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  1. I dunno about you.....

    But I'm feeling 22.......



    Yes it's the twenty-second edition of PJOPS, and the theme this round is Anything Goes (#BUYCHEEKTOCHEEKONITUNES)

    i.e. there is no theme, submit whatever song you want, as long as it is relatively obscure, and not released after December 31st 1999.

    Send your entry to me in a PM.

    Once you have your choice, it will then be sent to a group of top secret gays, huddled in a top secret skyshack filled with obscure female disco records and a collection of full-length albums from 90s no-hit wonders. They will then determine your song's fate.

    Once the song list is posted, everyone will vote Eurovision style on the ten records they find least-flop.

    I don't exactly have dates worked out for most of this, and since PJOPS is a bit looser than PJSC, let's just say submission will be open until next Saturday or Sunday, and we'll work the rest out from there.

    OKAY NOW GO!!!!

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  2. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Poor Eric. #straighterasureofpopjustice

    (Why have I started hash-tagging in posts? What have I become?).
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  3. Sorry Eric. I just assume everybody on this forum is a gay man until otherwise proven.
  4. You may be right.

    I don't remember you visiting my bedroom???
  5. Trust me it's not that black and white...

    I've got about twenty songs I've had on hold waiting for a theme to fit them into. Now what to submit?
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  6. Haha, no worries....it's not obvious (other than when I'm talking about my girlfriend, which I try not to do too much!)....
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  7. Amazing.

    Have just submitted a UK #86 smash. Hoping it won't be vetoed for its higher placement on the US AC chart.
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Ooooooh how exciting!!
  9. Yes!! Let's get it on with. Now I have to find a song. Cannot wait to delve into my discography
  10. Eric MUST prove his heterosexuality.
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  11. Right. Time to go crazy, I think.
  12. What a coincidence, that's what i thought too... Well, we'll see who out-crazies whom, grr. The gloves are off!
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  13. Ray


    Just call her Henry to clarify things and everybody will be happy.

    @Russron love your avatar and nickname. If your taste is as good, you can move in with me.
  14. Pretty sure that's my fave Taylor song!

    No wonder I don't win any song contests...
  15. Eh, I've entered now and I'm pretty sure I've lost that battle. But whatever, it's off one of my favourite records of all time and I am SO PUMPED to share it with PJ.

    Meanwhile, I was originally considering entering this.

  16. Ray


    I wanted to enter this, but it's too new.

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  17. BML


    I heard this song the other day and I immediately thought of you oldies. I'm tempted to see if it'll pass veto.
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  18. Well, you can always ask MrDexB who seems to mostly give me minus points or top points but not much in between, haha. (So yes, I can be unlistenable too.)
  19. Oh nooo, so you chickened out then?
    (Cryptopsy would've guaranteed some big points from me, mind.)
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