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PJOPS (song contest) 36: We have a winner - congrats Corgix3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by invertedbutterfly, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Finalising my ballot.

    For possibly the first time, my top five are all more or less interchangeable in my rankings and I kind of want them all to win.

    (I’ve never had one of my top five win before, though, so let’s hope I haven’t cursed them.)
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  2. In unrelated news, this is what the studio version of the David Charvet song sounds like (without the screaming fans):

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  3. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Eight sets of votes in, so please take this as your...


    Please vote in a timely fashion. I thank you.
  4. @CatastropheBoy
    @Baby Clyde

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  5. Unrelated? So mr Baywatch isn't one of your five? @londonrain isn't as thirsty as I thought all of a sudden!
  6. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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  8. Hey, would ya keep that noise down, please?

  9. I haven't started this one yet, because I have had other scores to do for other contests, but here's another in Songs I Didn't Submit.

    Here is 'Den Stora Dagen', which was a number one smash hit in 1982:

    This tells the story of an old woman who feels abandoned by her family and is becoming isolated.
    Why didn't I submit it? It's dansband. Even I don't like dansband. Also, male vocals and non-english language.
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  10. I voted! I'm in love with my top 3 and I really hope one of them wins.
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  11. Ray


    I forgot what I submitted and I'm too lazy to check.

    I'll find out when I get to voting at 10pm on the 17th.
  12. Damn, I just thought of another song I could have entered which is probably better than the one I did.
  13. Just tell yourself it would have been VETOed and you'll feel better!
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  14. If only. I have never run into an issue with veto yet, and know that the two alternative submissions from this round would NOT have been vetoed.
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  15. You might be surprised, I was so sure my VETOed entry would make it but it wasn't so!
  16. Finished PJ00s so I'll be doing this next!
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  17. Still ten days to go... that's an eternity left for me to vote in. Have had a cursory listen to some though, a few interesting choices
  18. Is there a list of the vetoed songs of this round?
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  19. Ray


    Thank you for this compl–

    hmm is it though.

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  20. Somehow I just knew I would regret clicking on the Tiggy track.
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