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PJSC 102 - Winner Announced!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hurricane Drunk, Apr 30, 2021.


    Why not! It's the only way flop era me has a chance to host!
  2. I hear ya, sis!!
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  3. Make the Legends Round a Sheila Singles Theme and we all win @imaduck!!!
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  4. I'd be here for a legends round, it's been a while since the last one.
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  5. I'm here for a ballegends round
  6. Not a legend's round about balls.........
  7. Hello pop lovers, I am back and just got done hearing the songs of this most recent round
    and I really liked the sound of Lauren Aquilina, Catty and Inge van Calkar! I have
    added all three of those artists to my list to check out. Sign me up for the next round!

    Now going back to the previous rounds before this one to see if I can find some more
    special pop gems. They don't happen that often but the few that I do find I cherish.

    I'm still going through several from the past that I have not got around to checking out
    yet but I can mention a few big names that I got really into after my absence on this
    forum.."Take that" has become one of my top favorite bands for their middle album
    period and I love Tegan and Sara's music now! There are many more thanks to users
    golden picks on this forum.

    Why have you been away from this forum for so long? Are you okay?
    I'm good, just needed a long break from everything, plus I got
    a new addiction now other than music, although listening to music is
    still and always will be my number one hobby and addiction. But Fortnite
    though..yeah.. Also I have been busy doing work and building my first
    gaming pc which I finally got ready earlier this year.
  8. Last Friday of the month is here! Yay!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I won't tell you what day this week we're going live.

    But here are some criptic clues...

    See if you can work together and get an idea of when it might be

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