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  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Surprise! It's me!

    @berserkboi and I are your hosts for this sure to be iconic round of PJSC. Now we get to pester you all to do your rounds!

    How do we do rounds, you might ask? Well that information is right here:
    Popjustice Song contest is a music contest focused on discovering new music, each participant picks a song by a lesser known artist or new discovery and pits this song against other unknown or new songs.


    The song you have chosen should be submitted by the provided google sheet.

    Your song will then be judged by the veto panel, if it scores 3 Yes votes it will go through to the main contest.

    If you are vetoed you will need to resubmit an entry, you must do this via google sheets and PM the host to let them know that you have sent another song.

    Things that will effect your veto score, but not necessary veto

    - Previously submitted artist (3 being generally the upper limit unless significant time has passed)
    - Doing well in a previous round
    - Forum threads or discussions (generally under 10 pages is ok, but not in all cases)
    - Double submission of song
    - Multiple submission of artist
    - Reality TV contestant
    - Notable personalities (who aren't necessary singers)
    - Mentions by PJ on social media (but not on the website)
    - Features in PJSC song of the week or featured in spotify playlist
    - Blog precence (non PJ)
    - Large view counts on youtube (no exact science here, but upload time and international audience are taken into account)
    - Big artist in another country
    - Lesser hits / album tracks from well known K-Pop acts
    - People with features on hits
    - Covers of lesser known songs
    - Samples of lesser known songs
    - Artists that have had minor UK hits
    - Vocalists from featured producer songs (e.g. A*M*E from 100%)

    Things that will be vetoed for

    - Winners of the PJSC
    - An artist that has been entered within 3 contests (Artist entered on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - An artist that has been vetoed previously (Artist vetoed on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - Songs that have already been entered
    - Songs from artists with large PJ thread (20+ will usually be vetoed, but not in all cases)
    - Songs that have entered the UK top 40
    - Songs from artists that have had significant UK hits
    - 3 or more submissions of that song
    - A song that is featured on the front page (in a solo article) in the last 3 months (another song by the artist or remix of the same song can be chosen and may clear veto)
    - Songs involved in the current eurovision cycle up to and including the month of the contest (even if the contest is cancelled, original dates are respected)
    - Songs that have significant (non regional) radio play (check this via http://comparemyradio.com/)
    - Covers of well known songs
    - Samples of well known songs
    - Big hits / big singles from well known K-Pop acts
    - Major K-Pop acts (2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Girl's Generation)


    After the song list is revealed you have period of time where you are able to submit your votes, you should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite, and 1 going to your 10th favorite, and remember you cannot vote for your own entry.

    Also, since @berserkboi and I both medalled with foreign language entries, we would love it if you all would send us your favorite foreign language entry to us via PM as they will be revealed as the votes roll in!



    Submit scores/rounds here!


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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

  4. Scared/terrified/fearful about that one song which is going to make its way to the veto panel
  5. I have my finger hovering above the N as we speak!!
  6. I think I can recite this sketch by memory.
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I drove by your house 7 times in 20 minutes, my love for you knows no limits.

    Why didn’t you call me!

    Hey y'all, it’s time to do your rounds.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Rounds and no mention of this behemoth????

  9. Eagerly watching the veto sheet for bops!!
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  10. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Also I totally forgot about this Spotify tag ffff
  11. As you let my darker entry to flop massively last round, I hope that my quite sweet and funky tune will do at least mediocre dd.
  12. Submitted and ready for yet another flop result!
  13. Berserky helping host and finding a way to make an FL feature out of things?


    Also the favourite Foreign Language Song has to be a discovery you made on PJSC, not one of our own submissions! Poor moi and my 1432 FL tracks I cannot pick! Ddd
  14. @Veto Panel - your first 24 songs to mull over are on the Spreadsheet!
  15. [​IMG]

    Let's go (round), girls.
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

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