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PJOPS 32: from enka to sega - FINISHED! (results on pages 48-71)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 25, 2017.

  1. Okay we have two! I no longer own that particular feat.
  2. Ray


    Thank you for hosting and several near-heart attacks @londonrain! May your prize be the fact that your song is tied with "Uncle Fucker". A win for both of you!
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  3. @Eric Generic: Don't be too sad. I really love the guy's voice and I'm looking for a song only he sings on! So at least you introduced me to them!
  4. I am also never speaking to that scoundrel @phoenix123 ever again, after he gave fucking Uncle fucking Fucker actual fucking points but not a single fucking point for The fucking Blessing. I fucking ask you, fuckers.
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  5. I smell a fib. You bought Uncle Fucker didn't you?
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  6. OK I'm new to this so have a lot of catching up to do with this thread. As much as I love my entry, I'm quite happy not to win, as I don't really feel I'm 'qualified' enough to host one of these...

    But for y'all who liked my entry, an interesting (well, I think so) story on how I discovered the song, in early 2016... Every January, the Australian music video TV show rage re-air old music shows produced on the station, mainly from the 70s, 80s and 90s (mostly the 80s in recent years). In 2016, they re-aired a 1986 episode of Rock Arena, which focused on the music scene in Russia. Expecting it to be totally boring, I found this scene a highlight:

    and wanted to know what the song was... so asked someone well-versed in Italodisco on another forum if he knew what it was, and thankfully, he did.

    I don't think the 7" version does it justice though; you need to hear the full 12" version to appreciate it fully.

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  7. At least @D.F.P., @Ironheade and @Zar-Unity thought your song was worth including in their top four!

    And it's not every PJOPS entry that gets this kind of compliment:
  8. Ahhh, thanks! Yeah, the only duet on the album is Delta Rain, so I am guessing you will enjoy the rest of their album!
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  10. I forgot about @Zar-Unity 's positive reaction! That must have been last night.
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  11. No I fucking well fucking did not, you fucker!

    (I used to have the film on DVD).
  12. Thanks @londonrain it was hilarious. Loved to be here!
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  13. We never seem to give each other points. It's very strange.
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  14. Obviously the main plus point of this round was @londonrain 's extraordinary hosting and dedication to the cause.
  15. Ray


    Eric: "I guessed which song is Ray's"
    Eric: *does not give any points to aforementioned song*

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  17. Tricks Of The Light was my #11. And I own it several times over on CD, so you can claim a moral victory!
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  18. Amazing job hosting @londonrain. I, like @Sprockrooster, have my doubts that's exactly the order the votes came in but it kept things dramatic for sure. Shame the correct song didn't win though.
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  19. I knew @londonrain would make it exciting, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. This was hosting done like a true pro. A complete thrill and all these teases and records you dug up before the results started. You got me on the edge of my seat several times. I sincerely hope you win again, cause this was stellar.

    Me? I have to go back and really think my next entry more through than I did now.

    Congrats @KamikazeHeart. I didnot vote for you, but I definitely grant you the victory!
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