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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Untouchable Ace, Jul 23, 2020.

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    Everyone else on the forum who's your age or older:
  2. It's time to re-listen to my previous PJ Retro entry and wonder why it flopped:
  3. The round's title made me think of this:

    I tried entering it a few rounds ago, as it was a flop single from a so-so album. Their next single "YMCA" made no 1 worldwide, and made the band famous, but I thought entering their last pre-fame single might have a shot.

    It got vetoed for being too well-known and on too many soundtracks.
  4. This is like one of the biggest songs from the 70s/80s to me (both in Mauritius and Australia) - if you had managed to get it through (which I would had admired and stanned you for) - I would have gone @Robsolete at the veto panel for denying me Les Demons De Minuit ddd
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  5. I heard it for the first time when Debbie Jellinksy entertains a bar of sailors prior to a murder attempt on her husband Uncle Fester in my favourite movie of all time, ‘Addams Family Values’.

  6. Yep that's the reference lyric.
  7. Wow men.. my specialist subject
  8. [​IMG]

    It's such a privilege to be able to host a contest like this. I don't think there was ever a contest where the host has been baited so much. Needless to say this is becoming my personal favourite round ever.
    (I still haven't heard round 3 in it's entirely though yet.)

    When so many songs started coming in it seemed like there was also an other language theme going on as well, which is promising.

    We've also recieved a mixture of genres, eras and tempos.

    So far we have 30 participants but we can still get more.

    Those of you that have been vetoed have been informed.
    Those will be shared soon.

    Some are still perplexing the panel.

    I'm also about to inform those of you who have good news. (After my tyre is replaced.)

  9. The highlighted and bolded bit here is making me happy to be alive! Justice for these bops!!

  10. As someone who can appreciate both, I would like a link to this round please and thank you.
    Oh so that's what Buffy is singing in this iconic scene:
  11. Being on the veto panel and previewing a handful of the submissions that are new to me, combined with a couple that I already know, I think the competition in this round is going to be fierce.
  12. Things that you'll say in this round of PJRETRO that could be used in another contexts:
    - Can't wait to see what you think of my boy!
    - My boy is gonna slay!
    - That's the kinda man I want!
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  13. Am I sad that there will be less female vocals this round?

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  14. I hope y'all appreciate the rock-bawp I sent.
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  15. One of the artists in this round that I recognize is a woman.
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  16. Gays Popjustice members always find a way.
  17. Is this another


    moment from @Music Is Life or not? *narrows eyes*
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  18. Dddd no I actually sent a rock-bawp.
    I haven't listened to the songs yet, so shame on me if mine is the only one.
  19. I was veteoed for this bop for statistical reasons because I doubt it's that well known around Popjustice..

    It is my favorite 311 single for sure, but there will be a more nu metal representation of them in my future nu metal rate. (Come Original)

    Anyhow, second try sent.
  20. When it comes to song submission, you’ve got to trust your instincts.
    Don’t worry though, be sure to let go of regret!!
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