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PJ00s XVII: The Fantasy Round | Song list up! | Third trial open

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. The replies so far



    Keep them coming everyone! We'll post the second trial on the afternoon/evening of the 13th (in about 40 hours), and you can participate in the first one until then.​
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  2. Characters

    @Untouchable Ace
    A whimsical witch specialised in Divination and Transfiguration, recently graduated from a certain renowned School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.

    A cherry blossom spirit, harbinger of Spring and patron of musicians all over. Aside from her trademark flute, also plays the synthesizer.

    A wise and ancient troll, with a millenium worth of knowledge about the natural world. Very friendly despite being a troll.

    @One Stop Candy Shop

    A candy witch capable of concocting a myriad of confections, each one with giving those who eat them temporary special powers such as flight or underwater breathing.


    A Fizzgig. It's loud and slightly obnoxious, but surprisingly cuddly regardless. Might look relatively harmless but its piercing screams pack a punch.
  3. I feel seen.
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  4. "The Natural World" in PJ00s speech is "Eurodance World" - We STAN!!!
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  5. I’m struggling to find a song. You may need to leave me behind at the starting village.
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  6. A Susumu find is pretty much guaranteed to PASS and a 12 from me, FYI ;)
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  7. Hey, every adventurer needs some help from the people of their starting village. Who else are we going to buy our ten-foot poles and fifty feet of silk rope from, after all?
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  8. I would say staying at the starting village is probably not a good idea given what usually happens to them.

    You still have a whole week to find a song anyway. One thing I find helpful is looking at the "fans also like" sections on Spotify, you often find some great lesser known acts/songs that way that are perfect for song contests.
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  9. That's how I was reminded about Jem and It's Amazing and look at what that lead to. Now it's a PJ00s-certified hit that will never be forgotten. In short...

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  10. Yes, look what that lead to...

  11. The mysterious thief known only as "Madame OQ" knows exactly how to buy a little time. Using her strange affinity with avian creatures, she commands a flock of nearby birds to shit on the giants' three collective heads, before flying directly into their eyes, scaring them. Annalickia is particularly disoriented by the attack, to which Madame OQ spies an opportunity to fell the beast. She telepathically commands her Chocobo sidekick, Ashentek, to distract the Cyclops's attention by furiously pecking at her feet, while she nimbly scales an adjacent cave wall and propels herself from a ledge into the air, landing straight on top of the creature's head. In one clean slice, she lobotomises the creature with her dagger and swiftly swipes its mystical eye, before climbing down its body to a safe landing. Without the Tiny Eye's magical properties, Annalickia's form is frozen in place, turned from flesh and blood back to inanimate stone.

    Froufroulia is a bit shook, but it can still anticipate Madame OQ's next move. It firmly shuts all four of its eyes to avoid being sent into an endless slumber by the Tiny Eye's gaze. Realising this won't be such an easy monster to defeat, the thief devises a plan, and sets in into motion by muttering an incantation. The giant continues to squeeze its eyes shut, even when...Madame OQ begins tickling its feet with one of Ashentek's feathers. "What a fool you are!" it roars, "Do you really think you can best me with a little bit of tickling?". "Who said anything about just a little bit?" Madame OQ calls out from the ground. The giant feels a slight itch on its left shoulder...and its right shoulder, and its back, and its armpits, and eventually every part of its body. "Does this feel like a little bit to you?" dozens of identical voices call out from every direction. In its confusion, Froufroulia opens its eyes to see its body covered with translucent duplicates of Madame OQ, all tickling it with Chocobo feathers. It tries to brush them off with all four of its arms, but every time a copy loses her grip, another one simply appears in its place. "Hey, ugly" a lone voice calls out from above. The creature absentmindedly turns its heads up to see Madame OQ, the original, pointing the Tiny Eye directly at it. All the duplicates vanish into thin air as the beast topples to the ground next to the remains of its friend...and begins to loudly snore.

    Madame OQ scampers down to the cave's floor and offers a hi-5 to her sidekick, who bitterly shakes his head. "Hey, don't be like that. We only had to pluck a few dozen of your feathers, while I had to use up all my MP to pull off that trick". He lets out an irritated squawk, but gingerly returns the hi-5 anyway. Still full of ambition and verve from their encounter, the duo continue into the cave...
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I give each of the giants a crisp $5 bill.
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  14. I can't keep up with the level of these stories so far... I'll try to elaborate something until Saturday
  15. The inscrutable Sphynx is set in place, located near the Oasis of Pharaoh Maki in the land of Upper Egypt, therefore unable to be present with the unfortunate Ancient Egyptian warriors who have decided to enter the cave. Luckily, the power of Sphynx is to watch over the entire world, so the curious warriors know that they will be under the supervision of Sphynx that will advise, and hopefully, guide them through this trial.
    As soon as the furious giants start listing their threats, warriors start throwing golden spears, hoping that either of the giants will be struck in the eye, but with no luck. When they run out of weapons, pregnant Annalickia decides to swallow the warriors, due to her uncontrollable appetite, in orded to defeat them. The scared Egyptian warriors found themselves in Annalickia's stomach, which turns out to be a really cozy and nice place, in comparison to the cave. But before the Egyptians would continue camping in the hungry cyclop's interior, Froufroulia reminds Annalickia that they're both vegetarians, causing her to immediately spit out the warriors. Landing on the cold and wet ground of the cave, they decide to turn themselves to the great Sphynx and ask for advice. The leader of the group uses their newest techology - Scarab X mobile to contact the Sphynx. While dialling is still occuring, which inside the cave is much more difficult (due to the lack of scarab dust to maintain Wi-Fi connection), Froufroulua is intrigued and asks the leader what kind of device is that. The leader of the warriors responses, and starts talking about the Sphynx and its mystical powers. As soon as the giants hear of the Sphynx's inescapable gaze and find oit that they've been watched over for years and years, they develop paranoia-induced anxiety and quickly run back into the cave in utter shame and distress. They thought that no one will ever find out how they assaulted poor citizens of Ancient Egypt, but secretly knew that the justice will prevail one day.
    The kingdom is free of another menaces.

    The modern researchers never found the bodies of two giants (and their babies) that were inscribed in the hieroglyphs near the cave entrance. They mention the possible causes of death to be suicide or accidental poisoning by consuming rare stalactites.
    The only thing they managed to find inside the cave is the mysterious Eye artifact, but still aren't sure if a human being could make something like that, nor depict what was the purpose of it and what powers may it contain. The artifact is currently displayed at the museum of Pharaoh Maki III, near the oasis, which some may know as 'the land of the Sphynx gaze' due to the location of incredibly well preserved Sphynx that has never been mentioned in any of the hieroglyphic scripts during the entire existence Ancient Egyptain kingdom. 'Who knows, that Sphynx may have much more mystery to it than the Eye artifact we've found', reseacher concludes.
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  16. Thank you!!!
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  17. Sorry, guys. I think I have a problem. I told Fizzgig yesterday about this journey and he said he’ll be here to help me. Now I can't find him anywhere! I’m really worried... I don’t know what to do. I was looking everywhere and... Oh, wait! I've just found a letter... but I can’t understand a word, 'cause I don’t speak his language. Hey, there are some photos, too. And... what's this?! "Yoku's Island Express OST - Full Original SoundTrack"? Hmmm... Interesting... Maybe a clue or something? Last night he told me... Oh, wait a minute! I think I know where he might be... He’s probably out with Fakita and Hoohanita. Ooooh Fizzgig, you lucky lad! Love those girls!

    And that letter... Hmmm... Maybe someone can translate it for me:

    "Konimue su tnipila pra si trahotu Oleander ene soratami. Se coutemi bagrovor hreii nimizrogu. Lazer mij kadeo kritptidne Maki, aizer selk qulivra be nidle Filippa. Wewowre htreymli sa poquzetra OspreyQueen ijuzika sta ene gratoverise. Sasaj! Rotrinoma kiw menif xemitral hunu frespa nah merexy. Dreniuvse meti berijeny Ironheade ene CorgiCorgiCorgi somuze ta naiu makrehigute. Dasewrumo kanaluz zapatus Tapanka, adeniumari pro skotihuz dreto so CasuallyCrazed. Hozig miuh gretefto nadgrezu marsis Mina setrizio hrabrotrunbis hefoung za zizi. WoW73 nuzarepo klibin berhosinum merze da brijuboni.
    Adrouhe frekiz grezteris alomane frenbozretium Sprockrooster, celobre nibiru nene za dronfi xylogra htguzuri miru gra livefrommelbs. Herbiuklus sis zunbus? Yeleroz dalebin galebor hra hukisony popknark2, hretasa hutrin mu nawe warariya smu. Prebilmik sedriho kostizun se ene metrilongoza RUNAWAY. Rajhu klertioy mijhilis Vandalain borpesix triniwre graqu swecibru. Kregozu greti nase londonrain htrebi zutpo trehbipluzona aja nabi daba zuki zu.
    Regro zutre brituza sa derboli krimasre ririgagabey klisto fufi prckalica, Fadoplo nistre crebtiumni zguza ene spredatese vremengi dopadnos. Tutokli jeroku zata Labianca, Guzinya ene Tetagrande, hutrenizu gretuki suki tragotinahe fuki. Vrevriskodre hitre nu menri kisolme vregi mewrisa pras do mijevrostiny. Kocolice nes konoo stare prenizuwpo lo kinisareban, kratih kupreni premexpistiy prah ganah. Mana ghisu kopriva drvetri susukate znama za tre. Rezri popdjustinastre sa rezem ribizloku oku na boku.
    Gicaka tra Neverne bebe tamada sudio kih 12 Stone Toddler - Kick Me a Little Bit
    mrevik daseri ogrevinu nastire diase DJHazey, jigortesi grebalonire sa Nadeah - Nobody But You traga bas sesubi. Kreo kihutra drebakre za briz Lucia - Silence weohalmaj talmoz aglinera Elodie Frégé - Pique-nique sur la Lune ene Soha - Mil Pasos wredostacinebi zuma moruzise sa ja na koprivawe Miss Li - Dancing In The Dark zatre maslagrenis lemoranba tredvin mirimraz sa numen Madrugada - Honey Bee, fantarenomu bicivrab exonisite sliutre Olga Cornacchia art vetaruznires draluboma Empty Shoebox, muzikatrestri hugruz mibu lanave onderinaso Lucero. Suspotuzno zanar glevi arentupa Amanda Jenssen akikerbiwe hapiland ATL - MERGES. Dolis subrete Ane Trolle - Honest Wall znaki krizuse wremene dag mrevremu Maria Apetri Fallulah, silviwema gumne La Yegros bresne mio uratra, shazerte Angela Aguilar - La Llorona niute nutsi belen sozimara Sharon Kovacs. Kruna stava Exhibitionist - Hands niele ohce tigstavile slojmun gorplane Saint Lu - Don't Miss Your Own life zorosa asparatnist zojadi Cissie Redgwick - Mister, mister rimbun letavi ruzmas sum snepeche Octavio Mai - Yeux Turquoise mesesusne blema hronofovomu kardfonemy Paparizou - Kati Skoteino. Daba manasionu kada brasa na Rebecca Poole Purdy, anora kana Bel - Down to the Bone vesusama kokrolu mene Faouzia tri na visi obalirena ekomor beketindre Robsolete. 3 Na Massa - Tatui brasiliniko suspa Marisa Monte - Ainda Bem veztrebnode gnarili lupaha graomena Karina Zeviani - Buiu.

    Nebomach dolhermit misi ketlinra Jeffo ene berserkboi trebiosi sa dobosubin. Svakatiren krah gra bralefe standyulaka frimages mana nemi kriolo. Cvrese hulindazi me stokropresy waja hunasun meslua maslinkara cvekli 2014. Zova suni solama baravatrobe jarga dancungiwre belinduzemi trabimko Untouchable Ace rumbygre znah mreze biskenze za tuska zumzum dane jerbor. Neverdinoke kardutre cu nomalida betonim mimi ne marwe WowWowWowWow zaba za zecito cicosmacos parazunika. Cvejana vucsevi mugratobre drenuya motoh habanerkise One Stop Candy Shop, opiuhogro zawreni garahije jelegorunig propilinte gargamarga krata suti bazegra."
    I don’t know what all of this means. Without Fizzgig, I’m doomed. :(
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  18. Me last round when @londonrain ended up beating me to #1 in the last minute.
  19. @Oleander and I are currently preparing the second trial, so keep the stories coming in the meanwhile! Not sure at what time tomorrow it'll be up exactly but we'll let y'all know with a few hours of advance so no-one has to miss out on the first one. The talent on display so far... whew.

    In terms of the main contest, we're still at 0 vetoes somehow, that positivity potion we used on the panel's tea seems to have been effective.

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  20. All the vetoes were used in @londonrain's story. They need time to regenerate.

    As for my story, well, the only thing I've managed to make disappear so far...is my creativity.
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