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PJSC 102 - Winner Announced!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hurricane Drunk, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. That's sad huh.
    You made me look at the PJSC doc and there haven't been any competing Tina's in the contest.
    I guess that it's not a Spotify type artist name.


  2. Are you all looking back on the artists and albums that brought you through this pandemic?

    Anyway let's refresh ourselves on the stats from earlier in the year:


    Look at that amazing performance from our host to achieve such a highly consistent score. Having one of the most successful songs ever also helps.
    In second place is @Derek who strangely hasn't won here in a while, but he is still performing excellently.


    Recent winner @swim is staying ahead of the current in 3rd place, while @soratami is still in the top 10 but has fallen from being number 1.
    Meanwhile the only other winner of the year just slipped out of the top 10, me.

    @Conan and @Jeffo better stick around, it is great that they're in the top 10 right now. But also with crazy good averages are @Disco Blister and @DarkWaters. I can't wait to hear what you bring next.


    What is notable right now is @imaduck's floppage. How nice of him to wait a full 100 contests to bottom out.

    @Totto is still getting used to being back having the lowest average, but @ultraviolet and @cleosnatchra aren't far off so please send your best this round.


    There's a few people here that competed in the special 100th edition that I hope do return.
    @thommyh, @WowWowWowWow, @Lila, @Luck and top 10er @Wills.

  3. Me about to comment on every obscure artist thread so it reaches 11 pages and they become ineligible for the contests.
    JK, obviously.
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  4. I don't think we have a submission from @Carel and @Connor Walsh yet... @imaduck - can you reach out to Carel on BuzzJack so they don't miss the submission period? It would be utterly bizarre not having them this round!
  5. Tina's song contest mileage clearly petered out when I submitted 'I Need Your Body' to PJRetro and didn't win the whole thing. A fact with which I know in my heart to be true.
  6. Also - I have never been this close to having a Yearly Medal at this point... How do I respond to this newfound relevance pressure? Hmmmm
  7. Entering French male vocals sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your achievement xx
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  8. Honestly take my medal! I can't deal with the pressure kekek
  9. SABOTAGE!! - Done on a round you weren't around and definitely up your alley! Ddd

    (But yes, all for doing that again soon!)
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  10. @berserkboi are you french? You seem to be the go-to french music guy on the forum and I've been curious to know but didn't want to just randomly ask dd. It says you're from Australia, do people speak french there?
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  11. Not French but I grew up in Mauritius (where we speak French), came to Australia as a teenage and have now been here (gulp!) 20 years!

    I still listen to heaps of French music and speak French with family/relatives here hence my ongoing love for the language and music! (and foreign languages in general too!)

    Are you from a region of Canada that speaks it?
  12. Oh cool! Yeah, I grew up in Quebec, the french part of Canada. I don't live there anymore but still speak french with my relatives too.
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  13. Amazing!! I love coming across more French speakers :D
  14. Same!
  15. I don't understand anything that's going on here.

    But Allie X's Cape God (which I listened to probably just out of curiosity since I live on Cape Cod) was my main quarantine savior. Then Jessie Ware, which still is. And Molly Sandén.
  16. Being unable to enter an artist because of their page count and realising the page count wouldn't be an issue if you hadn't posted in the thread is the worst dd. It's happened to me once with this

  17. Oof this is the last day of submission and I'm still hella busy, so I might have to skip this round. :(

    But, to respond the side question (because loona - why not.mp3), it is a tricky one because I've been revisiting specific songs instead of an entire album. The one that has the most balanced scores is my album of the year of 2020.

    Yeah, shocking, I know. But since it's about revisiting, I'll go with this for album:

    And this for song:

  18. Finally figured out a song to send but with my luck someone would have already sent it dddd.
  19. I'm technically a couple of hours late but hope it's ok for me to slide a song in since the song list isn't up yet xx

    Truly it would be bizarre to not have me in the bottom half of the results as usual!
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