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PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway) Final Results LIVE !! (and inaccurate)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by mump boy, Mar 13, 2014.

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    That's right folks this round is all about songs from Film and Musicals (any film or musical from anywhere)

    Normal PJOPS rules apply but i'm going to be very strict on the theme.

    Entries HAVE to be featured in a film or a musical. They cannot be tagged on to the end of a soundtrack so

    For example (i'm using suggestions that wouldn't pass veto so as not to spoil anyones entry)

    My Heart Will Go On is in
    Son a Preacher Man isn't, just because is was on the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction !!

    Also don't expect anything clever from me. The only entertainment your going to get is the spectacular fuck up that is probably on the cards !!


    • When submission opens, PM your entry to the contest host. This must be done with the artist and song title, as well as a link to listen to your entry (YouTube, Soundcloud etc)
    • If your entry is vetoed you will be notified by the host and may select a new entry
    • After the submission deadline (a week after it starts), voting will open. You vote using the Eurovision system, which is:

    12 points for your favourite
    10 for your second favourite
    8 for third favourite
    7 for fourth favourite
    6 for fifth favourite
    5 for 6th favourite
    4 for 7th favourite
    3 for 8th favourite
    2 for 9th favourite
    1 for 10th favourite

    And no points for everyone else, including Eric Generic as usual. You may not vote for your own entry.

    • You must not reveal what your entry is until the voting period closes. You may also not discuss your votes until the host has revealed them.
    • Non-voting results in your points being halved for this contest and your disqualification from the next contest.
    • The winner of the contest may host the next round though this is not mandatory and this may be passed to runner(s) up.

    Submissions: Friday 14th March - Monday 24th
    Voting: Monday 24th March- Sun 6th April
    Results: Monday 7th April

    *the song still has to be an Oldie Pre-Shit (prior to January 1 2000) otherwise this would just be the main contest and that would be crazy.

    Thanks to Pheonix for letting me steal half his intro

    I've probably made lots of mistakes please let me know if you have any queries
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  3. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)


    Auntie Beryl Passed
    Baby Clyde: Pending
    BML: Passed
    Chanex: Passed
    Eric Generic: Passed
    Hudweiser: Passed
    imaduck: Pending
    Inverted Butterfly: Passed
    James Jupiter: Passed
    KamikazeHeart: Passed
    Kermit_The_Frog: Passed
    Keifer3194: Passed
    Laurence Nope: Passed
    Malestrom: Passed
    Mump Boy:
    Omar God: Passed
    Pheonix 123: Passed
    Pye: Passed
    Sophia Sophia: Passed
    Toto: Passed
    Vikeyeol: Passed
    Viva La Bextor: Passed
    Wowx3: Passed
    Zarjazz: Passed
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  4. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    PJOPS is here again!

    Mump, does it have to be from a Hollywood film or a Broadway musical? or can you have any film or musical music?
  5. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Fucking hurrah! Nice one mump. And whilst this isn't a theme that suits me, it's not as if I can do any worse. It's going to be interesting.
  6. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Any film or musical

    I'll clarify that in the intro
  7. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    View attachment 1258
    We're open for entries folks
  8. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    I'm strangely looking forward to this a lot, because I didnt realise how many ace soundtrack tunes there are in my collection!
  9. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

  10. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Perfect! I've been meaning to submit my song for a long time even without a musicals theme, so y'all can be assured it's going to be top-notch.

    ...Oh but does that composite picture above mean that the ole "no famous hits allowed" rule is in fact not in effect this time?
  11. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Thanks Mump!

    Also, I wasn't quite sure what this meant either "They cannot be tagged on to the end of a soundtrack" do you mean the song has to be original to the film? ie no songs that weren't originally recorded for a film? (sorry for being thick!)
  12. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    I'm guessing it means any song either especially written/recorded for a film/musical/show, or one that is mainly associated with it, and not just an old hit that was given a leg-up by featuring on a soundtrack or one of those "jukebox" musicals.....

    I'm also guessing that the track has to be fairly obscure, even if the film/musical/show itself might be well known.
  13. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    So any song that's been in a film or musical is ok as long as it's not too famous and wasn't just in there to sell records... ok, I think I've got it!
  14. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    And just to clarify, it can only be the original incarnation of the song? i.e. in bizarro land where "Stayin' Alive" would pass veto, you only intend to accept the Bee Gees version and not the Tiny Tim cover?
  15. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Holy crap I've never heard this before! I need to buy Chameleon NOW!
  16. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    We'll discuss this with veto panel but just because something is from a well known musical/film doesn't mean it's a well known song.

    I wouldn't expect anything from Grease or Sound of Music to get through

    Really i'm taking my queue from shouting at the screen every year X factor has a soundtrack week and people just choose any old radom song and them do a google search in the hope that it was once on a soundtrack or featured in 5 seconds of a film

    For example

    [TABLE="class: wikitable plainrowheaders, width: 1"]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: center"]Act[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: center"]Order[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: center"]Song[SUP][53][/SUP][/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: center"]Film[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: center"]Result[SUP][37][/SUP][/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Stacey Solomon[/TH]
    [TD]"Son of a Preacher Man"[/TD]
    [TD]Pulp Fiction[/TD]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Olly Murs[/TH]
    [TD]"Twist and Shout"[/TD]
    [TD]Ferris Bueller's Day Off[/TD]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Lloyd Daniels[/TH]
    [TD]"Stand by Me" / "Beautiful Girls"[/TD]
    [TD]Stand by Me[/TD]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Jamie Archer[/TH]
    [TR="bgcolor: #ADD8E6"]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Lucie Jones[/TH]
    [TD]"This Is Me"[/TD]
    [TD]Camp Rock[/TD]
    [TD]Bottom two[/TD]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Danyl Johnson[/TH]
    [TD]"Purple Rain"[/TD]
    [TD]Purple Rain[/TD]
    [TR="bgcolor: #ADD8E6"]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]John & Edward[/TH]
    [TD]Bottom two[/TD]
    [TH="bgcolor: #F2F2F2, align: left"]Joe McElderry[/TH]
    [TD]"Circle of Life"[/TD]
    [TD]The Lion King[/TD]
    Son of a Preacher Man]
    Stand by Me
    Twist and Shout

    are NOT songs FROM films, they are hit songs that have been featured in films or on film soundtracks at a later date

    Ghostbusers on the other hand is most definitely from a film.

    It film doesn't have to be a musical and the song doesn't have to have been performed in the film but it must be exclusively associated with it

    My Heart Will Go On
    That Faith Hill one
    Saturday Night Fever
    Madonna from Dick Tracy
    U2 from Batman
    Prince from Batman
    Jamiraquie Deeper Underground

    All songs that would qualify if they weren't so famous
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  17. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)


    not sure about this, i don't mind covers if it is obvious it was originally from a film

    I'll discuss with veto panel and get back to you
  18. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    Eek i've already got entries

    I just want to remind everyone that, as always all PJOPS entries have to be from before the year 2000
  19. Re: PJOPS IX: Hooray For Hollywood (and Broadway)

    It's all good to me one way or the other, and personally I'm on board with it needing to be the original version. I'm just curious because a lot of the songs from movies from the (for example) 40s and 50s etc have been covered multiple times over the years, just wanted to be sure.
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