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PJOPS (song contest) 36: We have a winner - congrats Corgix3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by invertedbutterfly, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. I have passed veto. Be prepared.

  2. I've decided my scores this round will not soley be based upon my love or loathing of a song, but also the inherent story being told. Be warned...

    Of course I need to submit one myself first.
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  3. Ray


  4. My first thought was the Sundays original version but album sold too well... annoyingly
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  5. This is how I got acquainted with Tin Tin Out. BOP!

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  6. Thought of the perfect entry then realized its from 2000. Annoyed!
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  7. Ray


    PJ00s is waiting for it!
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  8. Been there... several times actually hehe
  9. I wouldn’t worry. That didn’t stop Eiffel 65 from passing veto...
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  10. I think I'm giving up actually, this theme is a lil' too restricting for my ultra mainstream tastes haha.

    Best of luck everyone!
  11. As I mentioned earlier, just enter any random Sega track and pass! :)
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  12. Paging @IceflamePhoenix... pre-2000 Mauritian bops needed!
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  13. The only Sega I know is Bob...and his daughter Shea.
  14. I think you may be mistaking Sega for @Seger...
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  15. Speaking of Shea... we miss you in PJ00s, Eric...
  16. I've kept a folder of possible songs from that decade, so if a round comes at a good time for me, you'll see me back!
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  17. Ha! Either that or let's enter Blame Canada!
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  18. I can't wait for everyone to be wowed by the depth of my song's story xx
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  19. Is it this one?


  20. Honestly, getting Mauritian music outside of Mauritius is pretty much impossible. There's the Soul Sok Séga compilation, but that's pretty much it!
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