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PJOPS 25 - COMPLETE! Bobbie Gentry victorious

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by invertedbutterfly, Mar 14, 2016.


When would you like the reveal to take place?

Poll closed Apr 11, 2016.
  1. Tonight (Saturday 9th)

    10 vote(s)
  2. Tomorrow (Sunday 10th)

    4 vote(s)
  3. Next Thursday (April 14th)

    1 vote(s)
  1. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    We will!

    And I noticed. They're so quick over there! I will try not to have everything clash too much, but I'm not sure I'll manage that.

    How long do we want as a voting period, by the way? I was thinking of having this climax the weekend of the 9th of April, but would that give people long enough to listen to the songs? We could do the weekend after if not.
  2. I'm fucking ECSTATIC that my song passed veto!
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  3. Ray


    Has my song not been vetoed?! IT'S AN EASTER MIRACLE!!!
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  4. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Right! The song list is up on the first page of this thread (third post down).

    Let me know if I've fucked up any of the YouTube links. Otherwise, happy listening!

    I'll provisionally say that your scores should be in by 11:59pm on Friday 8th April, but as above if that's not long enough we can extend it to the following week.
  5. Yes! My song is in as well! I'll start devouring that list right now.
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I passed!!!
  7. There are some amazing songs on that list!
  8. I'll take this as a compliment...

    As much as I yearn to be reigning Kween over both contests at the same time, a few of these songs are much better than my own entry.
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  9. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    That's how it was intended! I wanted to blame my advanced years, but I forgot that many of the regular participants here also take part there, and it seems do very well in The Other Contest too.
  10. Screaming at @iheartpoptarts' entry (it's obviously hers).

    That's the only one I know though. This could be very good or very bad...
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  11. Ray


    "Menergy" is about art?
    (It's my #1 from the few ones I know, because, let's face it, Patrick Cowley.)
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  12. I know next to none of the entries. This round will either be a voyage of discovery or a painful lesson in other people's taste.
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  13. Isn't it always!
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  14. Well, it looks like the submitter felt "getting up and doing your thing" (as mentioned in the theme description/disclaimer) includes cruising..
    Can't argue with that, I guess!
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  15. Ray


    Aaahhh. Why didn't I send Pet Shop Boys' "Homosexuality" live...
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  16. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I can't actually remember my specific reasoning for letting that one through, but I did say it was going to be an inclusive theme...

    Something something The Art of Seduction...
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  17. One of these was sort of entered before, different artist and different lyrics though. Still an awesome tune, but the version sent waaaaay back at the beginning of PJOPS was better.
  18. Ray


    I just realised my fourth choice was also entered by someone. It feels like I have two songs in! Go me!
  19. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    One of the veto panel noticed this too, and I have to say I am very impressed at you both for your memories / attention to detail / etc.

    I can barely remember what song I won the last round with [insert joke about my advancing years here].

    I was so worried your third choice would be vetoed and then I'd have to tell you that someone had already entered your fourth... There's only so much bad luck one person should have to deal with...
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