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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, May 1, 2018.

  1. If you are looking for memes, this keeps making appearances on my TV screen:

    Well thank you, it's what you might call a successful troll entry, because it is also solid pop.
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  2. OMG I won something!!!! Thanks everybody!

  3. What the hell kind of TV shows are you watching?!
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  4. When is the new round opening? I've got my song ready to go, let's get crackin'.
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  5. Oh I've got to defend my crown with something amazing.
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  6. We're still in the contract negotiation phase with @Jeffo.

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  7. Let's hope he's not too demanding.

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  8. New thread opening in August! Lol
  9. See, this is where @berserkboi and I got it wrong. I knew if we held out a bit longer we could have got that 2009 Ford Focus.
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  10. If we move down to Amiel for hosting purposes - I don't go anywhere without my @Empty Shoebox!xx
  11. Too bad we blow our budget on The Tiny Awards every round while the hosts only get a small honorarium (and the priceless opportunity to develop their Excel Google Spreadsheet troubleshooting skills).
  12. One of these days I should introduce you to the Top Answer Game spreadsheets just to see your reaction.
  13. Isn't there a Google Form for that?
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  14. lol
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  15. If only the market for bunting was less volatile.
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  16. Say whaaat?



    Altough I might have a good idea for a theme. And the idea of you guys being subject to Latin America time for once is very tempting
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  17. Well, with my success the past couple of rounds, I've gone from fan favorite recurring character to principal cast so naturally my contract needed revisiting.

  18. Well, you were the one who had the bright idea of asking everyone to answer an entire round using just gifs...
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  19. Believe it or not, the GIF round didn't negatively impact that round's spreadsheet too much. It was just a damn mess to format the answer reveals.
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