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PJOPS 27: no theme, no mercy! Results are in!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Better late than never, it's time for the 27th (!!!) round of the PJ OPS song contest! Not to be confused with the other PJSC, this contest is only for the older songs that never got the acclaim they deserved, the forgotten gems, the hidden masterpieces.

    Ready to play? Just send me a PM with the song you'd like to enter, and if it passes veto, you're in! When you send it to me, make sure to include the song title, the artist, and a working link to the song.

    Once all the songs are posted, you'll PM me your rankings of all the songs, Eurovision-style, with 12 points going to your favorite song.

    Your ballot should look something like this:

    12. your favorite song
    10. your second favorite song
    08. your third favorite song
    07. your fourth favorite song
    06. your fifth favorite song
    05. your sixth favorite song
    04. your seventh favorite song
    03. your eighth favorite song
    02. your ninth favorite song
    01. your tenth favorite song​

    Here's the time frame I have planned, but I can adjust it as needed if anyone wants more time:
    • Submission open from July 28 - August 8
    • Voting open from August 8 - August 26
    • Reveal on Saturday, August 27

    (I copied and pasted these from the last thread, who copied and pasted them from the last thread)

    Only songs released before January 1st 2000 are eligible. Entries will be submitted to the hallowed veto panel, whose job it is to weed out the songs too well-known. Top 10 hits on either side of the Atlantic are very unlikely to pass veto, and Top 20 singles are pretty unlikely too. Similarly, you probably won't get away with entering even an album track from a forum favourite. As such, if in doubt, you can always submit a backup entry.

    I'll inform you if your song doesn't pass veto, and give you time to select something else. Please provide a working link (Youtube or whatever) when you PM your entry to me, as we all need to be able to hear your selection!

    • 2014
    • Baby Clyde
    • CorgiCorgiCorgi
    • Derek
    • Eric Generic
    • HairyCub1969
    • Hudweiser
    • iheartpoptarts
    • invertedbutterfly
    • Ironheade
    • KamikazeHeart
    • Laurence Nope
    • New Flame
    • Posh Spears
    • rawkey
    • Ray
    • Russron
    • Sprockrooster
    • Terminus
    • unnameable
    • Viva Forever
    • Zar-Unity
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  2. Ohohohoooooo, this is going to take some thinking about. Time for a "?!" entry, I feel.
  3. No mercy, you say?

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  4. Pre 2000 randomness coming up
  5. I think I will be entering something, I meant to do so last round but then realized that I probably wouldn't have time for listening since I was going away for week. I've got a few options I'm deciding between...
  6. Thought for a minute, sent something awesome. Looking forward to this as always!
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  7. Ooh, I wanna do this! Need some time to think of a song though.
  8. You've got till August 8!
  9. Yay! Very excited to have another round under way. Now to think of a song...
  10. I have so many songs lined up, I will be ready to pick one that feels least applicable for a theme.
  11. Ray


    I've been stuck on Frankie Goes To Hollywood for a few days but something tells me veto panel might be like "um no".
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  12. I have huge issues with some artists too. What is really the rule about artists if the song is unknown? I do remember The Cardigans going through, so there might be potential for some artists on my list.
  13. Veto panel instructions are coming your way in a PM soon!
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  14. Ooh themeless... let's whip out some Nikka Cos-- Oh. Damn.
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  15. It's always worth a shot! Acts ranging from Kylie to The Supremes and, say, Stevie Nicks are never going to get through, but we don't really veto acts just because they're "well known" per se. Like you said, the likes of The Cardigans and Laura Branigan are probably recognized by everybody, but I usually try to veto based on if it's a song that will have an advantage from being known to most other participants.

    We also bring different perspectives to the veto panel - @Eric Generic has far greater knowledge of how big a song actually was when it charted, meanwhile I'm far more inclined to say something about if the song is still recognizable today.

    It's not an exact science, but I think we've managed to establish a fairly good balance between what goes through and what doesn't. No more letting through UK top five hits - but the occasional obscure song by a fairly known artist can still find its way in.
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  16. For me it is really hard to differentiate between that. Grown up with two music-loving-parents some songs that are album tracks of low-charting albums feel like big global hits. And with wikipedia I have no idea to find out if my chosen song has any longevity or being well-known outside of my life.

    I have entered Booker T Jones which won multiple grammy's without any veto issues at all or call outs in the thread. The same goes with festival darling and underground star Beth Hart. But when entering Dutch artist Mathilde Santing and 'Wonderful Life', which I didnot know was a cover from a band I never heard of before, it created some drama. Also Smith (not to be confused with The Smiths) had little to no chart impact, but got vetoed as it was featured on a lot of soundtracks.

    What I want to say with this is that the current VETO panel works perfectly and have a vast knowledge of the music scene and what is still currently well-known.

    I am covering myself in here also in case anyone wonders why I would enter such a well-known song and get's vetoed relatively often (including the previous round with Lenny Kuhr). Let me try to not get vetoed this time.
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  17. Hmm...should I enter an outrageously well-known song in its original incarnation, as the original sank without trace but the cover was astonishingly massive? Perhaps that's tempting the veto panel far too much.
  18. [​IMG]
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