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PJOPS 37: Decade vs Decade! Winner revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. How is that even possible?! Just had to check how long a deadline I have to get mine in!
  2. 10 songs just fell into place with ease ...which could be interpreted as me not liking the other 23
  3. I'm having serious trouble just cutting the Spotify list down to 10, and I haven't even started on the non-Spotify songs yet. I'm going to hate giving zeroes to some of these songs. I need a larger ballot!
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  4. I also just wanted to get it out of the way - along with PJSC votes - so I can focus on the hosting/spreadsheet hell that is PJ00s.
  5. I just listened through all the songs, very strong and diverse round.

    Sadly, I ended up missing the deadline to submit an entry this time, so I will not be voting on this round.
    But I can tell you that my 12 would have been "Idha - Sorry Sorry". Lovely song and voice!

    Also the Carola song was pretty good, really nice production to her music!
    The Blaque track was a sweet jam, and I found Dove to be pretty original and cool.

    Angelique Kidjo was an artist that I knew about already and Agolo is certainly a jam!
    I really like her pop style set to her native language.
  6. I see what you did there. Get that promo x
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  7. The songs in this round are not that easily accessible as I'm used to ...

    But I have already favourites, hopefully other songs will grow to me!
  8. Not sure but I think all of my picks were from the 80's/ 90's except for 1.
  9. Unless there's something amazing in the non-Spotify tracks, which I've not listened to yet, my 12 is chosen and is an 80s track.
  10. I am very sad this thread keeps finding itself on Page 2! What can we discuss and make sure it is active and in everyone's mind for votes (due in 10 days by my count)?
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  11. Shall we discuss the fact that I have a rate of 1998 R&B albums accepting entries at the moment, featuring the whole of Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Monica’s 1998 albums?

    The extras section features singles by Deborah Cox, Tamia, Aretha Franklin and Mya and includes the song @kermit_the_frog wanted to enter in this round:

    and the song I actually did enter this round but had to withdraw because it would have been just too obvious to have it featured in PJOPS at the same time as my rate:

    (I’m kind of regretting pulling this entry now.)
  12. It's probably just due to the other two contests ending first so most people are focused on them for now.
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  13. The hustlin' Lisa Rinna of our Real Housewives Of PJOPS... @ufint may like a word for stealing his persona!
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  14. 10 days?!!?! Argh... thats about 4 songs a day to listen to, or more likely, 40 songs in two hours on the 28th...
  15. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I shall sit down with a glass of wine and get this done.

    I mean nothing says Happy Birthday like a PJOPS playlist!

    Baby Clyde's votes are in.

    I repeat.....

  17. Well I never....I always thought...


    ...before that would ever happen...
  18. It's a birthday miracle!
  19. We've got 10 sets of votes in! A clear winner is starting to emerge... but will they stay in the lead?
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  20. I feel like the clear winner is pretty obvious this round, despite the high standard overall.

    (It isn't my 12, sadly.)
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