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PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~ (final scores~)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Welcome to the 14th round of the PJOPS contest: ~The Reverse PJOPSian Experience~*.

    This time around, the rules are just slightly different. Instead of songs released before 2000, submit songs released at any time by acts that were active before 2000. So if your favourite 80s band released an album in 2004, you can pick a song from there. This could be a cool way to share later days material of acts from the 70s/80s/90s (or earlier?). But PJOPS traditionalists don't need to stress, you can still pick songs released before 2000 if you wish.

    Submitions are open now!


    Submit your songs to the host. The messages should include song title, artist name and also a link to the song (Youtube, Soundcloud, etc). Feel free to submit a second option if you think your first choice might be vetoed. Extremely popular songs/artists and songs used in recent PJOPS may be vetoed, so keep that in mind when submitting (look here for previous PJOPS info. I'll be keeping track of who passed veto and who didn't on the second post.

    The veto panel is Baby Clyde, Eric Generic, KamikazeHeart & phoenix123

    After the submission period ends and the songs are revealed, it's time to vote. Rate your faves as follows:

    12 points for your favourite
    10 for your second favourite
    8 for third favourite
    7 for fourth favourite
    6 for fifth favourite
    5 for 6th favourite
    4 for 7th favourite
    3 for 8th favourite
    2 for 9th favourite
    1 for 10th favourite

    Feel free to send commentary with your votes. That always makes the vote reveals more interesting.

    Whoever has the most points after all votes are counted wins an amazing and once in a lifetime prize... the chance to host the next PJOPS (but only if they want to!)

    Lastly, remember you must NOT:
    Vote on your own song (obviously)
    Reveal your song (or you might be disqualified)
    Forget to vote (or the veto pannel will hunt you down. And your score will also be cut in half)


    Submission: Sunday, September 21 - Sunday, Semptember 28
    Voting: Sunday, Semptember 28 - Tuesday, October 7 (midnight)
    Results: Wednesday, October 8

    *Working titles:
    PJOPS XIV: The Later Years
    PJOPS XIV: Catering to da Kidz
    PJOPS XIV: Not That Different Actually
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  2. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    ~songs & participants~
    Bernthøler - My Suitor - Raisin Hell
    Hole - Nobody's Daughter - Jersey
    Charlotte Gainsbourg - Terrible Angels - strangekin
    JohnFoxx & The Maths - Destination - Omar God
    The Blue Nile - I Would Never - Eric Generic
    Anggun - Snow on the Sahara - Hudweiser
    Emiliana Torrini - Sunnyroad - soratami
    Vanessa Mae - Widescreen - WowWowWowWow
    Nena - Wir sind wahr - VivaLaBextor
    The Go-Betweens - Streets of Your Town - Irönhëädë
    Visage - She's Electric (Coming Around) - IAmMrDexB
    Denise Pearson - Freak Dance - phoenix123
    Scritti Politti - A day late and a dollar short - Hairycub1969
    Reset - Say I'm the One - DJHazey
    Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (2000 remix) - Russron
    Monica - Sideline Ho - chanex
    Keith Urban - 'Til Summer Comes Around - MollieSwift21
    Jewel - Again and Again - JamesJupiter
    Crispy - In & Out - TheMerryGoRoundLife
    Kristine Blond- A Day Without You - iheartpoptarts
    The B-52s - Hot Corner - 2014
    Alison Moorer - Tumbling Down - Baby Clyde
    Mark Lanegan - I'm Not The Loving Kind - KamikazeHeart
    Marit Larsen - Under the Surface - imaduck
    Portishead - The Rip - Laurence Nope
    Lee Hyori - Bad Girls - vikeyeol
    Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You - mump boy
    Marianne Faithfull - Hold On Hold On - invertedbutterfly
    Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn - fistcity
    Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen-Year Old Girl - HeartSwells
    Berlin - You Don't Know - AuntieBeryl
    Sparks - Scheherazade - Pye
    Abel - Onderweg - Totto
    Kabah - Antro - ajmkv

    Final scores here!
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  3. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    This theme might need some discussion!
  4. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I think its a good idea but I guess we're talking established artists here. Veto panel will have to be a bit more lenient, surely?
  5. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    Oricon is here to infest PJOPS.
  6. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I'm not here for being lenient on post-2000 music. We may as well be doing the main contest.
  7. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I did PM all the members of the veto pannel about it and the other 3 said they were fine with it.
  8. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    OK I'll just sit this one out.
  9. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I think the veto panel isn't usually particularly strict so I wouldn't worry too much, unless you're thinking of submitting something extremely well-known.
  10. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    The thing is, more obscure artists won't have that longevity. There have been times where people have talked about vetoed tracks and I've often thought to myself 'they vetoed that!?!!' and I sometimes get the felling its the act that raises veto alarm bells rather than a specific song. I could be wrong though.
    To be honest, I can't see many PJOPS voters submitting many songs post 2000, (again,I could be wrong) but I do think its interesting concept, I guess quite a few artists continue to produce strong, if not stronger work well after their heyday....or if not stronger, then different. I just love it when they dive into something uncharacteristic. I was listening to Ella wig out on a Cream track the other day. Divine.
  11. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    If the act and/or song is too well-known, it doesn't pass veto. That will remain the case. The only difference I can think of is some more recent music by acts we knew from the past will come to our attention, when perhaps it might not have done. All the acts will need to have begun their recording career before 2000, so I agree with Omar that it might be an interesting idea.
  12. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I was planning on making my return last round but I don't listen to much music that's not in English. Will be participating in this!
  13. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    This round confuses me.

    Can we still enter pre-2000 songs? If so, this is basically just an open round that's even more open-er. I think I've got one by an '80s act, recorded in the '00s, but I need to think about it.
  14. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    Can it be a previously entered artist?

    Still relatively unknown?

    This could be a nice return for me.
  15. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    ^ That's my take on it. I'll probably try and find a post-2000 track just to take advantage of the chance in this round, but it can be pre-2000 songs as well...
  16. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    Interesting concept, though I see why the PJOPS fundamentalists wouldn't like the idea of post 2000s music.

    I personally think it mixes things up, so I'll be joining - that is, if I can get something through veto.
  17. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    I love that this gives me an oppritunity to pull out something I've had up my sleeve for the main contest, but probably wasn't going to actually pull the trigger on since better options always came up.

    (Although it may be a little bit controversial as well....... Hehe)
  18. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

  19. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    You can enter songs released on any year, the only requirement is that the act who released them was active in 1999 or earlier. So yeah it's kind of a reverse theme round, instead of narrowing the song choices, it broadens them.

    I had thought of making it pre-2000 acts and post-2000 songs only, but that would be too restrictive and would probably alienate a lot of people, so better to have it like this.
  20. Re: PJOPS XIV ~ The Reverse PJOPSian Experience ~

    It can be a previously entered artist. I *think* it just can't be a previously entered song or an artist who came first in a previous PJOPS, but better the veto pannel clarifies that.
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