PJ's Ultimate Album Rate: Blackout vs. Rated R vs. The Fame Monster

He / Him / His

So here it is guys. Since the dawn of time, man has questioned why we are here... What is the meaning of life? Well, man need no longer question such matter as it is clear that our sole purpose in life is to find out, once and for all, which is the ultimate PJ album, out of "The Big 3" and which song is most representative of the winning album's awesomeness.

Each have been met with critical acclaim and spawned hit singles, but now it is time to find out who is really top dog. Will "Miss American Dream" steal the crown? Will "Mother Monster" sweep the board? Or will the "Only Girl In The World" kill off the competition? Now is your time to vote. 3 albums, 35 tracks. 1 winner.

The Fame Monster
Bad Romance
Dance In The Dark
Telephone (Featuring Beyonce)
So Happy I Could Die

Gimme More
Piece of Me
Break the Ice
Heaven on Earth
Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
Toy Soldier
Hot As Ice
Ooh Ooh Baby
Perfect Lover
Why Should I Be Sad

Rated R

Mad House
Wait Your Turn
Hard featuring Jeezy
Stupid In Love
ROCKSTAR 101 featuring Slash
Russian Roulette
Fire Bomb
Rude Boy
Photographs featuring will.i.am
Te Amo
Cold Case Love
The Last Song

I am at Reading Festival this weekend so I shall make the closing date for entries the Monday I get back which shall be Monday 29th August. I literally have no idea how this will unfold and am really excited to be running this rate. Have fun voting guys, and as usual, PM me your scores.
This is probably going to end up being the rate with the highest average scores ever. I can see so many songs that will be getting higher than an 8 from me.
ops said:
How about for this one you reveal #1 first, and then go 35 to 2.

I realise what you're implying with this, but I think there's plenty here that can challenge "Bad Romance".
I genuinely think I could give ten to all but two songs from each album. I may need to be a bit more cruel.
Can we all just give Piece of Me 50/10 to distinguish it from the other 10/10 songs? This is going to be such a high scoring rate, although I'm debating whether or not to use a couple of zeros.
Just voted. I was actually surprised by how hard Rated R slayed.

For me: Rated R > Blackout > The Fame Monster.

Rated R is almost perfect. Blackout has SUPER HIGH highs and only slightly middling lows. The Fame Monster is just consistent, with only a couple big highs, in my opinion.

I hope I didn't do this wrong, as it's my first time. No songs received a 0, lowest received a 4. All are incredibly strong albums.
Ok so just voted. Love all 3 albums but I would definitely say the Fame Monster is my least favorite, however the fact that it only has 8 songs gives it a bit of an unfair advantage I think. Like I LOVE 4, like 1, think the other 2 are good and the final one is just shit. My lowest score was a 1.0 on The Fame Monster while I gave one 10 and 3 9.5's. For Rated R my lowest was a 7.5 and I gave 2 10's. For Blackout my lowest was 2.0 while I gave 3 10's. I honestly don't know which will win but hopefully it won't be the Fame Monster. It is overrated. Half is outstanding the other half is good.