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    WE'RE HERE, your brand new favourite co-hosts @2014 and @imaduck are hosting the 103rd PJSC this month and with that comes yet another LEGENDS ROUND!!!!



    Popjustice Song contest is a music contest focused on discovering new music, each participant picks a song by a lesser known artist or new discovery and pits this song against other unknown or new songs.


    The song you have chosen should be submitted by the provided google sheet.

    Your song will then be judged by the veto panel, if it scores 3 Yes votes it will go through to the main contest.

    If you are vetoed you will need to resubmit an entry, you must do this via google sheets and PM the host to let them know that you have sent another song.

    Things that will effect your veto score, but not necessary veto

    - Previously submitted artist (3 being generally the upper limit unless significant time has passed)
    - Doing well in a previous round
    - Forum threads or discussions (generally under 10 pages is ok, but not in all cases)
    - Double submission of song
    - Multiple submission of artist
    - Reality TV contestant
    - Notable personalities (who aren't necessary singers)
    - Mentions by PJ on social media (but not on the website)
    - Features in PJSC song of the week or featured in spotify playlist
    - Blog precence (non PJ)
    - Large view counts on youtube (no exact science here, but upload time and international audience are taken into account)
    - Big artist in another country
    - Lesser hits / album tracks from well known K-Pop acts
    - People with features on hits
    - Covers of lesser known songs
    - Samples of lesser known songs
    - Artists that have had minor UK hits
    - Vocalists from featured producer songs (e.g. A*M*E from 100%)

    Things that will be vetoed for

    - Winners of the PJSC
    - An artist that has been entered within 3 contests (Artist entered on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - An artist that has been vetoed previously (Artist vetoed on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - Songs that have already been entered
    - Songs from artists with large PJ thread (20+ will usually be vetoed, but not in all cases)
    - Songs that have entered the UK top 40
    - Songs from artists that have had significant UK hits
    - 3 or more submissions of that song
    - A song that is featured on the front page (in a solo article) in the last 3 months (another song by the artist or remix of the same song can be chosen and may clear veto)
    - Songs involved in the current eurovision cycle up to and including the month of the contest (even if the contest is cancelled, original dates are respected)
    - Songs that have significant (non regional) radio play (check this via http://comparemyradio.com/)
    - Covers of well known songs
    - Samples of well known songs
    - Big hits / big singles from well known K-Pop acts
    - Major K-Pop acts (2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Girl's Generation)


    After the song list is revealed you have period of time where you are able to submit your votes, you should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite, and 1 going to your 10th favorite, and remember you cannot vote for your own entry.

    IF you're somehow unfamiliar with our legends round then all you need to do is find any song by any artist and post it alongside your entry in this round, and as the days/weeks go on everyone's legends entries will get voted against until one gets crowned!! It's all a cute side theme just for fun but WINNING IS THE PLAN!!

    For the legends round only, shall we go for a theme of anything related to SUMMER too? It can have summer in the title, a summery video, or have been released in any summer! OR it can be anything different, that was just an idea - most will be accepted as long as they haven't been entered before (see @imaduck's post further down xxx) Just to celebrate this cracking weather right now (bit Brit-centric but let us have this xoxoxo).

    THE VOTING FORM IS HERE and an FYI keep tabs on this front page/posts in the thread for further dates and things, right now LET'S GET ENTERING!!!!!

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  2. 2014

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    103 LIST

    POLO & PAN - Canopée
    Sam Gellaitry - Assumptions
    Genes - Cherry Lips
    Maia Wright - Break Her Heart
    Lexie Liu - ALGTR
    Rocket Punch - Ring Ring
    Jasmine Sokko - 1057
    Pearl Charles - Only For Tonight
    Sarah Kinsley - The King
    Phoebe Green - IDK
    The Small Things & Ellysse Mason - IDWD
    Sevana - Mango
    The Sunshine State - Dating A Drug Dealer
    LMK - Magique
    Alfie Templeman - Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody
    Keiino - Monument
    Neon Capital - The Walls
    Jayda G - All I Need
    Boy Sim / FIA - Monster
    Keisha Shade - Get Over It
    Propaganda - Podruga (Club Version)

    Tiana Blake - Interruption
    The Naked & Famous - Come As You Are
    Bianca - King
    Delaney Jane feat. Virginia to Vegas - Just as Much
    Lea Sirk - Always You
    Didi Han - What You Love (feat. Kim Wan Sun)
    Prospa - Prayer
    Наадя - Солнце
    Holly Humberstone - The Walls Are Way Too Thin
    Hurricane - Hasta La Vista
    Lewis Blissett - Sick Thoughts
    Chisu - Mysteeri
    Atzur - Home To Home
    Caveboy - Landslide
    Robin Packalen - Hard To Love
    crystalyne - Punks Don't Dance
    Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
    Haiden - Unless
    Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen

    Clara Klingenström- Behöver inte dig i dag
    HARD FEELINGS - Holding On Too Long
    CLOVES - Screws
    The Volunteers - Let me go!
    Don Diablo Presents Camp Kubrick - Falling For You
    Bazart - Anders
    Molly Sanden - Nan Annan Nu

    able machines - Picture The End

    KEEP AN EYE ON THE THREAD FOR VOTING DEADLINE, HAPPY LISTENING!!!! (would someone do a Spotify playlist pretty please xxx)
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  4. flop theme
    flop hosts
    flop round
  5. Not this coinciding perfectly with me leaving Quiet Place 2
  6. Also RE Legends entries, previous legends can be located...

  7. Babes - do we submit our Legends via pm?
  8. 2014

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    (it's all YOUR fault I'm sharing this!!!1!)
  9. OOop, forgot about that bit.
  10. Submitted and was about to ask this:
  11. The entry form only lets you submit the legends entry, not the main contest one.
  12. Oops! Best change what I sent to that then ddd
  13. 2014

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    We're feeling very attacked!!1!!
  14. I think you must have opened it as I was fixing. It's all good now
  15. It has been said:
  16. so duck is drunk on a Monday night? Great start of the week!

  17. Now it lets you submit your entry and legend but it doesn't ask for your username ff
  18. HAHAH
    can those who have already submitted just go back and add their usernames, I deleted them all :D
  19. If my entry ends up getting stolen because of this mess, I'll be pressing charges xx
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  20. londonrain

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    I tried to edit the form to add a legend but now it says the form isn’t accepting responses any more.
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