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    Yes I'm hosting an open round. Why break the habit?

    Submissions open NOW.

    This is the Twelfth PopJustice Oldies Pre-Shit (PJOPS) Contest.


    • When submission opens, PM your entry to the contest host. This must be done with the artist and song title (and preferably year), as well as a link to listen to your entry (YouTube, Soundcloud etc)
    Please provide a short précis regarding you artist/track when you submit (especially if the artist is particularly obscure). If you do not provide one I will do my best to google them and provide one myself (this was rather difficult last time with some of the very obscure acts)
    • If your entry is vetoed you will be notified by the host and may select a new entry
    • After the submission deadline (a week after it starts), voting will open. You vote using the Eurovision system, which is:

    12 points for me obviously
    10 for your second favourite
    8 for third favourite
    7 for fourth favourite
    6 for fifth favourite
    5 for 6th favourite
    4 for 7th favourite
    3 for 8th favourite
    2 for 9th favourite
    1 for 10th favourite

    And no points for everyone else, including Eric Generic as usual. You may not vote for your own entry.

    • You must not reveal what your entry is until the voting period closes. You may also not discuss your votes until the host has revealed them.
    • Non-voting results in your points being halved for this contest and your disqualification from the next contest.
    • The winner of the contest may host the next round though this is not mandatory and this may be passed to runner(s) up.

    Submission open: Tuesday 8 July
    Submission closes: Sunday 13 July at midnight GMT (reveal thereafter)
    Voting closes: Sunday 27 July at midnight GMT
    Reveal: Monday 28 July at 9pm

    The song still has to be an Oldie Pre-Shit (prior to January 1 2000) otherwise this would just be the main Popjustice Song Contest and that would be crazy.

    To review entries and stats from previous contests please take a look at the PJOPS Vault.

    The veto panel is:
    Baby Clyde
    Eric Generic

    Any attempts to bribe veto panellists or otherwise rig the contest will be met with universal popjustice derision.
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  2. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)


    139 Raisin Hell / Rita & The Tiaras Gone With The Wind Is My love
    138 mump boy / Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me
    90 NecessaryVoodoo / Q Lazzarus Goodbye Horses
    81 Laurence Nope / Pizzicato Five Baby Love Child
    74 KamikazeHeart / Weeping Willows Broken Promise Land
    73 Hudweiser / Cindy Valentine Pick Up The Pieces (To My Heart)
    71 WowWowWowWow / Joan Armatrading The Weakness In Me
    69 nnnumb / Indochine Punishment Park
    68 iheartpoptarts / 9.9 I Like The Way You Dance (Dance Version)
    66 Hairycub1969 / David Bryne / Brian Eno The Carrier
    63 Russron / Chico Buarque Construcao
    59 VivaLaBextor / Wax Right Between The Eyes
    57 fistcity / New Coon Creek Girls Ain't Gonna Let Nobody
    57 strangekin / Jun Togawa Radar Man
    56 James Jupiter / Divinyls Pleasure & Pain
    52 invertedbutterfly / Amanda Marshall Let It Rain
    49 Auntie Beryl / Electribe 101 You're Walking
    49 chanex / Sweet Sensation Hooked On You
    47 Baby Clyde / Anita O'Day Johnny One Note
    42 SophiaSophia / Tin Star Head
    42 BML / Allure ft. Nas Head Over Heels
    40 Omar God / Steeleye Span Drink Down The Moon
    31 Pye / People Like Us Midnight Lover (Remix)
    30 2014 / Alison Limerick Getting It Right
    25 Eric Generic / Thompson Twins Bush Baby
    24 Jersey / Reina Find Another Woman
    19 totto / Postmen ft Dignity Renaissance
    13 phoenix123 / Oleta Adams I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
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  3. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    2014 / Alison Limerick Getting It Right
    I chose this song because it's funky, I love the trumpet, and I wanted to use a song from my birth year (1992) and this stood out and defeated a number of other competitors haha! (I will be devastated if it's already been used in a previous round!)

    Auntie Beryl / Electribe 101 You're Walking
    It was too good a concept to fail, really: a UK Kraftwerk fronted by a Germanic torch singer, humanity colliding with machinery with the upshot being more than the sum of its parts. It failed. Not once did they breach the top 20.
    I first saw Electribe 101 supporting Depeche Mode at their peak on the Violator tour, when they more than held their own. The album Electribal Memories is a must-listen even now. Whilst most will be more familiar with 'Tell Me When The Fever Ended' or 'Talking With Myself', 'You're Walking' is a personal favourite of mine.
    Billie Ray Martin went on to briefly become a proper pop star. She's out there, still, somewhere. The backline blokes became Groove Corporation before fading from view.

    Baby Clyde / Anita O'Day Johnny One Note
    I love Anita O'Day. She's one of the coolest women to have ever lived. She was a jazz singer in the 40's a 50's started as a 'girl singer' in big bands but always considered herself as one of the musicians in the band rather than just the vocalist. She refused to wear pretty dresses and wore blazers like the men. She's one of the few white women who was considered to be a true 'jazz' singer, up there with the likes of Ella and Sarah.
    During most of her career she was also a terrible heroin addict, spending time in prison and constantly in trouble with the law. She was known as 'The Jezebel of Jazz'. Thankfully she finally beat her addiction in the 70's and lived to be 87!!!
    Not sure when I first got to know about her but it would have been sometime in the mid 90's when I started to really get into jazz. This is my favourite song of hers. It was written by Rodgers and Hart for the 1937 Broadway show 'Babes In Arms' (Along With 'The Lady Is A Tramp' and 'My Funny Valentine'). I assume I knew Ella's version first and Judy famously sang it, but I think Anita's is the best by far.

    BML / Allure ft. Nas Head Over Heels
    Allure is a New York-based R&B girl group that formed in the early 1990s as a quartet, now a trio. Original members were Alia Davis, Linnie Belcher, Lalisha Sanders and Akissa Mendez.
    The group released their debut self-titled album in 1997. The album featured "Head Over Heels" (featuring Nas) (US #35), "No Question" (featuring LL Cool J), "All Cried Out" (featuring 112), a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam cover and their biggest hit to date (US #4), and "Last Chance".

    chanex / Sweet Sensation Hooked On You
    Hooked On You is the first single released by Sweet Sensation, a Puerto Rican girl group from the Lower East Side of New York City, in 1987. The original mix is rougher and features a rap by Mari which was eliminated from it's re-release after she left the group. This remix, released two years later, ultimately did better on the charts, and choosing between the two versions was a decision of Sophie's Choice proportions. Regardless, either version is superior in every way to their cover of Love Child.

    Eric Generic / Thompson Twins Bush Baby
    The Twins had stuffed things up a bit in the UK with 1985's Here's To Future Days, and by 1986 they weren't even bothering to release US singles like Nothing In Common over here. So, when the next album proper emerged to little fanfare (bunged away in the A-Z at my local Our Price even upon release!) I was very excited. Ian Cranna's review in Smash Hits (or was it Q?) had suggested a return to form, and this strange little track was especially singled out for praise.

    Lyrically, it's a bit daft, not aiming for the classic pop elegance of their mid-80s heyday, but that middle eight is sublime and the whole "and I know.....what I want....I can't have" set to gorgeously cascading chords redeems any accusations of naffness made by some longtime TT fans towards this song. In a way, it also sets up their next phase of flop pop majesty, with Sugar Daddy and The Saint.

    fistcity / New Coon Creek Girls Ain't Gonna Let Nobody
    Acapella bitches!
    The New Coon Creek girls are a rehash of a classic banjo and caterwhalling country girl band from the 1930's, whereas 90% of their stuff is utter tripe I have been persistently bowled over by their gospel stuff.

    Hairycub1969 / David Bryne / Brian Eno The Carrier
    Brian Eno (former keyboardist with Roxy Music) and David Byrne (Frontman in Talking Heads) recorded the album “My life in the bush of ghosts” between Eno producing Talking Heads “Fear of Music” and “Remain in light” albums. Late 1979/early 1980. This was one of the first albums in the Western World to use “sampling” in a major way. The album is full of wonders to be discovered. “The Carrier” creates a wonderfully mysterious atmosphere using the sampled vocals of Lebanese mountain singer Dunya Yunis. This song in particular always sends my mind off in geographically exotic places and introduced me to “World Music”

    Hudweiser / Cindy Valentine Pick Up The Pieces (To My Heart)
    Cindy Valentine (Valentine Cinzia Leone) is an Italian born composer, producer and performing artist, raised in Toronto, Canada who is now a U.S. citizen, residing primarily in New York, New York. Valentine hit the Billboard Dance/Club charts in 1987 and 1989 with "Secret Rendez-Vous" and "Pick Up the Pieces (To My Heart)", both songs co-written by Tony Green and Cindy Valentine.[1] Valentine also co-wrote the songs, "Finest Hour" and "Never Gonna Be the Same Again" for the 1989 Halloween classic, Teen Witch and played the part of Shana the Rock Star in the film. As a composer and performer, additional soundtrack credits include: Repossessed (1990), Mannequin Two: On the Move (1991), and Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997).

    iheartpoptarts / 9.9 I Like The Way You Dance (Dance Version)
    9.9 was a female R&B trio from Boston, Massachusetts, so named because “we're always striving for perfection--never reaching it but coming as close to it as we can.” Discovered and produced by Richard “Dimples” Fields, they released two singles (‘All of Me for All of You’ being the other one) and a self-titled album before disbanding in 1987.

    invertedbutterfly / Amanda Marshall Let It Rain
    Amanda Meta Marshall is a Canadian pop-rock singer whose debut album Amanda Marshall was released in 1995. The album was a major success in Canada, generating a great deal of airplay and spawning six Top 40 hits - "Let It Rain", "Beautiful Goodbye", "Dark Horse", "Fall From Grace", "Sitting on Top of the World", and "Birmingham", her most successful hit in Canada and the only song to reach the US charts.

    James Jupiter / Divinyls Pleasure & Pain
    - Legendary Aussie rock band
    - Pleasure and Pain written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight
    - Huge international hit with I Touch Myself. The band are seen as a one hit wonder in most parts of the world, since they couldn't duplicate the success.
    - The Pretenders covered their single "Human On The Inside"
    - Lead singer Chrissie Amphlett passed away last year, aged 53, from breast cancer
    - My Dad reckons he sat next to Chrissie on a plane, sometime in the mid 90s. Sure you did, Dad…

    Jersey / Reina Find Another Woman
    Reina is an american female Dance-pop singer-songwriter who was a backup singer for Deborah Cox and Corina, "Find Another Woman" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1998.

    KamikazeHeart / Weeping Willows Broken Promise Land
    The artpop is strong with these ones. The lead singer, Magnus Carlson, has said that he used to splash water on his pants when he would get on stage in the band's first years. He wanted to look like he had pissed himself, as an act of theatricality.
    Weeping Willows began as a cover band, doing covers of Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. They later started writing their own songs, that sounded very much like songs by Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Broken Promise Land is the title track to their debut album from 1997 - despite some hiatuses here and there, they just released a new album earlier this year. And yeah, they're still kinda dark and moody.

    Laurence Nope / Pizzicato Five Baby Love Child
    Pizzicato Five was a Japanese pop group active from 1985 to 2001 who are perhaps the most famous and influential example of Shibuya-kei, named after the high-fashion district of Tokyo, a genre known for being hip and cosmopolitan, incorporating a diverse range of styles such as bossa nova, soul music, French yé-yé, 80s Britpop, house music, and trip hop among others. They achieved moderate success in Japan but never really broke into the mainstream or had a major hit, although apparently their song Sweet Soul Revue went #1 in the Philippines after being used in an ad campaign. I first heard them as a young teen in the mid-90s, when their song Twiggy Twiggy received occasional airplay on US "Alternative" radio stations thanks to a deal with Matador Records. I thought this was weird at the time, but looking back now it was pretty instrumental in shaping my interest in both Japanese music and pop music as a whole. Pizzicato Five eventually became one of my favorite bands and I've wanted to enter them in one of these contests since the beginning but kept hesitating because they have so many great songs and I couldn't decide which of their many facets would be best to present. Ultimately I sort of wussed out and went with the too-obvious choice of entering the song that's probably their best-known in the West due to its use in a certain animated TV show. It's ok though because it's one of their best.

    mump boy / Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me
    She is one of those artists who had it all but for some reason never made it to superstar status. Incredibly beautiful with an astonishing voice she was the complete package but weak material and a drug addiction (probably exacerbated by lack of career success) saw her plateau and never make the leap from R&B to pop charts.
    After a renaissance in the early 90's which saw her have her biggest hits, she committed suicide in 1995.
    I Know How to Love You is a disco classic and her best song. She's one of those artists that everyone should be aware of, even if it's just to look at how hot she is. She's deffo worth googling.

    NecessaryVoodoo / Q Lazzarus Goodbye Horses
    Q Lazzarus is an American singer, best known as a one-hit wonder for the 1988 song "Goodbye Horses", which was featured in The Silence of the Lambs (the Buffalo Bill song). The music and lyrics of the song were written by William Garvey. It was originally recorded by Q Lazzarus in 1988, but later re-released as a single in 1991, with a greater duration, as a result of its appearance in the film. Q Lazzarus is known for having a husky contralto voice. Before she was discovered as a singer, she worked as a taxi driver in New York City. The ensemble of Q Lazzarus dissolved at some point before 1996. Apart from Q Lazzarus, Mark Barrett and songwriter William Garvey, nothing is publicly known about the other band members.

    nnnumb / Indochine Punishment Park
    Indochine is a French Pop/rock and new wave band, formed in Paris in 1981. The band was very successful in the Francophonie, in continental Europe and Latin America in the 1980s, with songs like "L'Aventurier" and "Canary Bay". Following the release of several critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful, albums in the 1990s, the group returned to stardom with the release of Paradize in 2002. The band has sold over 10 million albums and singles, making them one of the best selling French bands.

    Omar God / Steeleye Span Drink Down The Moon
    Not quite sure if Popjustice is ready for a bit of 'electric folk-rock' but here goes. This song is taken from Steeleye Spans' sixth album, Now We Are Six. A collection of traditional folk arrangements given a contemporary (for the 70's) prog-rock sound. Listened to this album lots as a kid and was totally enchanted by it but it wasn't til later in life I understood the dark truth behind those lyrics - murder, treachery, teenage marriage, death from the pox. Anyway, this song happens to be about shagging in the woods. Enjoy.

    phoenix123 / Oleta Adams I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
    Oleta Adams (born May 4, 1953, Seattle, Washington) is an American soul, jazz, and gospel singer and pianist.
    Adams started her career in Kansas City in the early 1980s with two self-financed albums which had limited success.
    In 1985, Adams was discovered by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith (Tears For Fears). Adams embarked on a world tour with Tears For Fears in 1990, performing by herself as the supporting artist at the start of each show, and remaining onstage throughout the Tears For Fears set where she would provide piano and vocals.
    Following her work with Tears For Fears, Adams was offered a recording contract by their label Fontana Records and restarted her solo career in 1990, assisted by Orzabal who co-produced her new album, Circle of One. The album received much critical acclaim and (after a slow start) eventually peaked at no.4 in the UK in 1991 when she scored her biggest hit to date with her Grammy nominated cover of Brenda Russell's "Get Here".
    "I Just Had To Hear Your Voice" is from her second album, Evolution (1993), which was also a commercial success, making the UK top 10.

    Pye / People Like Us Midnight Lover (Remix)
    People Like Us were a South African outfit which produced a few Dance tunes with a Italio Disco / HI NRG feel in the mid 80's.
    The singer was Cindy Dickson. Apparently their fist single was 'Midnight Lover' which became a hit in the 'Clubs'.
    I first heard the song 'Midnight Lover' in 87 when I bought a Eurobeat compilation, a year or so later I heard it in a gay club in the UK. I think it's a fantastic piece of Hi ENRG music.

    Raisin Hell / Rita & The Tiaras Gone With The Wind Is My love
    This 45 was released in 1967. Rita Graham was brought in at the last minute to front The Tiaras by Lou Beaty. This is an evergreen favourite on the Northern Soul scene with many considering it to be one of their all-time favourites.

    Russron / Chico Buarque Construcao
    A chilling epic by Brazil's most literary pop star, "Construction" is a two-pronged attack with an impressive orchestration by Rogério Duprat and Chico's complex, virtuosic lyrics (which suffer a bit from the Youtube translation). The censors of the military dictatorshipthat kept dissident artists in a short leash just had no idea... 30 years later the country's leading music critics voted Construção the best Brazilian song of all time, also calling it "still a reference for understanding a spiny period of Brazilian society".

    SophiaSophia / Tin Star Head
    Tin Star are a British Band formed in 1996 they were signed to V2 Records and released 2 albums and they disbanded in 2001. Head is from their first album The Thrill Kisser, I first heard this on the free cd I got that had Rialto's Monday Morning 5.19. What I really like about this the fusion of electronic and rock it was so different from the Britpop that was dominating the airwaves at the time.

    strangekin / Jun Togawa Radar Man
    This is "Radar Man" by Jun Togawa. Her lyrics frequently display a bizarre, grim sense of humor which has connected her in many ways to the rise of the Ero Guro Nonsense subculture in Japan. For live performances of the song, Togawa wore a fake robotic arm.

    totto / Postmen ft Dignity Renaissance
    Postmen is a reggae/hip hop band from the Netherlands. The group was founded by The Anonymous Mis and G-Boah in 1993. They were influenced by Kool G Rap, Eric B & Rakim, Burning Spear and Bob Marley. On the road, Postmen play with a live band and have appeared on some the largest festivals in Europe. They enjoyed success in Europe, particularly in their home country of the Netherlands; their string of top 40-hits included "Cocktail", "Crisis", "U Wait" and a cover-version of Doe Maar's 1982 chart-topper "De Bom" (in collaboration with rapper Def Rhymz).

    VivaLaBextor / Wax Right Between The Eyes
    This was in my parents' crate of 45s, but growing up I never listened to it for some reason (I did listen to Cyndi Lauper, Sadé, Heaven 17, Spandau Ballet, Stacey Q...). A few years ago I put it on and ended up really loving it. I know one of them wrote Thank You for Being a Friend and the other was in 10cc, but aside from that I've never really cared enough to find out about them, to be honest. I should get a hold of their album, though, if it's anywhere near as good as this (the B-side is dreck, though).

    WowWowWowWow / Joan Armatrading The Weakness In Me
    Joan Armatrading is a multiple Grammy- and Brit Award- nominated singer/songwriter who has been performing for more than 40 years. She has had two UK top 20 hits: "Love & Affection" in 1976 and "Drop The Pilot" in 1983. In 2001, she was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire. "The Weakness in Me" is an album track from her 1981 album "Walk Under Ladders"; a cover version by Keisha White charted in 2006.
    I'm not particularly familiar with Joan's catalog and could not pick out another one of her songs if you played one for me (sending this song to the contest has definitely encouraged me to investigate further). I'm not even sure how I became aware of this song, but something about it just feels like magic... the cracks in her voice, the simple arrangement, her storytelling ability, all combined to make an amazing song. (It also resonates with my personal life at the moment, but I'll save that story for the PJ OPS Agony Aunts thread...)
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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I am so excited, but I have no idea what I'm going to enter.
  5. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

  6. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    So many songs I want to enter just not sure which one to go for.
  7. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Bloody hell, that was quick.
  8. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)


    I might change my mind though
  9. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I was in Blue Peter mode, having got one ready beforehand....

    Although I wish I hadn't seen this thread yet, because I didn't want to know anything about the football yet..I'm planning to watch the 1.20am replay when the TV/HDD is free to use!
  10. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Hmmm, the 'lets have a long break' was a ruse. You've been gagging for another round.
  11. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I had a list of potential songs to enter, but I ended up choosing one that I think will do better than the ones I came up with earlier (except the ones that I belatedly realized came out in 2000 and thus are ineligible anyway!). In other words, I'm coming for the mid-table again.
  12. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I was gonna play it safe but thought what the hell, lets try something different. Bottom of the list here I come.
  13. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Frankly I never quite understood why we have all of 11 days for submitting one song, but only 7 days to listen to 30 songs, pit them against each other repeatedly and carefully decide on the order? Couldn't we start having them the other way around? In honor of the refreshed contest after the break, perhaps?
  14. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I've been putting off entering the greatest song in the history of the universe for a year now because it's not very instant AND because it would break my heart to see it ignored here. But I dunno... Maybe by now PJOPS is ready for The Next Level?
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  15. Pye


    Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Ive entered! this time I have entered one of my favorite all -time songs of this particular genre....... it won't win but what the hell!
  16. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I already entered the greatest song in history (Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow by Vonda Shepard) and came second to last...
  17. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Totally agree, the submission window is way too long and makes me second guess myself needlessly hehe.

    Hehehe duh!

    After coming in 2nd twice in a row I can't decide whether to keep on trying or enter something born to die.
  18. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    I agree with Mr Ron. 30 songs needs a fortnight, really.
  19. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    Newbie question time. What exactly goes in this précis thing? Like, is it meant to be purely objective and informational? Or are we supposed to talk about why we submitted the artist/song and such? Both, maybe? I don't even know.

    Also, it gets posted after the voting closes, I'm assuming?

    So glad this is back, by the way! I was just voting in the main PJSC and majorly missing this one.
  20. Re: PJOPS XII - OPEN ROUND (Submissions Open)

    We should have made this a Shakespeare-themed round, seeing as its Twelfth Night (or What You Will)....

    Hmm....Shakespeare's Sister by The Smiths. Goodybe Cruel World by Shakespear's Sister. Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits (a UK #8 smash, so phoenix could have that one, haha). Miss Macbeth by Elvis Costello.........
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