PJOPS Retrochart w/e 07/06/80

#3 (2) Messages Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 504

Peak: #2 Weeks charted: 6

#26 (26)
@Eric Generic #2 (3)
@Hairycub1969 #7 (16)

@Ironheade #22 (24)
@nnnumb #6 (4)
@phoenix123 #25 (29)
@Russron #40 (40)
Chartfile Commetary W/e 7th June 1980:

First The Beat failed, then OMD and this week Gary Numan fails by one point to topple The Cure's "A Forest" from the top of the Retrochart. It's becoming one of the biggest hits of the year so far. Hopefully at the half year (end of June) @phoenix123 will compile a year to date "Best scorers" chart!

This week's top 3 have less then 10 points between them, so next week's chart will be very interesting - as OMD are still climbing in a number of regions, whereas Gary Numan is currently number one in two regions - can he hold on?

With Gary Numan climbing to number two this week: OMD (3), The Beat (4) and Roxy Music (5) all drop one place as does Kate Bush (7) and Squeeze drop three places to number 10
Climbers inside the top ten are Jona Lewie (6) and Siouxsie and the Banshees who shoot up from 47 to number 8 with "Christine" and finally Peter Gabriel gets his second top ten of the year with "No self control" climbing up from 12 to 9 this week.
I was tempted to post a weekly cumulative top 20, I think I did for a few weeks but then thought it might be nice to hold back on a few stats until year end and mid year, so keep a look out for a top 40 of the year so far in a few weeks!