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PJOPS (song contest) 36: We have a winner - congrats Corgix3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by invertedbutterfly, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. When I first saw that in the list I thought, “Twiggy had a song?!”
  2. It's not even Harry and Wills' former Royal nanny.
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  3. According to Wikipedia, she's actually released nine albums and won two Golden Globes for one of the films she starred in.

  4. This round is very atmospheric, since it is about storytelling and it is quite pleasant to listen to. Only a couple more songs to give a proper chance to and my vote should be in over the weekend!
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  5. I've suddenly realised that, for the first time ever, I may have voted for @Eric Generic.

  6. Ray


    I NEVER know what Eric sent. And he always knows what I sent. And then hardly ever gives me points.
  7. I never know what he sent either, but I think I may finally have guessed his entry this round.

    (If the song in question isn't his entry, it's definitely his 12.)

    I may also have given you points, but I'm less certain of that.
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  8. How does anyone ever know who sends what? I have no idea.

    I noticed lately that I'm voting for a lot of the same people though. May revisit my scores to see who get my points the most...
  9. I am also pretty much always clueless. Sometimes I can figure it out due to the artist and knowing that someone stans that artist. But upon hearing it I cannot see who is who.
  10. Shall we play a game of guessing who sent what or wait til closer to deadline? If the latter, let's take to PJ00!
  11. That's because your entries are always my 11th favourite. It must be a skill of yours.
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  12. Ah, but have you been giving him honourable mentions?
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  13. Ray



  14. I think that's a rather personal question to be asking on a public forum.
  15. Not after all the things @Hudweiser and I have shared in the PJOPS threads over the last few months...
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  16. I rated all of the songs in this round out of 10, for the first time, to help me decide. But I only submitted my 12 to 1.
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  17. Make sure to include the points out of 10 to @invertedbutterfly and maybe it will all be revealed with the results :)
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  18. [​IMG]
    Some cats have standards, y'know.
  19. You know that song you really like? I sent that one.
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  20. Today I dived
    into a wonderful world of lush, sentimental story-telling, full of
    different types of musical styles and influences, and then by the theme's end,

    I was further delighted for what felt like a proper fitting end to this brilliant theme..

    I was inspired, and I was reminded of several artists that I love who have similar
    songwriting and musical styles, as well as moving voices..

    By the time I had narrowed down my top ten, I still had over ten songs left to listen to!
    It ended nasty with three good story telling songs fighting for that last spot in my top ten..

    The other two, sad to see you go, but it's been fun.

    This theme and round turned out to be a lot more entertaining and rewarding than I thought it would be!

    I'm now sitting on three special new artist discoveries, thanks to you music lovers of PJOPS!
    One of which, my 12 pointer, will probably be checking out real soon.

    Thank you @invertedbutterfly for the brilliant theme and all who submitted songs this round to help make PJOPS 36 something really special! You've undoubtedly made me excited for the next round.
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