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  1. It's time for the round where we REPRESENT!

    OK, maybe not quite as brutally as Nas, but this is the round where you choose songs that represent you, or where you're from, or something you identify with.

    See, these guys know what they're talking about.
    What's that, you were hoping for a brexit round featuring songs from EU countries outside the UK? Well, I went back to the other theme I wanted when I realised we were on round 28 and post-brexit there will only be 27 countries so the numerical link wouldn't quite go.

    How loose is the theme? Like all the other great themed rounds, I'm expecting the first few entries to fit the theme and then a stack of last minute entries that take the piss. Still, I can't stop you defying labels like the King of Pop:

    You don't have to spend your life being a colour.

    As ever, send a PRE-2000 entry (yes, even if you're entering Josie and the Pussycats) to me, and I will forward to the veto panel when I remember.
  2. Reserved for rules.

    OK so the rules are same as always...but in case we find a situation not covered by the previous 27 runs of PJOPS, we follow Transvision Vamp's advice from the opening to "Trash City"
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  3. Reserved for a list of entrants, so I can keep track.

    Donna Lewis - Zar-unity
    Mexico 70 - ModeRed
    Bugsy Malone - Baby Clyde
    Lush - Hudweiser, repeatedly
    Os Mutantes - Laurence Nope
    Sunscreem - 2014
    Jody Watley - phoenix123
    Sister 2 Sister -GhettoPrincess
    The Church - Ironheade
    Circle - Russron
    Justyna - Ray
    Lindy Layton - Rawkey
    Plumb - Unnameable
    Skatt Bros - dirtyknees
    Nicole - derek
    T-Spoon - DJHazey
    Zucchero - Sprockrooster
    Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - invertedbutterfly
    Buffy Ford Stewart - Zarjazz
    Alexia - Iheartpoptarts
    The dugites - kamikazeheart
    The psychedelic furs - Eric Generic
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  4. Reserved for cackling over vetoed entries (one of my joys in life)

    Aqua - Happy boys and girls
    Alison Moyet - Stay
    Dubstar - Unchained Monologue
    Van Morrison - In the Garden
    Shara Nelson - Down That Road
    Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
    Irene Cara - Out Here On My Own
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  5. Reserved for the results!
  6. Fantastic. I have send my song! And with my votes I will send why it represents me.
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  7. The song that best represents me was sadly a UK #1 by one of the most famous Nordic pop combos in history. So I will dig deeper and cast my net a little wider.
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  8. Oh. More importantly... Will I continue my streak of being vetoed? I surely hope not because that would be difficult with this theme. But I will start searching just in case.
  9. Illmatic is just so brilliant, isn't it?

    I ought to participate this round!
  10. I don't think there are that many songs that represent Norwich. Time to think about me, then!

    ...See you the day before entries close.
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  12. Oh god yes, I found my song....thanks to a bit of lateral thinking.
  13. Ray


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  14. @iheartpoptarts has been hassling me to enter this from time to time, so I said what the heck and sent something in. Hope it's not vetoed (shouldn't be).
  15. Ray


    The song that represents me best is, unfortunately, going to be vetoed:

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  16. You mean it's not this?

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  17. Ray


    Naah, I'm too modest. Maybe this:

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  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Oooooh I'm going to start researching for this soon!
  19. Yessssssss Hazey!

    My entry might be a bit um obvious but what can I say? It represents me really really really well!
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