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PJ00s XVII: The Fantasy Round | Song list up! | Third trial open

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. This one brings me back to my four years of Latin class in high school and watching the original Clash of the Titans film a thousand times.


    It's part of what made me the mythology nerd I am today. I also remember using Winged Sandals and watching videos about the myths like this infamous one which I think I actually saw before that in middle school or something. Orpheus is still probably my favorite mythological figure.

  2. HazeyMage is able to summon 'Stone Armor' as a wave of energy overcomes her and shoots outward at the stone walls surrounding the party. An explosive reaction causes an avalanche of rock that everyone is able to avoid but it stuns the giants. However, the dwarve in the party realizes he has lost his favorite bow in the pile of rock, while he was diving out of the way. Pieces of rock form together into armor that encompasses each party member's body perfectly. When the giants get their wits about them and attack, each blow does absolutely no damage. Eventually they become exhausted, allowing the elf mage to cast a spell that intwines the giants in a web of ivy they can never escape.
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  3. Thanks for being the first to take part @DJHazey, that is exactly the kind of thing we're looking for!
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  4. Wait, are we posting our answers here or are we PMing them to you guys?
  5. Grignr, Warchief of the Clan Ironhead, spits on the ground as he grimaces at the two giants looming over him. The creatures have skin like an elephant's hide, and he knows that even his great two-handed sword will barely be able to scratch them - and an even greater threat is to come from Annalickia's mystic eye. He had faced a cyclops but once before, and having barely managed to fight off its magical sleep with the help of HazeyMage's spells, he is determined to never be in the same situation ever again. Barking instructions to his companions, they quickly get to work, dodging around Froufroulia's furious blows and keeping it occupied by striking glancing blows at the massive hands. The giant howls in rage, for as quick as he is for his size, none of its four arms are able to get a proper blow upon the warriors. Meanwhile, Grignr dodges around Annalickia's feet, a little unsteadily as the earth rumbles from the cyclops's thunderous footfalls, and quickly gets behind her, hoping not to find himself under those great feet that could squash him like an insect. Knowing that he only has one chance to get it right, Grignr leaps onto Annalickia's calf, grabbing onto one of the bumps on her rocky skin as a handhold, and scrambles up her legs and back as fast as he can. Eventually, he makes it to the top of her head, clinging for dear life to the cyclops' horn and readies himself for the blow that will hopefully disable her. Annalickia barely has time to register it before Grignr's sword works its way beneath her eyelid, gouging the great sphere from its socket. The cyclops bellows in pain, and stumbles about, clutching both of its hands to the empty eye socket and crashing into the walls of the canyon - enough that she cannot notice Grignr as he slides back down the massive body and lands in a crouch. But the eye's mystical powers are yet intact, and as Grignr brandishes it at Froufroulia, they make themselves known. Quick as blinking, the four-armed giant crashes to the ground, locked in an enchanted slumber from which he shall never awake to menace travellers on this road again.

    All Grignr and his companions have to do now is make his way back to safety, crouching a good distance away from the stricken cyclops, and wait it out. Of course, Grignr makes sure to bisect the cyclops' eye cleanly with his sword while avoiding looking directly at it, ensuring that its powers will be depleted for good. Eventually, exhausted and having lost gallons of black blood from her gaping socket, Annalickia joins her companion on the ground, quite dead. The valley is suddenly quiet, the giants' roars and the clatter of rocks falling from the vibrations of their steps suddenly gone. Only the sound of bagpipes playing a song of victory soon fills the air...

    (Are extra points given for Eye of Argon references?)
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  6. This is meant to be more of a fun, collaborative side activity rather than a structured game with strict rules and whatnot, so the idea is for them to be posted here. That way everyone can see what people come up with. Surely no-one is going to be copying other people's answers anyway.
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  7. Excellent. I have an idea for mine already but need to refine it first...
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  8. Oops, I thought it was meant to be like separate isolated journeys, but is everyone in this contest part of the same adventure party/clan/etc. -- I noticed I got name-dropped in @Ironheade's amazing story so I was confused.
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  9. Mine is a separate journey, because otherwise there’s nowhere to go after what @Ironheade posted...
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  10. Using his weather-controlling powers, @londonrain summons a deluge of acid rain to fall directly on the two giants. As the acid starts to corrode the marble, Annalickia attempts to protect herself with a large RIAA gold disc, while Froufroulia splits himself into two smaller beings called Imogenia and Guysigia. @londonrain seizes the opportunity to combine his powers with those of @berserkboi, @Empty Shoebox, @Robsolete and @Jeffo to call down a hailstorm of vetoes. The vetoes are irresistibly attracted to the gold disc, which spins out of Annalickia’s hands, turns vertically and slices through Annalickia’s body, incapacitating her and leaving her at the mercy of the acid rain, lying on the ground like a broken doll. Imogenia implores Annalickia to just breathe, but it’s useless and Guysigia cries, “It’s not worth it! Let go!”

    The vetoes then turn to Imogenia and pummel her relentlessly until she begins to crumble. Guysigia remains immune to the vetoes, so @DJHazey implores @londonrain to summon an earthquake. @londonrain tersely points out that earthquakes are not part of the weather, but @DJHazey insists that he saw an earthquake once on the Weather Channel.

    @londonrain then turns to @2014 and asks him to use his time manipulation powers to speed up the corrosive effects of the acid rain on the marble. Guysigia hides behind Imogenia but, although there’s beauty in the breakdown, she is crumbling too fast to protect him and he flees to find other giants who would benefit from his help.

    As time continues to speed along, @londonrain watches the sands moving quicker and quicker in an hourglass inexplicably glued to a nearby table. As the time approaches 2 am, Annalickia - by now a wreck - briefly opens her eyes. As she dissolves into obscurity, she groans, “Winter just wasn’t my season”.
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  11. These stories are all so good. All the references in @londonrain's dddddddd.


    We should all collaborate and write the next great fantasy film series.
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  12. I hope @soratami saw the obvious Dragon Age-aping line about my party's dwarf having a 'favorite bow'.
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  13. Yeah, I wasn't quite sure about that myself. I thought it would be separate ones, but I just decided to throw a quick shout-out in there for fun. Is that the case or have I got the wrong end of the stick @soratami ?

    Awesome. I need to up my reference game, it would appear!
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  14. No it's all good. I thought I was doing it wrong is all. It doesn't seem there are major rules as was pointed out.

    I definitely need to up my game the next trial.
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  15. It's up to each person to tackle the trials solo or featuring others. We were originally going to have people sorted into RPG style teams, but we figured that might overcomplicate things, and letting everyone do as they please would be better.
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  16. Loved these stories, and there's no way I can top them! I'll attempt something in the next quest ddddd
  17. @Filippa is traveling in her human form. She can't even remember a time she didn't use her human shape. Right now she earns her money as singer relying on her amazing voice which was often compared with the tempting sound of a siren. She and her partner, whom she had engaged as body-guard to not attract too much attention to her (traveling alone is too dangerous for most women), are invited to the king's castle. The queen wants to hear her sing.

    Suddenly Tatum turns around and moans "Some idiots have disturbed two giants and it doesn't look as if they will survive this. Should we help them?" @Filippa smiles, nods and says "Under one condition. We let them believe that they did it. You know I don't like to draw any attention to me. " She starts to hum. Her humming was aimed directly at the giants, no-one else could hear it. Finally she got the attention of the giants. She sees the smile on their silly faces. She knows it is time to intrude the mind of the creatures. She talks to them softly and the giants pause to listen to a strange voice and ancient words ...

    This moment is enough for the brave group of fighters. Finally the two giants are brought down by stone avalanches, swords and hailstorms of vetoes ...

    @Filippa smiles and she and Tatum continue their journey.
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  18. Same. I may come up with something tomorrow.
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