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  1. The Popjustice Oldies Pre-Shit Song Contest - Round 2

    The prize for my [clearly superior] choice winning the first contest is, in true Eurovis. fashion, to host the sophomore contest.

    As before, submissions will be dragged before the Veto-Massiv, which consists of: Eric Generic, phoenix123, Baby Clyde, and KamikazeHeart.

    This round's theme will conform only to the pre-year-2000 rule once more, and is Cover Versions.

    Don't meltdown just yet, the song being covered can be well known (although please try to avoid huge hits), but the version submitted for the contest must be a relative unknown, flop, or what have you, and can include a track that interpolates another... If this proves too problematic, there are plenty of backup themes we can defer to.

    Let's start the song submissions from this Friday (the 16th) for a week-and-a-day (because I'm off to FrightFest until Saturday the 24th - whoop!). Please send your choices to me so I can disguise them and forward them on to the VetoMassiv.

    Now channel The Hunger Games. Go. Run. Be free. Choose your weapons.

    Submission Statuses:

    NecessaryVoodoo [approved]
    WowWowWowWow [approved]
    Bleu Noir [approved]
    Eric Generic [approved]
    Zarjazz [approved]
    JamesJupiter [approved]
    ops [approved]
    soratami [approved]
    phoenix123 [approved]
    chanex [approved]
    Pye [approved]
    hudweiser [approved]
    fistcity [approved]
    lauc05 [approved]
    imaduck [approved]
    Omar God [approved]
    BML [approved]
    KamikazeHeart [approved]
    gezza76 [approved]
    SophiaSophia [approved]
    Keifer3194 [approved]
    nnnumb [approved]
    mump boy [approved]
    A&E [approved]
    vikeyeol [approved]
    Charley [approved]
    Auntie Beryl [approved]
    Laurence Nope [approved]
    Dennis [approved]
    Malestrom [approved]
    unnameable [approved]
    invertedbutterfly2 [approved]
    Baby Clyde [approved]
    kermit_the_frog [approved]
    popknark2 [approved]

    Shola Ama - Someday I'll Find You - kermit_the_frog
    Blue Zone - Jackie - Pye
    Coldcut - Autumn Leaves - Dennis
    Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows - Omar God
    Curiosity - Hang On in There Baby - phoenix123
    Alana Davis - 32 Flavors - JamesJupiter
    Dinosaur Jr - Just Like Heaven - ops
    Dubstar - St Swithen's Day - gezza76
    Eruption - One Way Ticket - WowWowWowWow
    Flying Lizards - Money - Kiefer3194
    Laila France - The Sensations of Orgasm - nnnumb
    Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle - Vikeyeol
    Gerideau - Masquerade - mump boy
    Susanna Hoffs - Unconditional Love - unnameable
    Inga - Do I Have To? - Eric Generic
    Charlotte Leslie - Les Filles C'est Fait (Pour Faire L'amour) - Malestrom
    Lio - Amoreux Soiltaires - Laurence Nope
    Melissa Manchester - Bad Weather - lauc05
    Reba McEntire - Fancy - fistcity
    Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly - chanex
    Mandy Moore - Let Me Be the One - BML
    Liza Minnelli - Tonight is Forever - Bleu Noir
    Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts - imaduck
    Olivia Newton-John - Take Me Home Country Roads - soratami
    One More Time - Living in a Dream - popknark2
    Tony Orlando & Dawn - Runaway/Happy Together - hudweiser
    Rollergirl - Love U More - Charley
    Spill - Don't Wanna Know 'Bout Evil - A&E
    Elaine Stritch - I'm Still Here - Baby Clyde
    This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren - NecessaryVoodoo
    Transvision Vamp - Tell That Girl to Shut Up - SophiaSophia
    Scott Walker - Jackie - KamikazeHeart
    Williams Fairey Brass Band - What Time is Love - Auntie Beryl
    Faye Wong - Random Thoughts - invertedbutterfly2
    Timi Yuro - Make the World Go Away - Zarjazz

    **VOTES IN BY SEPTEMBER 8TH (or there'll be a 10 day wait!)**
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  2. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

  3. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    The theme may seem a bit daunting at first, but just have a browse through your favorite artists' discography. I'm sure you'll find plenty of covers that fits the bill.
  4. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I love it!

    Should we indicate the song that is being covered when we submit? I was thinking it might make the veto panel's job easier to verify things but you never know.
  5. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    How about an interpolation? Chorus is a from a famous song, but the verses are original.
  6. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I have an awkward song in mind as well. Or had, it's probably too 'famous'. I hope this won't lead to headaches for hudweiser!
  7. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    Oh, around which date will you need our votes? I may need to skip this one if it's around the time I'm off on my holidays.
  8. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    How exciting

    One song comes instantly to mind but i'm going to keep thinking until Fri
  9. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    Oh i just thought of another one !!

    I'm a bit confused on how we vote on this one, are we just voting for the best song as normal or are we judging it as a cover against the original. If we're just judging the song we may as well just enter the original !! Do the covers have to be significantly different ??
  10. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    You give 12 points to the best song in the contest. Or at least your favorite song.

    The correlation between the original and the cover is of little to no importance here: the theme is just a way to find a common ground for all songs entered, and in a sense it's also to force people to not just submit any favorite song of theirs. We're quite pedagogic like that - we want people to do just a little bit of research.
  11. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I have a holiday approaching too so will do my/our best to accommodate. No third reich rules in the PJOPS contest!
  12. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    As much as it pains me to, I think I'm out this time. I despise cover versions at the best of time, and can think of 0 songs I would want to enter. And would want to listen to 40 even less!

    Unless I get a brainwave, I'll wait until next time.

    *I'm going to go through my old cassettes and see if anything rears it's head*
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  13. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I, on the other hand, was considering sitting this round out. But a covers contest is something I've wanted all along, so I definitely want to do this!
  14. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    Oh shut it ducky of course you're playing.

    Everyone has at least 100 possibilities in their iTunes and you have 10 days to enter.

    Remember peeps that big name artists or very well known songs will still be vetoed.

    Off the top of my head the following would not be allowed.

    Madonna - Fever (Both song and artist too well known)

    Bananarama - Nathan Jones (Although a Supremes cover song would be fine. Artist would be vetoed)

    Chantay Savage - I Will Survive (Artist would pass. Song would be vetoed).

    Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You (Too big a hit)

    Will need to try and find a happy medium between the two.

    We will still be quite lenient.

    I'm pretty certain that is right if anyone from Veto Panel was thinking differently then let's email to discuss and maybe come back with definitive interpretation asap.

    Only took me about 5 mins to come up with 4 potential entries.
  15. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    That would be helpful.
  16. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I think interpolations are a nice interpretation of the rules but if song is too famous it will be vetoed as usual.
  17. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    This is still, like, hard. For me anyway. I will probably end up picking a song that I never even realised was a cover. At least you've made it clear I shouldn't try to be clever and pick Only Love Will Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne. (Never heard the original and have less than zero interest to.)
  18. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    I like the idea of including interpolations... There's a song I'm dying to enter to one of these but it's too new and only a sample rather than a significant chunk of the original song.
  19. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    There's one song that I would have KILLED to enter, but the artist was entered last round. Guess it'll have to wait a couple of months...
  20. Re: PJOPS Song Contest - Round 2 (Submissions [almost] Open)

    This is a great theme, well chosen Hudweiser!

    So many choices though! arrgh
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