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PJOPS 38: PJOPS All Stars! - Winner Revealed! (Results Start Page 14)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by stevo_1988, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Oh Hello there! It's me - reigning PJOPS champion @stevo_1988 (yes, I was as baffled as you were...)

    Thanks to the success of Swedish band Troll, and all the video production value of a French & Saunders sketch - we are gathered here today, to commence the 38th edition of the PJOPS Song Contest.

    For those who are not in the know...

    PJOPS is basically your chance to champion a forgotten classic, a flop single or an unfathomably unrecognised belter by a lesser known artiste. We all vote Eurovision style, and then someone is crowned the winner and much jubilation ensues.

    The normal PJOPS prerequisites apply:

    - Song must have been released on or before 31st December 1999
    - Song cannot be a UK or a US Top 20 hit (and this includes cover versions, or originals of songs that became bigger hits once covered)
    - Song cannot be a lesser-known hit for a super-famous, or indeed, 'Popjustice' type act.(Gina G or Vengaboys album tracks are as likely to get vetoed as obscure Kylie or Madonna b-sides, so think outside the box)
    - Songs already submitted to a previous PJOPS round will also be discounted.


    In addition to the rules above there is also the theme for this round which is PJOPS All Stars! That's right, I'm bending one of the normal PJOPS rules (clearly I'm drunk with power) and you will need to submit a song by a former PJOPS entrant to give them a 2nd shot at claiming glory. There have been 37 contests so far so there is a rich pool of people to choose from.

    You will be able to find a handy list of previous entries


    Points of clarification:

    - You need to send a different song than the one already submitted previously.
    - It does not need to be an artist that you yourself have submitted before, although for those of you who have been playing a while, you're more than welcome to do that if you want to.
    - I will accept artists in different guises. IE - if you want to submit an entry that is a solo artists, but competed before as part of a band that's fine. Vice Versa, if previously they were submitted as a solo singer but your chosen entry they have become part of a band/duet etc. that's also fine.
    - It would be good if we could steer clear of previous winners, but I'm not going discount if you do send one.

    How do I submit an entry to your complicated song contest malarkey?

    1. Please submit your entry to me via PM.
    2. State the Artist and the Song Title, along with a link to a streaming site that is hosting your entry. (Youtube or Viemo seem to work the best)
    3. If you can, please let me know which previous PJOPS contest your artist is from - as well as any info on if they are in a different guise as outlined above.
    4. Once I have received your entry and has passed my initial checks (coz that worked out soooo well the last time I hosted) I will pass on to the Veto Panel.
    5. If the Veto Panel reject your entry, go back to Step 1 and start again
    6. If the Veto panel confirm your entry, you're in!

    Ok...... so what about voting?

    Once you're in the contest, and the submission window has ended, I will release all of the available entries, and you then have the remaining time until voting closes to send me your Top 10 entries. You award 12, 10 and 8 points to your Top 3, and 7 down to 1 points for the others. Again, this is sent in a PM to me and here's a handy template from PJOPS 37 host, @CorgiCorgiCorgi

    12. your favorite song
    10. your second-favorite song
    08. your third-favorite song
    07. your fourth-favorite song
    06. your fifth-favorite song
    05. your sixth-favorite song
    04. your seventh-favorite song
    03. your eighth-favorite song
    02. your ninth-favorite song
    01. your tenth-favorite song

    While commentary is not mandatory, it is encouraged, to make the vote reveal process a little more bearable.

    Please remember, if you are in the contest and you do not vote within the allotted time-frame, your final score with be cut in half as a penalty.


    I'm just so busy, when on earth will I find time to do this!?

    You are all in luck, as has been previously discussed, we want to give this one a wide berth for a number of reasons, so we're going to have an extended submissions window to allow for this.

    Submissions will close on Monday 14th May 2018 - this is 5 full weeks to think of something to send, should you want to play. For those of you stuck in Veto Panel hell, there will be extra time allocated should you need to consider a new entry.

    All that is left to say, is Good Luck, and don't f*** it up!

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  3. Final Leaderboard:

    1. One More Time - Highland // Filippa = 100
    2. Melissa Manchester - Energy // Jeffo = 97
    3. Pizzicato Five - La Règle Du Jeu // Russron = 95
    =4. Kristine W - Let Me In // WowWowWowWow = 92
    =4. The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love) // saviodxl = 92
    6. Ankie Bagger - People Say It's in the Air // Hudweiser = 80
    7. Emiliana Torrini - Easy // soratami = 78
    =8. Alison Limerick - Time Of Our Lives // 2014 = 74
    =8. Apollonia - Mismatch // GimmeWork = 74
    10. Crush - Luv'd Up // iheartpoptarts = 73
    11. Shola Ama - Still Believe // londonrain = 69
    12. Susanna Hoffs - All I Want // unnameable = 61
    13. Nik Kershaw - Somebody Loves You // Eric Generic = 55
    14. Dalida - Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul // Riiiiiiiii = 54
    =15. Tindersticks feat. Isabella Rossellini - A Marriage Made In Heaven // rawkey = 51
    =15. Icehouse - Don't Believe Anymore // ohnoitisnathan = 51
    =17. The Offspring - Gone Away // CorgiCorgiCorgi = 48
    =17. The Triffids - Bury Me Deep In Love // KamikazeHeart = 48
    =17. Matia Bazar - Sulla Scia // Laurence Nope = 48
    =20. Merril Bainbridge - Under The Water // br0dy = 46
    =20. smile.dk - In The Middle of the Night // stevo_1988 = 46
    22. Adamski's Thing - One of the People // Baby Clyde = 42
    23. Helene Rolles - Ce Train Qui S'en Va // berserkboi = 41
    24. Nan Vernon - No More Lullabyes // Zar-Unity = 36
    25. Shriekback - My Spine is the Bassline // Ironheade = 34
    26. Maria McKee - I'm Gonna Soothe You // invertedbutterfly = 31
    27. Luv' - My Number One // One Stop Candy Shop = 26
    28. Regurgitator - Polyester Girl // Untouchable Ace = 25
    29. Romeo Void - I Mean It // Lego = 20.5
    =30. Pernilla Wahlgren - Kan Någon Hjälpa Mej Att Bli Fri? // Empty Shoebox = 16
    =30. Anouk - Michel // Sprockrooster = 16
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  4. This has really thrown me for a curve ball with my entries! Well done @stevo_1988! I LOVE IT!!!
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  5. But I already did this in the last contest.
  6. I've updated the schedule hub accordingly!

    Any idea when you'll close voting and do the reveals, @stevo_1988? If not, no worries - there's plenty of time!
  7. Also whoever decides to give Susumu Hirasawa or David Charvet a second chance will most likely get points from me (but nobody else!)
  8. Undecided at the mo, it all depends on how my Jet Lag is, and who won Eurovision 2 nights before...
  9. @Mina - come back this round and provide #JusticeForSailorMoon! :D
  10. Oh wow, this might be serendipity for me....just tonight I was thinking I'd really like to enter a song by an act that just happened to appear in the OPS before.
  11. @stevo_1988 - With this particular theme - are acts that were entered in the very previous round (PJOPs 37) still excluded?
  12. If it's Juice Newton, I say let him do it.
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  13. Just Call @stevo_1988 Angel Of The Morning, baby!
  14. I think she's getting all the justice she needs in your round of PJ00s!
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  15. Except for the wonderful songs themselves not being eligible for that round due to either being too old or too new... Hmmmmm
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  16. Interesting theme.

    If I win a round, I was thinking of maybe having the opposite theme - songs by artists who have never been entered into PJOPS before (PFRESH?). I'm happy for someone to steal this if they win and like the theme idea.
  17. My idea if I ever win a round here (fat chance!) is a non-English or a pre-80s round; as English music from the 80s onwards seem to be the most frequent winning trend...
  18. I like it! And I have ideas already...
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Hmm, well, I wasn't expecting that. Let me have a look at the list and see if I can find something Korean brilliant.
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