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  1. I gave myself a challenge with the 60s...80s would have been too easy/obvious for me. It came down to either Tim Buckley or David Ackles. After playing them off against each other, I felt Ackles was too "heavy" for the OPS. Although I admit Pleasant Street isn't a bundle of laughs, but musically and vocally it has a lighter touch.
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  2. Talk To Me Like The Sea.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Looks like she ws trying to peg out the washing on acid
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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    And finally...

    @Zar-Unity - sent Moose - Play God

    You get...Christina Aguilera!!!


    Top 3 are filled with 90's so 90's is what you are!


    119 Kim Weston - Helpless//Derek

    90 Lone Justice - Shelter//Unnameable
    85 Tim Buckley - Pleasant Street// Eric Generic

    69 Dot Allison - Colour Me//modered
    68 The Paper Dolls - Someday//iheartpoptarts
    67 Pentangle - Light Flight//Russron
    66 Vicious Pink - CCCan't You See//Hairycub1969
    64 The Hues Corporation - There He Is Again//DirtyKnees
    63 Ellie Campbell - So Many Ways//GhettoPrincess
    63 Emma Rede - Just Like A Man//KamikazeHeart
    60 The Saints - Know Your Product//Ironheade
    57 Belinda Metz - What About Me//Hudweiser
    57 Moose - Play God//Zar-Unity
    49 Jessica Folcker - Tell Me What You Like//Ufint
    46 Brenda Russell - Hello People//Laurence Nope
    43 Kenickie - Punka//Invertedbutterfly
    38 Wire - I Am The Fly//rawkey
    37 Thelma Houston - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning// Baby Clyde
    27 Buster - Sunday//2014
    25 Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda - Music Is The Answer// Ray
    Vikki Moss - If I Turn You Away//Terminus *points halved due to results not being posted*
    22 Caston & Majors - I'll Keep My Light In My Window//Zarjazz
    13 Solomon Burke - Love Buys Love//Sprockrooster
  5. Ray


    Yaaaas at #4!!!!!!

    Thank you @2014 – thank you everyone – thank you to my plastic surgeon for insisting on keeping my natural beauty – and goodnight!
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  6. Wow, I actually got 60 points! You know what, I will take it. Cheers for everyone who voted for The Saints! They were more than "I'm Stranded", for certain.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Thank you so much for all taking part and bearing with me for this round I'm knackered now so I'll sort everything else out in the morning.

    Congrats @Derek and thanks again for your contributions guys, I enjoyed it and hope you all did too!
  8. Wow Ackles would have come last but you'd have got my vote. My fave song by him is Down River... definitely HEAVY.
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  11. Congratulations to @Derek, a great winner. Pleased that Lone Justice got 2nd, I don't mind coming behind Maria McKee....in that clip, she is the vision of the kind of woman I thought I'd marry when I was older.

    Never imagined Tim Buckley would get me a 3rd place! Thanks for all the points, and hopefully you'll explore some more of his work!
  12. Sleepily reading @Zar-Unity 's scores (thanks rather a lot, also loved the Moose track) upside down and celebrating a point... or as it really was, 10! Fourth place!! Shocked.

    Kudos @2014 on a fun rundown, and huge congrats to our well deserved winner @Derek
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  13. Ha, cheers Zarj...yes, I felt it would be OPS suicide to go with him. But a great talent.
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  14. Most chuffed Kim won. My fave soul singer of all time.

    If you liked her motown stuff it gts even better later on, if you can find this album.... beg steal or borrow...

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  15. I did a Motown mega-anthology project a few years back, trying to source every UK Motown A-side in chronological order...I'd have to say Kim was my favourite female singer of all the ones on the label.
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  16. Already on it... and Moose, Kim Weston...
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  17. Awwww, you guys, it's my first PJOPS top five! (Barely, but still!) Looks like my 60s treasure hunt paid off! Thanks @Zar-Unity for my last few points, and thank you all!

    Flawless hosting, @2014! Loved the theme, and the reveal was incredibly well-executed!

    And congrats @Derek once again... 'Helpless' has to be one of my fave PJOPS winners to date!
  18. Well done @Derek, thanks to all the kind voters, and commiserations to Eric for the very tight battle for 2nd & 3rd places.

    Secretly happy Kenickie had a last-minute rally after a shockingly poor start. And @Sprockrooster I gave you a couple of points!
  19. Oh wow thanks @Zar-Unity! Yay for top 10. Congrats @Derek, a well deserved win. Also cheers to @2014 for hosting.
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  20. I actually got a hold of the first of those Complete Motowns Singles anthologies, the one covering 1959-1962. Maybe don't try that project, because trust me, you don't want to hear some of that stuff... though by the time Motown had distribution in the UK, maybe it had some actual quality control?
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