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PJ00s XVII: The Fantasy Round | We have a winner! | And they all lived happily ever after.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome, witches and wizards, goblins and trolls, summoners and beastmasters, monsters and demons of any variety, to PJ00s XVII: The Fantasy Round.

    From Lord of the Rings to Final Fantasy, from Dungeons & Dragons to Harry Potter, from Magic: The Gathering to Princess Mononoke, from Elder Scrolls to Tales from Earthsea, from Game of Thrones to Cassie's second album, there's a lot of things to draw from here. We
    will, however, not actually going to be focusing on any specific Fantasy works or staples, but rather take a more original approach to genre in general. How? We'll get to that in a moment.

    Now, before we get to what the theme entails, let's get the basics out of the way:

    General rules of the contest to take into consideration when picking your entry:
    • must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009​
    • no UK top 20 hits​
    • no US top 20 hits​
    • no tracks from a US or UK top 10 album​
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs​
    • no relatively famous/chart-successful cover versions of your desired entry (if it's the original version) recorded by a different act​
    • no songs (or covers of songs) that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (semi-finals or finals)​
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 10 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)​
    • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJ00s (list of past entries here), PJSC (see the wiki), or PJOPS (list of entries here; the '00s crossover round list can be found here). Additionally, no entry that has been previously vetoed in PJ00s (in general, these acts will most likely be vetoed again, unless the reason for the veto was that the song was previously entered in a different song contest).​
    • Songs that fail these objective criteria will vetoed by the round hosts. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to our esteemed veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest. The hosts will PM you to let you know if your song has passed or failed veto once the panel renders a verdict.​
    Repeat artists guideline:
    • the same act (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) cannot be entered for FIVE rounds since their last appearance (i.e., a non-winning round 8 act can be reentered no sooner than round 13, and in round 9, non-winning acts from rounds 1-4 are generally eligible again)​
    • for the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent TEN rounds​
    • if the same artist wins TWO rounds of PJ00s in any form (solo artist, group, feature, etc.), that artist is no longer eligible for future PJ00s rounds​

    Please PM your entry to both hosts, @soratami and @Oleander.

    Entry deadline: 18/07 at 11:59PM BST

    Voting deadline: 08/08 23:59 BST

    Now on to the fun stuff...
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  2. Theme part I: Characters

    For this round, everyone will be assigned an original fantasy character, based on or inspired by them. When submitting a song, people are free to say what kind of character they want, and even choose their own artwork, but none of that is mandatory, and the hosts can just pick something instead.

    Just keep in mind, we're going for original characters, not well known, already existing Fantasy characters like Frodo Baggins, Arya Stark or Nadia Oh.

    Here are the first five, this round's hosts and veto panel:

    A graceful Soratami descended from to cloud kingdom to oversee a mysterious human tradition known as a "song contest".

    A mysterious and powerful spellcaster who has studied all magical arts. He uses his powers to aid the forces of good.....when he wants to.

    A seemingly friendly magical boy that becomes overwhelmingly strong and dangerous when angry, so beware.

    An extremely unpredictable and absolutely caustic mage... in more ways than one.

    A powerful phoenix taken human form. Aside from wielding extremely hot fire, it also possesses radioactive powers, and for those able to get close enough, its kiss is said to be poisonous. Those who summon it through a ritual will never be let down.

    @londonrain, @WoW73, @Sprockrooster, @RUNAWAY and @CorgiCorgiCorgi:
    A powerful wizard capable of controlling the weather. Get on his bad side and you might just end up facing a deluge of biblical proportions.

    Amazon by day, diva by night. As capable with a spear as with a microphone, she's serving killer looks, killer vocals, and just literally killer.

    A powerful elf mage hailing from Middle-earth. Any resemblance to a certain pop star is mere coincidence.

    An elusive and agile Kitsune. An expert in stealth and assassination, you won't even notice it being there before it's gone.


    A Corgi Cerberus (or Corgberus). It might appear cute, but you don't want to get it angry, thrice the heads means thrice the biting power.

    @Empty Shoebox, @Maki, @DJHazey, @2014 and @Filippa:
    @Empty Shoebox
    A mysterious illusionist. It is said her tricks can make things (and people) disappear... forever.

    An inscrutable Sphinx who keeps watch over the world. Little is know about it, except that escaping its gaze is impossible.


    A mage, artisan and smith, capable of not only casting powerful magic but also crafting near-invincible weapons and armour with its control of the elements.


    A time mage capable of moving time forward, backward, slowing it down or making it go faster. Has a predilection for the first half of the 2010s.


    A wise and ancient dragon no-one knows if is real or just a myth. It is said to draw its powers and originate from a world long since lost...

    @saviodxl, @OspreyQueen, @Ironheade, @CasuallyCrazed and @livefrommelbs:
    A sentient clockwork owl created by a powerful alchemist. It escaped its master and uses its newfound freedom to explore the world as it pleases.

    An infamous thief known to be the bane of any lord of wealthy merchant. Has a predilection for precious metals and is capable of using birds to do her bidding.


    A powerful barbarian warrior. When not involved in bloody battle, he's actually very musically-inclined. An expert bagpipe player.


    A Luckdragon that can bring good fortune to those it decides to lend its aid to. Only drawn to kind-hearted people.


    A witch with the power to control ice, snow, storms and the ability to freeze anything she touches. Despite what would be expected, actually has a quite warm personality.

    @Untouchable Ace, @popknark2, @WowWowWowWow, @One Stop Candy Shop and @EscapismIsAnotherPrison:

    @Hudweiser, @vague, @əʊæ, @iheartpoptarts and @pop3blow2:

    @Mina, @KamikazeHeart, @unnameable, @Zar-Unity and @Eric:

    @Island, @DominoDancing, @ohnostalgia, @HarryEzra and @Conan:

    @ComeOnGloria and @Remorque:

    And if you thought these characters were just for flavour, then think again...
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  3. Theme part II: Trials

    The point of the characters? This round will also feature six trials. These will consist of fantasy scenarios people will have to tackle/overcome from the perspective of their character. For each of the trials, the one to do so in the most creative/original/funny way will earn an unique Tiny Award. That's right, we brought back that long-lost PJ00s tradition, and have ten one-of-a-kind Tiny Awards to distribute through the round!

    Trials schedule:

    I. Gigantic
    Date: 11/07/19
    Reward: Tiny Eye

    II. Labyrinthine
    Date: 13/07/19
    Reward: Tiny Key

    III. Illusionary
    Date: 18/07/19
    Reward: Tiny Mirror

    IV. Alchemical
    Date: 23/07/19
    Reward: Tiny Vial

    V. Nostalgic
    Date: 10/08/19
    Reward: Tiny Sundial

    VI. Survival - The Final Quest
    Date: 10/08/19
    Reward: Tiny Sword

    This list will be filled as we move through the trials. And if this concept seems confusing to anyone, just wait a couple of days and see what the first trial will be like, we promise they'll be fun though. We considered starting one right on the opening day, but decided it'd be better to give more people time to join the contest first.

    The Tiny Award Winners
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  4. Song list

    Flash Republic - Twister
    Flipsyde - Trumpets
    Blaque - As If
    Kirsty Harkshaw - Just Be Me
    Kate Havnevik - So:Lo
    School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep
    The Moon & The Nightspirit - Rego retjem
    Vedera - Satisfy
    Sinead Quinn - Never Happy
    Alphawezen - Speed of Light
    9 to 5 Musical - Get Out And Stay Out
    Pansy Division - Who Treats You Right?
    Lisa Mitchell - Incomplete Lullaby
    Fast Food Rockers - I'm Not Gonna Tell You Again
    Angela Peel - No More
    Hồ Ngọc Hà feat. Suboi - Xin Hãy Thứ Tha (My Apology)
    I'm From Barcelona - Rec & Play
    Eri Nobuchika - Voice
    Kate Earl - Only In Dreams (Alternate link)
    Sarah Nixey - Nothing On Earth
    Noe Venable - Into The Wild
    Andreea Banica feat. Dony - Samba
    Brooke Fraser - C. S. Lewis Song
    ATC - My Heart Beats Like a Drum
    Waterproof Blonde - Ruthless
    Tess - The Second You Sleep
    alan - Swear
    Koffee Brown - After Party
    Martina Topley-Bird - Anything
    Kelli Ali - Fellow Man
    Tina Bride - Perfect Love
    Mandaryna - Ev'ry Night
    allSTARS - You Got It Bad
    Lisa Loeb - Now I Understand
    Kathleen Edwards - Run
    Silent Nick - Palladio
    Peter Jöback - Higher
    Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight
    Electric Youth & College - A Real Hero
    Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
    Emma Daumas - Tu Seras
    UnkleJam - Love Ya

    Spotify playlist

    Not on Spotify:
    Kirsty Harkshaw - Just Be Me
    Sinead Quinn - Never Happy
    Lisa Mitchell - Incomplete Lullaby

    Eri Nobuchika - Voice
    Kate Earl - Only In Dreams
    alan - Swear
    Mandaryna - Ev'ry Night
    allSTARS - You Got It Bad
    Emma Daumas - Tu Seras

    Voting deadline: 08/08 23:59 BST

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  5. Final Leaderboard
    #1 Kelli Ali - Fellow Man // Maki = 115
    #2 ATC - My Heart Beats Like a Drum // berserkboi = 107
    #3 Kirsty Harkshaw - Just Be Me // Sprockrooster = 103
    #4 Martina Topley-Bird - Anything // 2014 = 100
    #5 Kate Earl - Only In Dreams // Jeffo = 95
    #6 Eri Nobuchika - Voice // vague = 89
    #7 allSTARS - You Got It Bad // Hudweiser = 88
    #8 Blaque - As If // iheartpoptarts = 87
    #9 Kate Havnevik - So:Lo // Oleander = 79
    #10 Electric Youth & College - A Real Hero // Untouchable Ace = 78
    #11 Alphawezen - Speed of Light // Soratami = 74
    #12 Andreea Banica feat. Dony - Samba // DJHazey = 70
    #12 Brooke Fraser - C. S. Lewis Song // livefrommelbs = 70
    #12 Tess - The Second You Sleep // popknark2 = 70
    #15 Flash Republic - Twister // HarryEzra = 67
    #16 Peter Jöback - Higher // KamikazeHeart = 64
    #17 Silent Nick - Palladio // WowWowWowWow = 60
    #17 Mandaryna - Ev'ry Night // saviodxl = 60
    #19 Vedera - Satisfy // Mina = 59
    #19 Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight // CorgiCorgiCorgi = 59
    #21 Noe Venable - Into The Wild // WoW73 = 55
    #22 Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game // EscapismIsAnotherPrison = 52
    #23 Flipsyde - Trumpets // Filippa = 50
    #24 Sinead Quinn - Never Happy // Robsolete = 48
    #25 Waterproof Blonde - Ruthless // pop3blow2 = 45
    #26 Hồ Ngọc Hà feat. Suboi - Xin Hãy Thứ Tha (My Apology) // Empty Shoebox = 44
    #27 Sarah Nixey - Nothing On Earth // Zar-Unity = 42
    #28 Angela Peel - No More // CasuallyCrazed = 40
    #29 Kathleen Edwards - Run // Ohnostalgia = 39
    #29 Tina Bride - Perfect Love // Remorque = 39
    #31 School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep // One Stop Candy Shop = 38
    #31 Koffee Brown - After Party // londonrain = 38
    #33 Fast Food Rockers - I'm Not Gonna Tell You Again // Eric = 35
    #34 Lisa Mitchell - Incomplete Lullaby // əʊæ = 28
    #35 Lisa Loeb - Now I Understand // unnameable = 55/2 = 27.5
    #36 The Moon & The Nightspirit - Rego retjem // Ironheade = 25
    #37 9 to 5 Musical - Get Out And Stay Out // ComeOnGloria = 24
    #38 alan - Swear // RUNAWAY = 23
    #39 Pansy Division - Who Treats You Right? // DominoDancing = 21
    #40 Emma Daumas - Tu Seras // Island = 19
    #41 I'm From Barcelona - Rec & Play // Conan = 13
    #42 UnkleJam - Love Ya // OspreyQueen = 11

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  6. You can post now!
  7. New characters will be posted in batches of five by the way. We should still get one or two more batches later today.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ooooooo I'm excited!
  9. First, a confession: I've never watched any Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or any other major fantasy movie.
    I very rarely watch movies in general, but that's another story.

    So, when I first saw the thread name, I was like 'hmm', but after reading the description, it's seems like such an interesting theme! Can't wait for it to begin.
    Off to submitting!
  10. Glad you like it! We wanted to go with something even people who aren't that familiar with Fantasy stuff can get into. I've actually been wanting to do this theme for ages, I'm glad I finally managed to almost win a round of PJ00s and get to do it.

    I'm looking forward to the trials starting and seeing who'll manage to win the first special Tiny Award. If anyone wants a hint as to how they're going to be like, think mythologically.
  11. [OOC] Am I doing this correctly?
  12. ddd why did I think OOC was a LOONA reference at first. But yes you are.
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Mimi, is that you?
  14. 1) Such an underrated album.
    2) Thanks for reminding me that I haven't finished the Mariah rate dddd.
  15. Also, not me realizing just now that I could have just used the artwork for Dark Magician from Yu-GI-OH since I always used to use spellcaster decks.

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  16. I just can't decide on what to enter this round at all, not even what genre or sound. Not the pressure to mantain my top 5 streak being my downfall

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  17. A me back in the day tea. Don't panic.......or do, maybe that way I can beat you this time.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Honestly, my submission criteria is literally just “stuff I listened to on Pandora 10 years ago.” and it hasn’t been that bad so far.
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