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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, May 1, 2018.

  1. I had a song all ready to go and now another one has come to my attention and I can't possibly choose... so I'm kinda glad negotiations are stalling proceedings.
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  2. We have finally reached an agreement with @Jeffo for an eighth season.

  3. *starts brushing up on my Top Answer """skills"""*
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  4. Which, ironically, was Paula's last season on Idol.
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  5. I feel relieved!
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  6. The fans are demanding to see copies of transcripts from the negotiations.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Fuck, I'd better settle on what song I'm sending then!
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  9. I think you've still got a few days left to agonize over your decision. I believe @Jeffo is planning to open the new thread sometime this weekend.
  10. I'll make sure I'm ready so I can submit the second the thread opens!
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  11. I'll be ready. Don't be this girl.

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  12. We've got our round 8 hosting established, and I know @Jeffo is going to do an awesome job, but just out of curiosity, who might be interested in hosting PJ00s if the hosting assignment was by sign up in advance rather than by the previous round's results? We've had several prior winners (@londonrain, @DJHazey, @happiestgirl) turn down hosting when they've won due to scheduling conflicts, but if we had hosts sign up in advance for a month they know they'll be available (no other rates/contests running, no other anticipated major life events happening, etc.), we could potentially give them another shot at hosting when the timing works out. This would also give folks who want to host but can't seem to win/place highly in song contests an opportunity at a time that works for them.

    I guess what I'm asking is: would PJ00s become significantly less exciting for people if the prize for winning didn't also include the option to have first dibs on hosting the next round?

    Any feedback (positive, negative, or mixed) would be appreciated.
  13. I'm fine either way because I can see the appeal for wanting to win and get the option of hosting but if we end up deciding on a schedule plan, I'd be all up for hosting during a month after the eurodance rate ends and before my Vanessa Carlton rate starts. So fall-winter 2018.
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  14. Don’t worry y’all. I’ll win round 8 and shall gladly host round 9.
  15. Yes, Sophie could somehow be involved in the theme and I'm ready.
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  16. Oh, me miss, pick me.

    Unless I'm in Stockholm in the middle of the voting period or something.
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  17. Theme is: pick a name for Sophie’s next child and/or pick a tea towl pattern.
  18. If 10 of you don't enter the song or artist I have in mind next, I may be in with a chance too!
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  19. OK, so I take this to mean that the following people would be up for hosting a future round if their schedule allowed, if it was done by sign-up in advance:

    - @DJHazey
    - @One Stop Candy Shop
    - @Empty Shoebox
    - @berserkboi

    Anyone else?

    I'm trying to gauge if this is a workable idea.
  20. I think @saviodxl would like to host at some point...
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