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PJOPS 45 - Special Ops: A Deep Cut Free For All (Vote by April 25th)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CasuallyCrazed, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. I forgot people always rush their entries. Let me enter on the last day again.
  2. If I can find something, I will. Sadly it can't be Shola Ama.
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  3. Liking your approach!
  4. Funnily enough I only had enough reason to rush once, and marginally beat @KamikazeHeart to Bachelor Girl (his backup still did better than it smh), every other time - there was no chance anyone else would have submitted my pick dddd
  5. I have to rush because my current shortlist is like 4 songs and I need to make them count!
  6. At times I'm quite stunned by the cosmic alignment of two people sitting on the opposite side of this planet, having such a specifically similar thought and doing such a thing as submitting the same song - a song that was in hit only in Australia and Sweden 20 years ago - for a song contest on a forum, only mere minutes apart.

    Life is marvelous.
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  7. Nothing is screaming "submit me" like last time.
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  8. Ah, Helene...


    I already have a replacement for this round, but will it be by the Pointer Sisters?

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  9. I'm pretty sure I know which one was your entry, and all I can say is

  10. Well, in that case, let me panic in advance.
    There are 5 different artists (which are more likely to pass) to choose from now, and all of them have at least two different songs I want to send. Help.

    Question: Can I send my next submission before the veto decision is announced? Actually, I want to exhaust all the sources until something is accepted.
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  11. You can send it now if you want, people sometimes even send a back-up in the original PM.
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  12. My song is either gonna finish top 5 or bottom 5.
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  13. Guess who got vetoed?

    I've submitted this masterpiece knowing it's risky to do so:

    Sublime track, everything comes together here: amazing atmosphere, melody, music, all. I can't get enough of it, that stunning outro can go on for hours and I would't get bored of fit.
    "Northern Star" indeed is a fantastic album.

    Still, my favorite song (actually, tied with "Closer") from the album is "Why":

    I chose to go with "Closer" because of the general appeal (it nearly finished top 20 in the 'Solo Spice' rate).

    A bit of a backstory: I discovered Melanie C during the "2000's Poprock Ladies" rate and the first song I've heard from her was "Goin' Down" and really liked it. Plus, she seemed like an interesting artist, which was enough for me to dive into her full discography. I had no idea she was a part of the Spice Girls, which isn't that surprising, since I've never listened to their music.

    It seemed a bit odd that Melanie C got vetoed, since I had no knowledge of her music since last year and she generally isn't a well-known name, but being a Spice Girl and having a 100+ pages of discussion on this forum is absolutely enough justification for the choice.
  14. Melanie C absolutely is a well-known name! She’s arguably the most successful of the solo Spice Girls and has certainly had the longest solo career. She’s had multiple number one singles in the UK and Northern Star (the album) was a huge seller.
  15. Even my mom knows Melanie C's solo music...
  16. Some veto panel reactions to the Mel C song

  17. To which music do you listen? I'd love to hear a bit from it in PJOPS, PJ00s or PJSC?

    Don't you worry a few contests ahead you will have got the feeling who is too big and with whom you could maybe get away if you are lucky ....
  18. Sorry, but I had no idea she was so popular in the UK and some parts of the Europe. Of course she is the most successful Spice Girl, there's absolutely no doubt about that.
    My wording of 'generally not well-known' is a comparison to the artists that were eligible in the previous 'free for all' round, since they are most definitely more household names than her. Furthermore, Mel C has much more discussion pages, and therefore more popularity on this forum. I guess that's the main reason why Natalie Imbruglia, Blondie, Grace Jones, Gloria Estefan, Dolly Parton, Gloria Gaynor etc. passed the veto, and Melanie C didn't.
  19. It has a lot to do with her being part of the Spice Girls too. Even a song from the least successful album by a solo Spice Girl would likely get vetoed, because they were just too huge and are incredibly popular in the forum still. Of course the fact that Melanie C herself was pretty huge at the start of her career (and also very popular on the forum) doesn't help either.
  20. Well, the list is too long and broad, but I don't listen to many popular artists. I won't say anything more not to spoil my further entries for the contests.

    It's funny that I got vetoed in this particular round, when the rules are relaxed, because there are so many potential submission that would've easily passed veto. I just wanted to go through the gems of the most popular artists which would fit in PJOPS and grab the opportunity while it's there. So I'm going from 'the most well-known' artists, to the less known until something passes.
    Actually, I'm pretty confident in my submissions for the future, 'regular' rounds, since they are all so obscure in their own ways.
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