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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. So now what?
  2. So now what?




    to know the next theme.
  3. (I'm all for instrumentals! "You know how to whistle. Just put your lips together and blow.")
  4. It must be starting soon right? Here for any theme except 'jazz odyssey'.
  5. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    C'mon! What if everybody entered such catchy MTV favourites and Billboard Top Ten hits as Us3's "Cantaloop": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwBjhBL9G6U
  6. Pye


    I'm not sure how I feel about a instrumental round, I think I would struggle finding something that most people didn't already know.

    It will be interesting to see what theme is chosen..... I'd quite like a wintery theme.
  7. I really quite like the idea of an instrumentals round too. Could be interesting...

    Have we any idea when the next round is though?
  8. PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get with it, man..........
  9. Sorry to be tardy. This week has been far too busy. I think I may have taken on too much work recently and it's only gonna get busier so I may have to politely decline hosting duties and hand over to someone who has the time to put on a fabulous show! I wanted to host for so long - BAD TIMING.

    As for themes, my preference would be something wintery or Christmassy if not this time then in December. Not sure about instrumentals!
  10. In that case... prepare yourself A&E!
  11. I've PM'd A&E.

    I think NecessaryVoodoo did such a good job I felt I couldn't possibly match it in the limited time I had! I'm gutted.

    Damn my workaholic tendencies.
  12. Karma for choosing Primitives' top 5 smash, hehe.
  13. Let's not go over this again! It wasn't vetoed.

    Olivia Newton John
    Boy George
    Sinead O'Connor

    …..just saying'…..
  14. I'm not bitter. Haha.
  15. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    I always thought it wasn't about 'matching' any previous job but just to provide a well-appreciated service, by any means available at the time? I know I'm equally grateful to all hosts for just keeping the wheels turning. All the trimmings are just a nice bonus which I don't dare expect every time.
  16. This is true but I know what I'm like and I would just get bogged down trying to make it OMG!!1!!AMAZING!?!.1,
  17. Pye


    That was my thinking too. It would hopefully give people inspiration for those all important winter festivites
  18. I DARE you to go with a Christmas theme. I have the winner here just waiting to be submitted.
  19. I'm down with Xmas or instrumental…just bring it on already! I need to constantly be involved in a PJ song contest like water at this point hehe.
  20. If we do Christmas (Whixh I would thoroughly approve of) sure that should be be next month. Although is the timescale all cocked up now? B
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