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PJ00s XVII: The Fantasy Round | Song list up! | Third trial open

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Can I submit a heroic photograph for my character?
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  2. Is this your heroic photograph?

  3. Attention everyone


    We'll also have the first trial tomorrow (or later today depending on your timezone) so I hope everyone properly equiped and mentally prepared for that. We'll also have another 10 characters up to make up for there not being a batch today.

    Also taggifications incoming for those who still haven't sent a song.
  4. Those totally seem like Tarot cards on first look, surprising they're actually used for playing. They look cool though.
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  5. Well, the same can be said for all franchises (*cough cough PERSONA cough cough*) that use these type of arcana-based cards dddd.
  6. If I win, PJ00s XVIII will be Ghibli-themed. Calling it now.
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  7. I would then be JiJi!! Both a Dalida and Kitty reference :D

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  8. [​IMG]

    An amazing theme and quite an appropriate one to follow this round and the previous one.
  9. Where's @Mina?
    Is @Mina okay?
    May there be no more Old Git's lost.

    Also since I got your attention last round, come back @lemonsqueezyy!
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  10. Dibs on Sophie


    Actually my PJOPS 2 entry was Ghibli inspired

    This scene/movie/song

  11. Hopefully @Mina will submit a song soon, I even already have her character ready and everything!

    And I agree, come back @lemonsqueezyy (expect to get tagged again soon ddd)
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  12. Characters

    A sentient clockwork owl created by a powerful alchemist. It escaped its master and uses its newfound freedom to explore the world as it pleases.

    An infamous thief known to be the bane of any lord of wealthy merchant. Has a predilection for precious metals and is capable of using birds to do her bidding.


    A powerful barbarian warrior. When not involved in bloody battle, he's actually very musically-inclined. An expert bagpipe player.


    A Luckdragon that can bring good fortune to those it decides to lend its aid to. Only drawn to kind-hearted people.


    A witch with the power to control ice, snow, storms and the ability to freeze anything she touches. Despite what would be expected, actually has quite a warm personality.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  19. Trial I: Gigantic
    Reward: Tiny Eye


    After wandering through the frost-cloaked Enchanted Forest of Aerion, your party stumbles upon a rocky valley that has been rendered off-white from the combination of frost and sediment. You take some time to explore the valley before finding yourselves approaching one of its far ends. Once you get close enough, you notice an opening to a large cave dug into the rocky cliffside that forms the valley's edge. One of your team members suggests not entering the cave but ends up being overruled by the rest of the group. Your group begins to ready itself to enter the cave when you hear something emanating from inside the cave and feel the ground begin to shake. As the sound gets louder and the ground shakes more violently, you realize that what you hear are footsteps which are slowly approaching you. Before you and your party even have time to react and prepare a plan, the threat from inside the cave steps out from inside the cave and into the light revealing itself to be.....


    A pair of giants who tower over your party like fifty-foot tall pillars of marble. Both giants share the same large and sturdy build but upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent to you that one of the giants happens to be a cyclops. "Stay back, you beasts" you and your party members yell as you ready your weapons. When they see this, the two giants laugh and one of them says "You puny fools.....you don't stand a chance. How can you and your weak arms defeat me, Froufroulia and my four arms imbued with the strength of a thousand oxen?" While the giant's response perplexes you at first, their second pair of arms appear from behind the first one. At the same time, a second head comes out from behind the first one, revealing the true form of the creature. Suddenly, the Cyclops chimes in saying "These spineless worms could never defeat you Froufroulia, nor could they defeat I, Annalickia and my mystical eye. I will knock them senseless and make them fall victims to an overwhelming slumber from which they will never wake up!"


    Things are looking grim for you and your party but there might still be hope of not only getting out of this predicament alive but of vanquishing these giants. It's time to get to action because your time is limited. Both the choice and your fate lie in your arms. What will you and your party do defeat both of these giants at one?

    Whoever comes up with the most creative/original/clever/funny way to overcome this Trial will win the Tiny Eye, a unique Tiny Award. Feel free to use your character as inspiration (those who still don't have a character, just go with what you'd like your character to be), collaborate, and just be creative. Good luck!

    Choose wisely.
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