, as usual. My 12 pointer
    is a new discovery for me and I love the song. Thank you to everyone for making PJ00 great every time.

    I feel like my previous 12 pointers have been pretty strong, and have
    all been songs that I loved. So here is a short highlights of my picked
    12's from round one to round six..

    Gorgeous, story telling song. nostalgic. One of Stefy's best moments.

    One of my favorites by Sixpence and what a great opener to their forth album, "Divine Discontent".

    One of my favorite singers from the 2000's, so at this point, you guys
    had me locked in pretty good for sticking around on PJ00.
    What an amazing talent, what a cool song!

    I hadn't heard of who Standfast were previously to this round of PJ004, but
    man did I fall in love with this song and their whole debut album, which I later
    bought on CD. One of @popknark2 best entries to PJ00! Without a doubt!

    So pure bubblegum, I love it! A nice find, also led me to buying the album
    on CD, although, the other songs were less to be desired.

    Although, the last track on the album "That's right" is a great pop song that I loved.
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  17. Then, of course from the last round, @popknark2 came back with another huge
    00's smash that I love, NG3!

    A great song about girl power, look out Spice girls. The power in their voices, their amazing beauty and that chorus! A 2000's girl band classic, delivered with the best type of girl attitude. I was in
    the process of buying their album at the same time that we were about to do the results for PJ006. (although I had previously knew about NG3 already and was
    wanting to eventually check out their whole album.)

    Now that I've heard the album in full many times, I can safely say that NG3's album is one of the best pop albums made from the decade. The production, minus the silly intro and interlude's, are some of the most catchy and fun pop numbers you will ever hear from a girl band. A girl band that is one of a kind bytheway.
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  18. My submission must've gotten lost in the DMs.
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  19. Like, you submitted a song and never heard that it passed veto? Or you heard that it passed veto but isn't on the song list?
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