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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Untouchable Ace, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. It was taken from an album that went triple Platinum in the US so it'd be hard to pass dd
  2. An iconic reminder of how not in Hawaii I am.

    (Mine is 'Beautiful Disaster'!)
  3. Like I said...'statistical' but not in spirit in my opinion. There were no lies. I didn't stutter, etc.
  4. Another one of their amazing singles.
  5. @DJHazey and @Music Is Life - get your life to this rock bop that was vetoed for being from a very successful album too!

  6. The fact that “Amber” is about Nicole Scherzingburger tho...
  7. Just based on the songs I know from those submitted so far, this is going to be a really difficult round to pick a 12 - for me, anyway.
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  8. Poor discoveries being relegated to 5 points at best ! Dddddd
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  9. Everyone has been hesitant to submit their gold for one reason.
    Until now.
    I'd have loved to have submitted all of these songs at some point, or give them all points.

    You can all experience the list for yourselves in a few days.
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  10. Yep.

    Initially, I thought my song might have a chance of a top 10 placing, but am now thinking... top 25 here I come!
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  11. For those interested in voting in the PJSC VETO! Round: 7 days left to vote!
  12. My submission passed and I'm very pleased (even a bit surprised) it did!
    It will be interesting to see how it will do.

    And I really hope @EscapismIsAnotherPrison was true to his comeback and submitted a song here.
  13. Speak for yourself. I reached deep into my music library and submitted something that was not on my longlist. And by "reached deep" I mean I forgot it was there.
  14. After giving @Maki big points last time, will I end up voting again for someone I don't usually vote for? Who knows! What I do know is that I have passed veto!
  15. Cannot wait to see if someone got a Demi Roussos style wildcard power ballad through! Might get my 12 too!
  16. I'm not even speaking for myself.
    I lost out to the veto panel and you'll all hear something that wasn't on my potentials list.
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  17. An iconic veto coming up? All for it!!

    Also - I just thought of a song every Australian could have sent here for that @iheartpoptarts 12, and if it’s not in this round - it will be my entry next round!

    The only thing standing in its way passing is very mild UK success - let’s cross our fingers!!
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