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PJOPS 32: from enka to sega - FINISHED! (results on pages 48-71)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 25, 2017.

  1. Flashbacks to that time on Will & Grace when Jack thought actual Cher was somebody dressed up in drag as Cher...
  2. It's a rare pic of when she auditioned for the part of Vultan, Prince of the Birdmen.
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  3. Ray


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  4. Submitted (as of a few hours ago)!

    This totally would've been my pick:

    If it weren't:
    - from 2016
    - a cover/mashup made exclusively for Youtube
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  5. Ray



    Edit: this video looks like an acid trip someone had while playing games on a Commodore Amiga. At the back of my mind I think I'm cringing.
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  6. Sent 4 options and have a feeling they will all be vetoed!
  7. Struggling to think of any beyond the first that came to mind... and that has 'veto me' written all over it...
  8. You guys are all giving the veto panel plenty to do on this one!

    Remember that I don't count backing vocals when looking at the number of leads on a song, so there are a number of tracks by bands and groups that do actually fit this theme. For example, most boy bands have only two or three lead vocalists, and a lot of duets between a band and a solo singer - like, say, the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl - will qualify as well.

    (Please don't submit Fairytale of New York.)
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  9. @NecessaryVoodoo and @constantino - I'd just like to point out that I worked Verona AND Artsvik into a PJOPS opening post...

    ...so please send me something so I have some #MafiadiVerona submissions!
  10. Ray


    Have my submissions been vetoed yet?
  11. No - I'm waiting for responses from the panel (I've heard back from one panellist but not from the other two).
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  13. I've entered and I honestly feel like it's a Top 10 song.
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  14. I absolutely adore the song I am (probably) submitting and really hope it does well, but I have no clue given the wide range of tastes you all seem to be displaying in your submissions.

    Plus I have the Host's Curse to deal with.

    @Booers, please tell me we are going to see another Donna DeLory-style masterpiece from you? A hot dancer in the video is optional... maybe.
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  15. I know I won't be vetoed because I'm convinced the act has like maybe 500 CDs floating around the planet somewhere.

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  16. Ready to be snatched.

    I have no idea how my song will fare. Especially with all these incoming new voters.
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  17. I haven't done this contest in a while, but I'll try.
  18. Definitely looking forward to your entry! (I have faith in your taste.)
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  19. Hoping for 43 contestants, or more, so that my 42nd place in PJOPS1 will no longer be the worst stat.
  20. I'm not really familiar with pre-2000 music except a few big acts, so I won't participate but thanks for the tagging @londonrain x
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